There are nearly 80 holidays that bring awareness to different topics and causes that affect people in different ways and for different reasons. At National Today, we aim to designate a particular day, week, or month to these topics or help promote existing days of awareness and commemoration for a range of causes.

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National Blood Donor Month
Thyroid Awareness Month
National Caffeine Awareness Month, ,
National Credit Education Month,
National Kidney Month
National Social Work Month
Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Autism Awareness Month, ,
Child Abuse Awareness Month, ,
Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Fair Housing Month
Financial Literacy Month, ,
IBS Month, ,
National Alcohol Awareness Month, , ,
National Internship Awareness Month, ,
National Multiple Birth Awareness Month, ,
National Volunteer Month,
Occupational Therapy Month, , ,
Sexual Assault Awareness Month,
Stress Awareness Month,
ALS Awareness Month , ,
Better Speech and Hearing Month, ,
Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month, ,
Brain Cancer Awareness Month ,
Building Safety Month,
Correct Posture Month, ,
Healthy Vision Month,
Hepatitis Awareness Month,
Homeschool Awareness Month, , ,
International Civility Awareness Month, ,
Lupus Awareness Month,
Mental Health Awareness Month , ,
National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month,
National Foster Care Month, , ,
Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, ,
Black Lives Matter Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month, ,
Cataract Awareness Month,
Child Vision Awareness Month, ,
Fireworks Safety Month,
National Accordion Awareness Month, ,
National Aphasia Awareness Month,
National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, ,
National Oceans Month, , ,
National PTSD Awareness Month, ,
National Safety Month,
National Scoliosis Awareness Month,
Oral Health Month,
Pride Month, , , ,
Rebuild Your Life Month, ,
World Infertility Awareness Month , ,
Cord Blood Awareness Month,
International Group B Strep Awareness Month,
Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, ,
National Make A Difference to Children Month,
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, ,
Social Wellness Month, ,
National Immunization Awareness Month
Baby Safety Month, , , ,
National Cholesterol Education Month
National Learning and Development Month,
National Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness Month
National Suicide Prevention Month,
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month,
World Alzheimer's Month,
World Candle Month,
LGBTQ+ History Month, ,
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - October, ,
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Month,
Diabetic Eye Disease Month,
National Diabetes Month,
National Epilepsy Awareness Month
National Healthy Skin Month
National Impotency Month
Month of Giving
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Jan 2 Sunday
Brew Monday, , ,
Jan 11 Tuesday
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
Paget’s Awareness Day,
Jan 27 Thursday
International Holocaust Remembrance Day, ,
Jan 28 Friday
Data Privacy Day, ,
Feb 4 Friday
National Wear Red Day,
Feb 5 Saturday
Kashmir Solidarity Day , ,
Feb 6 Sunday
Time to Talk Day, ,
Feb 7 Monday
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day,
Feb 14 Monday
National Donor Day
Feb 25 Friday
National Skip the Straw Day, , ,
Mar 4 Friday
World Obesity Day
Mar 6 Sunday
National Dentist's Day,
Mar 8 Tuesday
International Women's Day,
Mar 16 Wednesday
National Panda Day,
Mar 17 Thursday
National Close the Gap Day
Mar 20 Saturday
Great British Spring Clean Day,
Mar 21 Monday
International Day of Forests,
World Down Syndrome Day
Mar 22 Tuesday
American Diabetes Association Alert Day, , , ,
Daffodil Day
Mar 24 Thursday
World Tuberculosis Day,
Mar 26 Saturday
Epilepsy Awareness / Purple Day ,
Wear A Hat Day
Mar 28 Monday
National Triglycerides Day ,
Mar 29 Tuesday
National Vietnam War Veterans Day ,
Mar 30 Wednesday
Doctors' Day,
Take a Walk in the Park Day,
World Bipolar Day,
Mar 31 Thursday
Transgender Day of Visibility, ,
Apr 1 Friday
Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action,
Apr 2 Saturday
World Autism Awareness Day,
Apr 7 Thursday
World Health Day
Yom HaShoah, ,
Apr 11 Monday
Education and Sharing Day, ,
Apr 13 Tuesday
Yom HaZikaron,
Apr 14 Wednesday
Apr 20 Wednesday
Apr 22 Friday
Earth Day,
Apr 24 Sunday
National Skipping Day
Apr 25 Sunday
​National Drug Take Back Day
National Liberation Day, ,
Apr 26 Tuesday
National Help A Horse Day, ,
Apr 27 Wednesday
International Guide Dog Day, ,
Apr 28 Wednesday
Denim Day, , ,
National BraveHearts Day,
Stop Food Waste Day, ,
Workers’ Memorial Day, ,
Apr 29 Friday
National Hairball Awareness Day, ,
Apr 30 Saturday
National Sarcoidosis Day, ,
May 2 Monday
Melanoma Monday,
May 7 Saturday
World Fair Trade Day
May 9 Monday
National Women’s Checkup Day, ,
May 10 Tuesday
National Lipid Day, ,
May 11 Wednesday
National Third Shift Workers Day, , ,
May 12 Thursday
National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, ,
May 18 Wednesday
National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, ,
May 23 Monday
World Turtle Day, ,
May 25 Wednesday
National Missing Children’s Day, , ,
May 27 Friday
National Don’t Fry Day, ,
National Heat Awareness Day, ,
May 30 Monday
World Multiple Sclerosis Day, ,
May 31 Tuesday
National Save Your Hearing Day, ,
National Smile Day, ,
Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Day, ,
Jun 1 Wednesday
National Go Barefoot Day, ,
National Heimlich Maneuver Day, ,
Stand For Children Day, ,
World Milk Day, ,
World Reef Awareness Day, , ,
Jun 4 Saturday
National SAFE Day, ,
Jun 6 Monday
National Higher Education Day, ,
Jun 9 Thursday
National Earl Day,
Jun 14 Tuesday
National Call Your Doctor Day, ,
Jun 15 Wednesday
National Bug Busting Day, ,
Jun 18 Saturday
International Panic Day, ,
Wear BLUE Day,
Jun 20 Monday
International Nystagmus Day,
Jun 23 Thursday
National Hydration Day,
Jun 27 Monday
National HIV Testing Day,
National PTSD Awareness Day
Jun 28 Tuesday
Tau Day, ,
Jul 1 Thursday
Dog House Repair Month, ,
Smart Irrigation Month, ,
Jul 2 Friday
I Forgot Day ,
Jul 6 Tuesday
National Air Traffic Control Day, ,
Umbrella Cover Day,
Jul 7 Wednesday
Global Forgiveness Day,
Tell the Truth Day , ,
Jul 8 Thursday
National SCUD Day, ,
Jul 10 Saturday
Don't Step On A Bee Day, ,
Jul 11 Sunday
Bowdler's Day, ,
Captive Nations Week , ,
World Population Day, , ,
Jul 12 Monday
Paper Bag Day, ,
Jul 13 Tuesday
Gruntled Workers Day, ,
Jul 14 Wednesday
National Nude Day, , , ,
Shark Awareness Day, ,
Jul 15 Thursday
National Clean Beauty Day,
Jul 16 Friday
World Snake Day, ,
Jul 17 Saturday
Tisha B'Av,
World Day for International Justice, ,
Jul 20 Tuesday
World Jump Day, ,
Jul 21 Wednesday
National Be Someone Day, ,
Jul 22 Thursday
Pi Approximation Day
Jul 23 Friday
Hot Enough For Ya Day, ,
Jul 26 Monday
One Voice Day,
Jul 27 Tuesday
National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, ,
Jul 28 Wednesday
World Hepatitis Day,
Jul 30 Friday
National Support Public Education Day ,
National Whistleblower Day,
Aug 1 Sunday
DOGust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, ,
Aug 3 Tuesday
National Black Women's Equal Pay Day
Aug 8 Sunday
Dying to Know Day, ,
Aug 9 Monday
National Women's Day,
Aug 12 Thursday
International Youth Day,
Aug 19 Thursday
World Humanitarian Day
Aug 20 Friday
World Mosquito Day
Aug 21 Saturday
International Homeless Animals Day, , , ,
Aug 30 Monday
National Grief Awareness Day , ,
Sep 5 Sunday
International Day of Charity,
Sep 7 Tuesday
International Day of Clean Air, ,
Sep 8 Wednesday
International Literacy Day,
Sep 10 Friday
World Suicide Prevention Day,
Sep 13 Monday
National Celiac Disease Awareness Day
Sep 15 Wednesday
International Day of Democracy,
Sep 16 Thursday
Get Ready Day
Sep 17 Friday
International Patient Safety Day,
National Pet Bird Day , ,
Sep 18 Saturday
National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
Sep 20 Monday
Respect for the Aged Day, , , ,
Sep 21 Tuesday
International Day of Peace,
Sep 22 Wednesday
Falls Prevention Awareness Day,
Sep 24 Friday
Sport Purple for Platelets Day,
Sep 26 Sunday
Family Health & Fitness Day USA, ,
National Mesothelioma Awareness Day
World Heart Day
Oct 2 Saturday
International Day of Non-Violence,
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday, ,
Oct 3 Sunday
National Unity Day, ,
Oct 7 Thursday
National Depression Screening Day,
Oct 10 Sunday
World Mental Health Day,
Oct 11 Monday
Indigenous Peoples' Day, ,
International Day of the Girl Child, , ,
Oct 12 Tuesday
National Savings Day,
Oct 13 Wednesday
National Herpes Awareness Day
National No Bra Day
National Stop Bullying Day
Oct 15 Friday
Global Handwashing Day
National Latino AIDS Awareness Day
National Mammography Day
Oct 16 Saturday
World Food Day,
Oct 19 Tuesday
World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day
Oct 20 Wednesday
World Osteoporosis Day
Oct 22 Friday
International Stuttering Awareness Day
Oct 29 Friday
World Psoriasis Day
Nov 3 Wednesday
National Stress Awareness Day, ,
Nov 7 Sunday
National Cancer Awareness Day
Nov 11 Thursday
National Education Day,
Remembrance Day Australia, ,
Nov 13 Saturday
World Kindness Day, ,
Nov 14 Sunday
World Diabetes Day
Nov 15 Monday
National Philanthropy Day,
National Recycling Day, ,
Nov 16 Tuesday
International Day For Tolerance,
Nov 17 Wednesday
​World Prematurity Day
Nov 18 Thursday
Great American Smokeout
National Rural Health Day
Nov 20 Saturday
Black Consciousness Day ,
Transgender Day of Remembrance,
Nov 25 Thursday
White Ribbon Day,
Nov 26 Friday
World Lewis Day,
Nov 30 Tuesday
National Computer Security Day, ,
Dec 1 Wednesday
World AIDS Day
Dec 3 Friday
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Dec 6 Monday
National Miners Day, ,
Dec 10 Friday
International Animal Rights Day , ,
Dec 11 Saturday
UNICEF Birthday , ,
Dec 12 Sunday
Universal Health Coverage Day,
Dec 14 Tuesday
Monkey Day,
Dec 15 Wednesday
International Tea Day,
Dec 18 Saturday
International Migrants Day ,
Feb 7-13
Tinnitus Awareness Week
Mar 20-26
Poison Prevention Week
Apr 5-9
National Wildlife Week, ,
Apr 10-16
Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week ,
National Dog Bite Prevention Week, ,
Apr 19-23
National Environmental Education Week, , ,
Undergraduate Research Week, ,
Apr 25-29
Every Kid Healthy Week, ,
National Infant Immunization Week, , ,
Apr 26-30
National Work Zone Awareness Week, , ,
May 9-15
National Stuttering Awareness Week, ,
May 10-16
National Mental Health Awareness Week,
May 11-17
Brain Injury Awareness Week,
May 23-29
National Safe Sun Week,
Jun 5-11
Bed Bug Awareness Week, ,
Community Health Improvement Week, ,
National Business Etiquette Week, ,
National Headache Awareness Week, ,
Pet Appreciation Week , ,
Jun 7-15
British Heart Week, ,
Jun 19-25
Carpenter Ant Awareness Week,
Jul 4-10
Be Nice to Jersey Week, ,
Sep 5-11
Suicide Prevention Week, ,
Sep 12-18
Balance Awareness Week
National Assisted Living Week,
Nephrology Nurses Week, , ,
Sep 13-19
National Eczema Week
National Jeans for Genes Day,
Sep 20-26
​National Rehabilitation Awareness Week
Oct 1-7
Fungal Disease Awareness Week
Oct 17-23
National Retirement Security Week, ,
Oct 24-30
Respiratory Care Week
Nov 16-21
Road Safety Week,
Nov 18-24
World Antibiotic Awareness Week
Nov 21-27
GERD Awareness Week,
Dec 1-7
National Handwashing Awareness Week