Mexican Independence Day – September 16, 2020

Wed Sep 16

What is Mexican Independence Day?

Mexican Independence Day every September 16, fills Mexicans with pride, inside and outside the country. Unfortunately, some people confuse Cinco de Mayo (Mexico’s victory over the French in 1862) with Mexican Independence Day.

Mexican Independence Day celebrates an important date leading up to the war with Spain,  September 16, 1810.  The Grito de Dolores (“the Cry of Dolores,”) created a rallying cry for liberation when a priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the bell of his church in the town of Dolores and delivered a rousing speech calling the Mexican people to fight against their Spanish rulers. Over a decade of war later, the territory known as New Spain achieved its independence as the Mexican Empire on September 28, 1821.

Mexican Independence Day is marked by an assortment of parades, concerts and other patriotic displays. On the eve of the holiday, the Mexican president always reenacts the Grito by ringing the same bell Hidalgo rang from the balcony of the National Palace in Mexico City. 


When is Mexican Independence Day 2020? 

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated every year on the 16th of September, commemorating the 16th of September, 1810. 


Mexican Independence Day Activities

  1. Fly the red, white and green

    The easiest way to celebrate Mexican Independence Day is to fly the Mexican flag — wherever you happen to live. It's a day of pride for all Mexican people. Hoist that flag high!

  2. Watch the presidential reenactment

    Mexicans will tune in for a live broadcast of the presidential reenactment of El Grito, which occurs every September 15 at 11 p.m. It's a tradition that has endured for hundreds of years.

  3. Take the day off

    Many schools and businesses are closed on the 16th of September. Like any holiday, Mexican Independence Day is full of festivals, colorful parades, lively mariachi bands and more!

Why We Love Mexican Independence Day

  1. It's over 100 years old

    The Cry of Dolores has been celebrated since 1812 as a commemoration of Father Hidalgo's famous speech. This speech became a rallying cry that inspired Mexicans to fight for their freedom. As a result, Father Hidalgo is much beloved by Mexicans as the Father of Mexican Independence.

  2. It's a two-day celebration

    The Mexican people officially participate in “The Cry of Dolores” every September 15, an hour before midnight. The following day, Mexicans let down their hair with parties, street fests and lots of great food.

  3. The president reenacts the Cry of Dolores every year

    Every year, the current Mexican president will ring the bell of the National Palace in Mexico City. This is followed by a reenactment of the original Cry. At the close of his speech, the president shouts out, "¡Viva Mexico!"

Mexican Independence Day dates
2020September 16Wednesday
2021September 16Thursday
2022September 16Friday
2023September 16Saturday
2024September 16Monday