Festivus – December 23, 2020

Wed Dec 23

Festivus: it might have been made “for the rest of us,” but this pop-culture holiday has become such a mainstay that we should consider starting to say “for all of us,” instead! While many plot points of the classic 90’s sitcom, Seinfeld, have made it into mainstream culture, it’s safe to say that Festivus is the gift that keeps on giving. What started as a family tradition for one of the show’s writers has turned into an all-inclusive holiday that anyone can get behind. Years after the Seinfeld has gone off the air, Festivus is still celebrated, and with more vigor each year. Mark your calendars — we celebrate on December 23rd!

Festivus Activities

  1. Get a Pole Of Your Own

    Christmas trees add a nice touch to a living room in the holidays, but they can be a pain to dispose of. With a Festivus pole, you'll have a holiday decoration that stores easily, and always looks great, year after year. As importantly, the Festivus pole "requires no decoration."

  2. Air Your Grievances And Test Your Strength

    What would Festivus be without the classic Costanza traditions? Air your grievances (but don't go too harsh!) and be prepared for Feats of Strength — remember, Festivus isn't over until the head of the household is pinned!

  3. Create Your Own Holiday

    While Festivus was designed "for the rest of us," perhaps you've got a reason that Festivus isn't the right choice for you. Keeping in spirit with the [made-up] holiday, try making a holiday of your own! Create a hashtag, invite your friends, and watch the tradition spread year after year!

Why We Love Festivus

  1. Demolition of Tradition

    Sure, Festivus might have plenty of traditions of its own — ranging from the Airing of Grievances to the Feats of Strength — but it turns all of our common holiday traditions on their heads. A Christmas tree? How about a Festivus pole, instead. Gifts? Maybe let's try a wrestling match with the head of the household. While traditions certainly have their places, sometimes it's fun to mix things up!

  2. BYOB

    There was no alcohol served at Frank Costanza's celebration, but his son's boss came prepared. Armed with a flask, Mr. Kruger made sure that his Festivus experience wouldn't be a dry one. Be sure to check in with your host regarding local customs.

  3. Get Your Fill Without The Frills

    Holiday dinners are great, and even better when the food is good, but years down the road, all anyone will remember was the quality of their company. With a no-frills dinner, Festivus ensures that the focus remains on your family and friends — not on what's being served. Expect a hearty meatloaf, served artfully over a leaf of lettuce.

Festivus dates
2020December 23Wednesday
2021December 23Thursday
2022December 23Friday
2023December 23Saturday
2024December 23Monday