Arts & Entertainment Holidays

Our arts and entertainment holidays are the perfect antidote for a busy, stressful life. They are aimed to amuse, inspire, and entertain. International Jazz Day (Apr. 30), National Poetry Day (Oct. 4), World Book Day (April 23), Global Beatles Day (June 25), are just some of the holidays on our list of 64. And you don’t have to stop at one.





Jan. 2

National Science Fiction DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jan. 3

JRR Tolkien DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jan. 8

Elvis Presley’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Jan. 15

National Hat DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jan. 18

National Winnie the Pooh DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jan. 21

Museum Selfie DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Feb. 2

National Ukulele DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Feb. 6

Bob Marley's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Feb. 10

National Umbrella DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Feb. 11

National Guitar DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Feb. 20

Rihanna’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Feb. 27

National Pokemon DayArts & Entertainment, FunU.S.

Mar. 1

Justin Bieber's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentCanada, U.S.

Mar. 2

Dr. Seuss’s BirthdayArts & Entertainment, FamilyOther

Mar. 6

National Dress DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Mar. 21

National Fragrance DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Mar. 21

World Poetry DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Mar. 28

Lady Gaga's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Apr. 23

World Book DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Apr. 28

National Superhero DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Apr. 29

International Dance DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Apr. 30

International Jazz DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

May 4

Star Wars DayArts & Entertainment, Sci-FiU.S.

Jun. 7

Prince’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Jun. 9

National Donald Duck DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jun. 16

Tupac's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jun. 25

Global Beatles DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Jul. 5

National Bikini DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jul. 14

Bastille DayArts & EntertainmentFrance

Jul. 17

World Emoji DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Jul. 22

Selena Gomez's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jul. 29

National Lipstick DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jul. 30

National Dance DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jul. 31

Harry Potter's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Aug. 1

Spider-Man DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Aug. 2

National Coloring Book DayArts & Entertainment, FunU.S.

Aug. 5

National Underwear DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Aug. 7

National Lighthouse DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Sep. 4

Beyoncé’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Sep. 6

National Read a Book DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Sep. 14

National Coloring DayArts & Entertainment, FunU.S.

Sep. 15

Batman DayArts & Entertainment, FunU.S.

Sep. 25

National Comic Book DayArts & Entertainment, Fun, Sci-FiU.S.

Oct. 3

Mean Girls DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Oct. 4

National Poetry DayArts & EntertainmentU.K.

Oct. 11

Cardi B's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Oct. 13

National No Bra DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Oct. 17

Eminem's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Oct. 21

​Back to the Future Day Arts & EntertainmentU.S.

Oct. 24

Drake's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentCanada, U.S.

Oct. 25

Katy Perry's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Oct. 25

National Art DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Nov. 1

National Author's DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Nov. 9

Go to an Art Museum DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Nov. 10

Sesame Street DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Nov. 11

National Metal DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Nov. 18

Mickey Mouse DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Nov. 18

Mickey Mouse’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Nov. 18

Minnie Mouse's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Dec. 4

Jay-Z’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Dec. 13

National Violin DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Dec. 13

Taylor Swift’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentOther

Dec. 18

Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Dec. 19

National Emo DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Where did arts & entertainment holidays come from?

Arts and entertainment holidays come from here, there, and everywhere! And that is because different cultures all over the world have their own unique history and traditions. Which means there is always something amazing to celebrate!

International Jazz Day on April 30 was created by UNESCO in 2011 and it is led by legendary musician Herbie Hancock to promote jazz and its wonderful intercultural influence. If jazz is not your thing, think about Mean Girls Day on October 3. National Today and Mean Girls on Broadway made this holiday official in 2018. We know many fans will be pleased. Another favorite is National Art Day, celebrated all over the US on October 25. It is a day celebrated by all artist and creative minds.

And the list goes on! So put on your dancing shoes, fire up your imagination, pick a muse, or binge watch something… celebrate and do more of what makes you happy.

Submit your favorite arts & entertainment holiday

We admit, there are more arts and entertainment holidays out there and we would love to know about them! Tell us about a holiday that interests you. Go to our holiday submission page and write a little about the holiday and how you celebrate it. If we’re intrigued, you’ll see the holiday here.

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