Our Mission

Nothing beats a day of celebration—except 365 of them.

At National Today, our goal is to gather all the special holidays and moments from around the world — the occasions that bring people together — and help everyone celebrate with special events, helpful tips, discounts, deals, and plenty of fun.

What kind of days do we commemorate? All of them! We have classic American holidays, like the 4th of July and Halloween; important global holidays like Boxing Day and World Refugee Day; and can’t-be-missed quirky occasions, like Respect Your Cat Day and National Junk Food Day.

The best part? We’re adding more every day.

For each day, we curate pages with extensive and exciting holiday history, exclusive money-saving deals, facts that will blow your mind, and fascinating survey data that quantifies America’s opinions on just about every topic.

Thanks to our talented in-house multimedia team, we celebrate in every medium—including viral videos, sticky social posts, and beautiful animations and graphics. We also host a non-stop party on social media, brightening each day with fun posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and celebrating with the thousands of bloggers in our National Today influencer network.

But our holidays aren’t just for consumers. We celebrate with brands who want to do more than just push their products—brands who want to really connect with consumers and go the extra mile by spreading the holiday love.

On top of it all, we bring the celebration to local and national media, getting people all over the world excited through thousands of featured stories on top-tier TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and online outlets. Have you caught us on Good Morning America or in the New York Times?

At National Today, we believe every day is special. Or sticky. Or shocking. Or meaningful. Or frickin’ hilarious.

We are connecting the world through everyday celebrations.

Join us, and make every moment special.