Cause Holidays

At National Today, we believe it’s incredibly important to stand up for what you believe in and make the world a better place. We’re passionate about commemorating 93 cause holidays each year.





Jan. 9

National Law Enforcement Appreciation DayCauseU.S.

Jan. 10

National Cut Your Energy Costs DayCauseU.S.

Jan. 12

National Youth DayCauseWorld

Jan. 15

Martin Luther King's BirthdayCauseOther

Jan. 28

National Daisy DayCauseU.S.

Feb. 1

National Get Up DayCauseU.S.

Feb. 4

World Cancer DayCauseWorld

Feb. 11

International Day of Women and Girls in ScienceCauseWorld

Feb. 27

International Polar Bear DayCauseWorld

Mar. 2

National Read Across America DayCauseU.S.

Mar. 3

World Wildlife DayCauseWorld

Mar. 4

National Hug a G.I. DayCauseU.S.

Mar. 8

International Women's DayCauseU.S.

Mar. 8

National Proofreading DayCauseU.S.

Mar. 18

National Biodiesel DayCause, Environmental, TechnologyU.S.

Mar. 20

International Day of HappinessCauseWorld

Mar. 22

World Water DayCauseU.S.

Mar. 24

Red Nose DayCauseU.S.

Apr. 5

RAINN DayCauseU.S.

Apr. 17

Tax DayCauseU.S.

Apr. 22

Earth DayCauseWorld

Apr. 28

Arbor DayCauseU.S.

May 12

World Migratory Bird DayCauseWorld

May 19

National Endangered Species DayCauseU.S.

May 22

International Day for Biological DiversityCauseWorld

May 29

Learn About Composting DayCauseU.S.

Jun. 5

World Environment DayCauseWorld

Jun. 8

World Oceans DayCauseWorld

Jun. 15

World Elder Abuse Awareness DayCauseWorld

Jun. 20

National American Eagle DayCauseU.S.

Jun. 20

World Refugee DayCauseWorld

Jun. 28

National Insurance Awareness DayCauseU.S.

Jun. 28

National Nude DayCauseU.S., World

Jul. 11

World Population DayCauseWorld

Jul. 12

Orangemen's DayCauseU.K., U.S.

Aug. 6

Terry Fox DayCauseCanada, World

Aug. 9

National Women's DayCauseWorld

Aug. 12

International Youth DayCauseU.S.

Aug. 14

National Financial Awareness DayCauseU.S.

Aug. 19

International Homeless Animals DayCauseWorld

Aug. 19

World Humanitarian DayCauseWorld

Aug. 25

National Secondhand Wardrobe DayCauseU.S.

Sep. 5

International Day of CharityCauseWorld

Sep. 8

International Literacy DayCauseWorld

Sep. 11

National Day of Service and RemembranceCauseU.S.

Sep. 15

International Day of DemocracyCauseWorld

Sep. 21

International Day of PeaceCauseWorld

Sep. 25

​National Voter Registration DayCauseU.S.

Oct. 1

​International Day of Older PersonsCauseWorld

Oct. 2

International Day of Non-ViolenceCauseWorld

Oct. 6

World Cerebral Palsy DayCauseWorld

Oct. 15

World Maths DayCauseWorld

Oct. 16

World Food DayCauseU.S.

Oct. 21

Pets for Vets DayAnimals, CauseU.S.

Oct. 28

​National Immigrants DayCauseU.S.

Nov. 4

National Chicken Lady Day CauseU.S.

Nov. 8

S.T.E.M. - S.T.E.A.M. DayCauseU.S.

Nov. 13

World Kindness DayCauseU.S.

Nov. 15

National Philanthropy DayCauseU.S.

Nov. 16

International Day For ToleranceCauseWorld

Nov. 17

International Survivors of Suicide DayCauseU.S., World

Nov. 19

International Men’s DayCauseWorld

Nov. 19

World Toilet DayCauseWorld

Nov. 20

Transgender Day of RemembranceCauseU.S.

Nov. 20

Universal Children’s DayCauseWorld

Nov. 22

National Day of MourningCauseU.S.

Nov. 25

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against WomenCauseWorld

Nov. 27

Giving TuesdayCauseU.S.

Dec. 3

National Disability DayCauseU.S.

Dec. 11

International Mountain DayCauseWorld

Dec. 14

National Monkey DayCauseU.S.

Dec. 15

National Wreaths Across America Day CauseU.S.

Dec. 26

Boxing DayCauseWorld


National Bird Feeding MonthCauseU.S.


Irish-American Heritage MonthCauseU.S.


Poison Prevention Awareness MonthCauseU.S.


Distracted Driving Awareness MonthCauseU.S.


Scottish-American Heritage MonthCauseU.S.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage MonthCauseU.S.


National Teen Self-Esteem MonthCauseU.S.


Pride MonthCauseU.S.


Be Nice to Jersey WeekCauseU.S.


Hispanic Heritage MonthCauseMexico, U.S.


​Child Passenger Safety Awareness WeekCause


​Global Diversity Awareness MonthCauseWorld


​Italian-American Heritage MonthCauseU.S.


​National Bullying Prevention MonthCauseU.S.


​National Domestic Violence Awareness MonthCauseU.S.


German-American Heritage MonthCauseU.S.


​National Drug and Alcohol Facts WeekCauseU.S.


No-Shave NovemberCauseU.S.


PTA Healthy Lifestyles MonthCauseU.S.


Safe Toys and Gifts MonthCauseU.S.


Universal Human Rights MonthCauseWorld

Where did cause holidays come from?

Throughout humanity, people have looked out for others and advocated for human rights. However, one of the first organized movements started with the publication of a fateful book called The Jungle. Upton Sinclair was a journalist who turned to fiction to portray the exploited conditions of immigrants in Chicago—and raise a public outcry.

When his book was published, it shocked and galvanized readers. But there's a twist: he wrote about the meatpacking industry as the backdrop to his story, and readers were most shocked at the health violations he revealed. This led to massive reforms like the Meat Inspection Act that we still hold dear today.

The Jungle was only one of the movements that made organizers realize if they caused a stir, people would listen. So they started creating entire days to bring attention to their causes, from animal rights days like World Spay Day (Jan. 23) to human-centric holidays such as World Cancer Day (Feb. 4).

Submit your favorite cause holidays

If you're passionate about a cause that's not listed on National Today, we'd love to hear from you. Head over to our holiday submission page to submit you special day, and make sure you've compiled a bit of information about the day for context. What is its track record of media coverage? Is it celebrated widely? We'd love to hear from you!

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