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National Hire a Veteran Day
ThuJul 25

National Hire a Veteran Day – July 25, 2024

Get ready for a very special hiring celebration this National Hire a Veteran Day on July 25! Each year, brave men and women from the military service return to civilian life. This day was created to remind job seekers and employers alike that these veterans’ experience and dedication can breathe new life into the workforce. It aims to teach people about the value of hiring a veteran.

History of National Hire a Veteran Day

The word ‘veteran’ itself means ‘old’ — from the Latin root word ‘vetus.’ Across the globe, this word is used to refer to someone who has had a long career in any particular occupation or field. The U.S. primarily uses this word to describe someone who has been discharged from the armed forces.

As long as there have been wars, there have been veterans. This military personnel has been honored across the ages by various famous figures — near the end of the Second American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln famously called for the good treatment of veterans. This war also produced some veterans organizations like the Grand Army of the Republic and the United Confederate Veterans.

The treatment of veterans changed after World War I. Discontented vets took up arms and protested the way were being treated. One of the most important protest movements took place during the Great Depression, in which the Bonus Army of unemployed veterans marched on Washington, D.C., hoping to get the bonus that Congress had promised them for years in the future.

The Second World War brought some changes to the treatment of veterans, partly due to the experience with the First World War veterans. Most participating states in the war, including the U.S., set up elaborate veterans’ administrations. Established veterans’ groups like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars pushed for the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, commonly known as the G.I. Bill. This was a law that provided benefits for some of the returning World War II veterans (who were commonly referred to as G.I.s). While the original G.I. Bill expired in 1956, this term is still used to refer to programs created to assist some of the U.S. military veterans.

Marine Corps veteran Dan Caporale, also the founder of the national non-profit Hire Our Heroes, spent many years working to employ veterans. In an interview, Caporale mentions how he wondered what would happen if there were a special day designated for hiring veterans. This question led to him creating an online career fair to connect veterans with prospective employers. From there, the idea of a special day took flight, and National Hire a Veteran Day finally began being observed around the country. In 2017, President Donald Trump signed the Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act (HIRE Vets Act) and a special HIRE Vets Medallion Program was also created to award those employers who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to hiring and retaining veterans. This Act further supported National Hire a Veteran Day.

National Hire a Veteran Day timeline

President Lincoln Calls for Good Treatment

Towards the end of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln calls for good treatment towards veterans, saying "Care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan."

Treatment of Veterans Changes

Veterans become more discontented — they protest, take up arms, and are quick to organize and rally support.

Specific Criteria

Learning from the mistakes in the treatment of veterans during World War I, nations, including the U.S., set up special veterans' administrations.

It's D Day!

National Hire a Veteran Day is henceforth observed on July 25, annually.

A New Act is Passed

President Trump signs the HIRE Vets Act, which also has a HIRE Vets Medallion Program to recognize those employers who are dedicated to hiring veterans.

National Hire a Veteran Day FAQs

Do veterans have to work on Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a federal and state holiday, meaning that the day is off for federal employees, including the military. The decision of making Veterans Day a working day is up to private companies and businesses. 

Is the National Guard honored on Veterans Day?

Veterans Day honors all people who are currently serving in the U.S. armed forces, including men and women who have served or are serving in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard, including the National Guard and Reserve components.

Is it illegal to only hire veterans?

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, companies cannot strictly hire only veterans. 

How To Celebrate National Hire a Veteran Day

  1. Put out feelers

    Wondering how a military veteran fits into your particular trade? These highly trained individuals can use their skills and expertise across various industries and trades. Data shows that veterans excel in different positions in all of the following areas: engineering, cybersecurity, sales, marketing, healthcare, information technology, and skilled trades. As a bonus, check out the various promotional programs federal agencies provide to organizations for their commitment towards hiring vets.

  2. Hire a veteran

    Own a business? Consider hiring a veteran. We know you want to give back to the nation, and the people that helped protect and serve it. What better way to do that than to hire such men and women to join your workforce? These people are highly trained and the skills they exhibited in the services — strength, strategy, decisiveness, can be transferred to the corporate world, too, making them amazing employees for any trade or business.

  3. Explore jobs (if you are a vet)

    Multiple federal agencies and veteran organizations host promotional activities and career fairs to encourage corporate and veteran associations. You can explore sites like, state-level official governmental sites, as well as the State and Federal Departments of Veterans Affairs.

5 Fun Facts About National Hire A Veteran Day

  1. Hiring veterans is good for business

    Research shows veterans remain with their initial company 8.3% longer than non-veterans.

  2. Veterans are better hires

    The above-mentioned studies have also shown that veterans are 160% more likely to have a graduate degree or higher.

  3. 33% of veterans are underemployed

    A recent LinkedIn study points out that almost 33% of veterans do not have enough paid work or are not doing work that makes full use of a person’s skills and abilities.

  4. This day is promoted by some heavyweights

    Federal agencies like the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs recognize and promote this day.

  5. America has a lot of veterans

    Around 200,000 military people leave the services every year.

Why We Love National Hire a Veteran Day

  1. It helps our heroes find civilian jobs

    Veterans transition from their military duties to civilian jobs each day. These efforts can be daunting at first, but this day can help by simply raising awareness about the sheer number of vets looking to join the civilian workforce. Our heroes deserve any help they can get and there’s no better way to do this than to bring their invaluable traits to the workforce.

  2. It helps their families, too

    Many military jobs have vets being transferred from one location to another. Consequently, their significant others and families also frequently relocate, causing difficulties for them in finding jobs, too. With some professions, there is even an inability to transfer licenses from state to state. This might cause them to be overlooked in favor of more 'stable' employees. Helping veterans out has a trickle-down effect on their families, too.

  3. We're helping grow our country

    Giving veterans a job has a higher purpose. You change this person's life for the better, and you contribute to the community's (and the nation's) socio-economic development at the same time. Hiring veterans makes us a part of the solution, and we love that feeling.

National Hire a Veteran Day dates

2024July 25Thursday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 25Saturday
2027July 25Sunday
2028July 25Tuesday

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