Special Interest

With over 140 — yes, you read that right — holidays to celebrate in our Special Interest category, there’s absolutely something for everyone. The name says it all: Special interests allow us to consider things we really enjoy, then use holidays as an excuse to celebrate them. This includes all sorts of hobbies, events, happenings, toys, and trinkets. No matter what you love, there’s bound to be a holiday that champions it. Don’t see one? Create your own! Send it to us, and we may feature it on our page.

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National Embroidery Month
National Crafting Month, ,
National Umbrella Month, ,
Fair Housing Month
Month of the Military Child, ,
National Garden Month, , ,
National Internship Awareness Month, ,
National Month of Hope, ,
National Volunteer Month,
National Welding Month,
Creative Beginnings Month,
Get Caught Reading Month,
Gifts From The Garden Month,
Homeschool Awareness Month, , ,
Latino Books Month,
National Inventors Month,
Fireworks Safety Month,
Great Outdoors Month, , ,
National Camping Month, ,
National Homeownership Month, ,
National Rose Month, ,
National Safety Month,
Perennial Gardening Month, , ,
Women’s Golf Month, ,
Self Improvement Month,
National Book Month, , ,
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - October, ,
National Pescatarian Month, , , ,
National Scholarship Month, ,
Month of Giving
Nov 30 Tuesday
National Farm Workers Day ,
Jan 1 Saturday
New Year's Day,
Jan 4 Tuesday
National Trivia Day
Jan 7 Friday
National Bobblehead Day,
Old Rock Day,
Jan 8 Saturday
National Bubble Bath Day,
Jan 9 Sunday
National Word Nerd Day,
Jan 10 Monday
National Houseplant Appreciation Day
Jan 12 Wednesday
Kiss a Ginger Day, ,
Jan 13 Thursday
National Rubber Ducky Day
National Sticker Day
Jan 17 Monday
Michelle Obama’s Birthday,
Jan 18 Tuesday
National Thesaurus Day
Jan 22 Saturday
Celebration of Life Day
Jan 25 Tuesday
Opposite Day
Jan 28 Friday
Data Privacy Day, ,
Jan 29 Saturday
National Puzzle Day
Feb 2 Wednesday
Groundhog Day,
National Signing Day
Feb 6 Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday
Feb 7 Monday
National Periodic Table Day,
Feb 8 Tuesday
National Boy Scout Day
Safer Internet Day,
Feb 11 Friday
National Inventors' Day
Feb 13 Sunday
World Radio Day
Feb 14 Monday
National Clean Out Your Computer Day
Feb 17 Thursday
Random Act of Kindness Day,
Feb 19 Saturday
Tug of War Day
Feb 26 Saturday
Letter to an Elder Day
Mar 2 Wednesday
National Old Stuff Day, ,
Mar 4 Friday
National Day of Unplugging
National Grammar Day
Mar 6 Sunday
National Oreo Cookie Day
Mar 7 Monday
National Be Heard Day
Mar 9 Wednesday
National Barbie Day
Mar 11 Friday
National Promposal Day
Mar 12 Saturday
National Girl Scout Day
Mar 14 Monday
National Napping Day
National Pi Day
Mar 18 Friday
Awkward Moments Day,
Mar 20 Sunday
Spring Equinox
Mar 21 Monday
National Common Courtesy Day
Mar 22 Tuesday
National Goof Off Day
Mar 23 Wednesday
Near Miss Day, , ,
World Meteorological Day
Mar 28 Monday
National Weed Appreciation Day ,
Mar 29 Tuesday
National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
Mar 30 Wednesday
Little Red Wagon Day, ,
National Pencil Day ,
National Virtual Vacation Day,
Mar 31 Thursday
National Bunsen Burner Day,
World Backup Day
Apr 1 Friday
April Fools' Day,
Major League Baseball Opening Day
National One Cent Day , ,
Apr 4 Monday
National Hug a Newsperson Day
Apr 5 Tuesday
National Flash Drive Day
Read a Road Map Day,
Apr 8 Friday
Day of Silence
Apr 11 Monday
Education and Sharing Day, ,
Apr 12 Tuesday
International Be Kind to Lawyers Day
Apr 14 Thursday
National Gardening Day
National Look Up at the Sky Day,
Apr 18 Monday
Tax Day,
Apr 20 Wednesday
National Look-Alike Day
Apr 21 Thursday
National High Five Day
Apr 23 Saturday
National Picnic Day, , ,
Apr 24 Sunday
World Pinhole Photography Day, ,
Apr 25 Monday
National Telephone Day
Apr 26 Tuesday
Audubon Day, ,
National Dissertation Day, , ,
Richter Scale Day, ,
Apr 27 Wednesday
National Devil Dog Day, ,
Apr 28 Thursday
Great Poetry Reading Day, ,
Apr 29 Friday
National Peace Rose Day, ,
National Zipper Day , ,
Apr 30 Saturday
National Military Brats Day, ,
May 1 Sunday
National Mother Goose Day , , ,
May 3 Tuesday
National Paranormal Day, ,
May 5 Thursday
National Astronaut Day,
World Maths Day, , ,
World Password Day
May 6 Friday
National Space Day
National Tourist Appreciation Day,
May 7 Saturday
International Astronomy Day,
National Scrapbook Day, ,
National Tourism Day,
May 8 Sunday
National Have a Coke Day, ,
May 10 Tuesday
National Clean Your Room Day
May 11 Wednesday
National Receptionists Day
May 12 Thursday
National Limerick Day, ,
National Odometer Day, ,
May 14 Saturday
National Underground America Day, ,
May 15 Sunday
National Nylon Stocking Day,
May 16 Monday
National Piercing Day, ,
May 17 Tuesday
National Graduation Tassel Day, ,
Pack Rat Day, ,
May 18 Wednesday
National No Dirty Dishes Day,
May 20 Friday
National Be a Millionaire Day, ,
May 21 Saturday
National Memo Day, ,
May 23 Monday
National Lucky Penny Day, ,
May 24 Tuesday
National Scavenger Hunt Day,
May 26 Thursday
National Paper Airplane Day, ,
May 27 Friday
National Cellophane Tape Day,
May 29 Sunday
National Paperclip Day, ,
May 30 Monday
Loomis Day
May 31 Tuesday
Autonomous Vehicle Day, ,
Jun 1 Tuesday
Dare Day,
Flip A Coin Day,
National Nail Polish Day, ,
Oscar the Grouch Day, ,
Stand For Children Day, ,
Wear a Dress Day,
Jun 2 Wednesday
National Bubba Day, ,
Jun 4 Friday
Audacity To Hope Day
National Old Maids Day,
Shopping Cart Day,
Jun 5 Saturday
National Trails Day, ,
Jun 6 Sunday
D-Day, ,
National Eyewear Day,
National Yo-Yo Day, , ,
Jun 7 Monday
National VCR Day, ,
Jun 10 Thursday
National Ballpoint Pen Day,
Jun 12 Saturday
National Red Rose Day,
Jun 13 Sunday
National Sewing Machine Day,
Jun 14 Monday
International Bath Day, ,
Jun 15 Tuesday
Nature Photography Day , , ,
Jun 17 Thursday
Global Garbage Man Day, ,
Jun 18 Friday
National Flip Flop Day,
National Go Fishing Day, ,
National Splurge Day
Wear BLUE Day,
Jun 19 Saturday
International Box Day, , ,
National Watch Day,
Jun 20 Sunday
National Hike with a Geek Day, ,
Jun 21 Monday
International Yoga Day, ,
National Selfie Day,
Jun 23 Wednesday
National Typewriter Day, ,
Jun 24 Thursday
National Work From Home Day, ,
Jun 26 Saturday
ARRL Field Day,
Jun 27 Sunday
Helen Keller Day
National Sunglasses Day
Jun 28 Monday
Tau Day, ,
Jun 29 Tuesday
Hug Holiday, , , ,
Jun 30 Wednesday
International Asteroid Day, , ,
Social Media Day, , , ,
Jul 1 Thursday
International Joke Day, , ,
Keti Koti
Jul 2 Friday
World UFO Day, , ,
Jul 8 Thursday
National Video Game Day,
Jul 11 Sunday
National Free Slurpee Day, , ,
Jul 12 Monday
National Simplicity Day,
Jul 13 Tuesday
Embrace Your Geekness Day,
Jul 14 Wednesday
National Tape Measure Day,
Pandemonium Day,
Jul 15 Thursday
National Give Something Away Day
Jul 17 Saturday
National Lottery Day, , ,
National Tattoo Day,
Yellow Pig Day
Jul 18 Sunday
World Listening Day, , ,
Jul 20 Tuesday
National Moon Day, , ,
Jul 22 Thursday
National Hammock Day, ,
Pi Approximation Day
Jul 24 Saturday
National Amelia Earhart Day, ,
Jul 29 Thursday
National Lipstick Day, ,
Aug 8 Sunday
Dying to Know Day, ,
Aug 9 Monday
National Book Lovers Day,
Aug 11 Wednesday
Mountain Day, , , ,
Aug 14 Saturday
National Bowling Day
Aug 15 Sunday
Chant at the Moon Day
National Relaxation Day
Aug 16 Monday
National Tell A Joke Day
Aug 17 Tuesday
National Thrift Shop Day,
Aug 20 Friday
National Radio Day
Aug 21 Saturday
National Senior Citizens Day
Aug 22 Sunday
National Tooth Fairy Day
Aug 23 Monday
National Heroes' Day
Aug 24 Tuesday
Pluto Demoted Day,
Aug 27 Friday
National Just Because Day
Aug 28 Saturday
National Bow Tie Day,
Aug 30 Monday
Frankenstein Day, ,
National Beach Day
Sep 1 Wednesday
American Chess Day
Sep 3 Friday
National Skyscraper Day
Sep 4 Saturday
College Colors Day
Sep 7 Tuesday
Telephone Tuesday
Sep 9 Thursday
International Sudoku Day
Sep 10 Friday
National 401(k) Day,
Sep 11 Saturday
National Make Your Bed Day
Sep 12 Sunday
National Video Games Day
Sep 16 Thursday
Collect Rocks Day,
Sep 18 Saturday
National Day of Civic Hacking
Sep 19 Sunday
National Gymnastics Day,
Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sep 24 Friday
National Punctuation Day,
Sep 25 Saturday
National Hunting and Fishing Day,
Sep 27 Monday
World Tourism Day
Sep 29 Wednesday
National Starbucks Day, ,
Sep 30 Thursday
International Podcast Day
Oct 1 Friday
World Smile Day,
Oct 2 Saturday
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday, ,
Oct 4 Monday
National Golf Lovers Day ,
Oct 5 Tuesday
National Do Something Nice Day
Oct 10 Sunday
National Handbag Day, ,
Oct 12 Tuesday
Farmers Day
National Savings Day,
Oct 13 Wednesday
International Skeptics Day, ,
​National Fossil Day,
Oct 16 Saturday
Dictionary Day, ,
National Boss's Day
Oct 17 Sunday
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
Oct 20 Wednesday
National Day on Writing, ,
Oct 23 Saturday
National Croc Day, , , ,
National Mole Day
Oct 29 Friday
National Internet Day
Oct 30 Saturday
National Checklist Day
Nov 1 Monday
Job Action Day
National Men Make Dinner Day,
Nov 5 Friday
American Football Day
National Redhead Day,
Nov 11 Thursday
National Education Day,
Singles Day
Nov 12 Friday
National Happy Hour Day
Nov 16 Tuesday
National Button Day,
National Entrepreneur's Day
Nov 17 Wednesday
National Hiking Day,
Nov 19 Friday
National Camp Day, , , ,
Nov 20 Saturday
Black Consciousness Day ,
Future Teachers of America Day
Nov 21 Sunday
World Television Day
Nov 22 Monday
Go For A Ride Day
Nov 23 Tuesday
Fibonacci Day
Nov 26 Friday
Black Friday
Buy Nothing Day, ,
Nov 27 Saturday
Small Business Saturday
Nov 29 Monday
Cyber Monday
Nov 30 Tuesday
National Computer Security Day, ,
Dec 1 Wednesday
National Christmas Lights Day,
Dec 5 Sunday
Candle Day
International Ninja Day,
Dec 6 Monday
Put on Your Own Shoes Day, ,
Dec 7 Tuesday
International Civil Aviation Day
National Letter Writing Day, ,
Dec 11 Saturday
Christmas Jumper Day, ,
Dec 15 Wednesday
National Wear Your Pearls Day,
Dec 16 Thursday
Barbie And Barney Backlash Day, ,
Dec 21 Tuesday
National Crossword Puzzle Day
National Flashlight Day , ,
Winter Solstice
Dec 22 Wednesday
Mathematics Day,
Dec 26 Sunday
National Thank You Note Day
Dec 29 Wednesday
Still Need To Do Day
Apr 10-16
Week of the Young Child , , ,
Apr 19-23
Undergraduate Research Week, ,
May 9-15
National Stuttering Awareness Week, ,
May 10-16
National Salvation Army Week, ,
May 22-28
National Safe Boating Week,
Jun 5-13
National Fishing and Boating Week, ,
Jun 6-12
National Business Etiquette Week, ,
Jul 17-23
Hemp History Week, ,
Sep 14-20
National Coding Week ,
Nov 15-21
Book Week Scotland ,