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Fiesta de Santiago (Nicaragua) – July 25, 2024

Fiesta de Santiago is commemorated on July 25 in Nicaragua. It is the primary religious festival held in honor of the Santiago Apostle. The event occurs annually in the country; many people participate in the festivities. The festival celebrations usually begin on July 19 and end on July 28. You can experience processions full of the religious fervor of the settlers during the festival. Part of the tradition is the image, which is paraded on a white horse, evoking the battle that the Apostle Santiago had against the Moors. People sing traditional songs and dance to the sound of the philharmonic bands.

History of Fiesta de Santiago (Nicaragua)

Fiesta de Santiago in Nicaragua is an important Holliday held annually to honor Santiago Apostle. The festival has developed an extensive religious, artistic, and cultural program. It usually includes novenaries of masses, prayers, and candles of the Holy Rosary. There are also many fun activities, such as traditional bullfights, ribbon races, and folkloric carnival. People can also participate in craft fairs, pet parades, and dance parties. These festivities hold in communities of the municipality on different dates of the year in honor of patron saints. These saints include the Virgin of Fátima in the south coast sector and San Rafael Archangel in Puerto Sandino. Also honored are San José in Calle de Los Besos and Santo Domingo in La Trinidad and Copaltepe.

In many towns in Nicaragua, religious festivals hold. General Zelaya defeated his enemies in Nagarote, in 1896, during the uprising of the Liberals. He had the help and protection of Patron Santiago. General Zelaya handed over the uniform of the soldier, the epaulets of his rank, and the distinctive saber of power and authority to Santiago Apóstol. He named him Captain General. The revered image displays the original characteristic of wearing a military costume. Usually, people receive the Patron Saint’s image with great enthusiasm.

In 1993, the idea arose of making replicas of indigenous articles ― they used the wood of the legendary tree. Some of the objects made included a sculpture of Cacique Nagrandano, in natural size, and that of the Indita de Nagarote. They also made pre-Columbian vessels and weapons used by the Indians and the Spanish during the colonial era.

Fiesta de Santiago (Nicaragua) timeline

The Independence

Nicaragua becomes a fully independent nation.

The British Cede Control

The British cede control over the country's Caribbean coast.

The U.S. Military Bases

The U.S. establishes military bases in the country.

The Guerrilla-led Campaigns

Led by Augusto Cesar Sandino, the Guerrillas campaign against U.S. military presence.

Fiesta de Santiago (Nicaragua) FAQs

Who influenced Nicaragua’s history?

Just like many countries in Central and South America, Spanish colonists greatly influenced Nicaragua‘s history.

Is Nicaragua safe?

In the 21st century, Nicaragua has become politically stable despite its past political turmoil.

Is Nicaragua a tourist destination?

Nicaragua is a fast-rising top tourist destination in Central America. People love its incredible landscapes and beautiful rainforests.

How to Observe Fiesta de Santiago (Nicaragua)

  1. Visit Nicaragua

    You can enjoy the experience of visiting the beautiful coastal country. Many people have enjoyed their time there and returned for more fun.

  2. Attend the festival

    Take the time to enjoy a first-hand experience of Fiesta de Santiago in Nicaragua. This cultural event is memorable.

  3. Learn Spanish

    Nicaragua is mainly a Spanish-speaking country. Learning the language would give you an advantage when you try to immerse yourself in the culture.

5 Facts About Nicaragua

  1. It’s near Honduras

    Honduras is northwest of Nicaragua.

  2. It is near Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is south of Nicaragua.

  3. It’s in the Caribbean

    Nicaragua’s eastern border is the Caribbean coast.

  4. It’s in the Pacific Ocean

    Nicaragua’s southwestern border is the Pacific Ocean.

  5. It is a large country

    Based on the landmass, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.

Why Fiesta de Santiago (Nicaragua) is Important

  1. It is traditional

    The festival is a traditional occurrence in Nicaragua. The annual nature keeps the tradition alive and thriving.

  2. It makes people happy

    The festival is an important holiday where people feel jubilant. Being in the environment can make people happy as the energy is contagious.

  3. It is patriotic

    The holiday helps to remind citizens why they live in their country. The festival creates a sense of unity among the citizens of Nicaragua.

Fiesta de Santiago (Nicaragua) dates

2024July 25Thursday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 25Saturday
2027July 25Sunday
2028July 25Tuesday

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