For Brands

We started National Today to help millions of consumers — and the brands they love — celebrate every day, and the results have been spectacular.

To date, we have created successful campaigns for Budweiser, Smuckers, Milk-Bone, Mercedes, Del Monte, and many more.

We work to get your brand placements on broadcast TV and radio, across online media, and in newspapers and magazines, and we have proven experience leveraging influencer networks, social media platforms, and direct subscribers in increasing app downloads, sales, signups, and other brand goals.

Our team provides brands with a full suite of services including developing awareness-building activities for established products, sampling and testing new and existing product or product-line extensions, distributing discounts and special coupons, driving consumer traffic to a specific web page or micro-site, building up social media fans and followers, securing broadcast television and radio exposure, and creating new holidays on the cultural calendar.

Our tremendous reach, which can connect you the right people at the right time, includes:
• Mass media PR distribution to 10,000+ media outlets (including the Today Show)
• Social media posts that reach millions of online and mobile consumers
• Influencer marketing to a network of 2,500+ bloggers and social media stars

How can National Today help your brand leverage national holidays? Reach out below.