Friendship Holidays

Friendship holidays allow us a moment to go ahead and celebrate the family that we choose. From new friends celebrated on National Make a Friend Day on February 11 to our number ones celebrated on National Best Friends Day on June 8, our friends get us through the worst of times and elevate the best of times. With 39 friendship holidays to celebrate throughout the year, there’s no shortage of love to go around.

National Girl Hug Boy Day,
Kiss a Ginger Day, ,
National Hugging Day, ,
National Send a Card to a Friend Day,
National Make a Friend Day
Galentine's Day, , ,
Valentine's Day, ,
Singles Awareness Day,
Random Act of Kindness Day,
National Hug a G.I. Day, ,
National Let's Laugh Day, ,
International Day of Happiness,
World Party Day, , ,
National Hug a Newsperson Day,
National Picnic Day, , ,
National Hug a Plumber Day,
Honesty Day,
National Best Friends Day,
National Kissing Day, , ,
Hug Holiday, , , , ,
International Day of Friendship, , , , ,
National Friendship Day,
Sweetest Day, ,
National New Friends Day, ,
National Pets for Veterans Day, ,
​National Mentoring Day, , ,
National Hug a Musician Day,
World Kindness Day, ,
International Day For Tolerance,
International Men’s Day, ,
Giving Tuesday
National Letter Writing Day, , ,
Chanukah, , , ,
National Short Girl Appreciation Day,
​National Short Person Day,
Festivus, , , ,
Christmas Eve, , , ,
Christmas, , , ,
National Call a Friend Day,
Intergeneration Month, ,