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ThuJul 25

Culinarians Day – July 25, 2024

Culinarians Day is observed on July 25 annually to honor cooks and chefs. To a culinarian, cooking and serving food is both a science and an art. Culinarians Day includes cooks, bakers, and all of those who prepare meals in restaurants. Restaurants and commercial kitchens are the most common places professional chefs and cooks are employed. However, it is not necessary to be a chef or a graduate of a culinary school to take part in this celebration. Culinarians Day can be celebrated by anyone who enjoys cooking or eating!

History of Culinarians Day

Cooking began in a far more humble way than in the restaurants and commercial facilities where professional chefs operate. The beginning of culinary arts can be seen as when someone placed a slab of meat on fire or came across a forest fire-cooked animal. Agricultural advances, culinary technique expansion, domestication of cattle, and the development of earthenware and stoneware all played a role in the subsequent evolution of cuisine to turn it into what we know today.

Back in the day, king, nobleman, and priest households first employed chefs. The poorer classes, on the other hand, prepared their meals for their families. Class differences in cooking contributed to the emergence of a diverse range of cuisines. Culinary arts in Europe owe a lot to Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin’s pioneering writing contributions, as gastronomy and the scientific study of food have been used to elaborate on his ideas. A similar course of study and progression was followed in Asia.

At the end of the Renaissance, culinary arts in the Western world began to expand. The study of culinary arts as a distinct academic discipline also emerged during this period. In the beginning, students were apprenticed to expert cooks. The Boston Cooking School opened its doors in 1879, making it America’s first specific cooking school. Today, there are tens of thousands of culinary arts schools all over the world, as well as a wide range of culinary arts degrees offered by colleges and universities.

Culinarians Day timeline

14—37 A.D.
De Re Coquinaria

Marcus Gavius Apicius, a Roman, writes the world’s oldest surviving cookbook, “De Re Coquinaria,” which translates to “The Art of Cooking.”

1st Century A.D.
Dough Mixer

Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces, a freed slave, invents the first mechanical dough mixer.


Swiss pastry chef Gasparini invents the meringue.

The First Restaurant Opens

Parisian Boulanger opens the first restaurant on rue des Poulies, near the Louvre, specializing in soup.

Culinarians Day FAQs

What are the attributes of a good chef?

Some essential skills of a skilled chef: Excellent time management skills, superior ability to make decisions, a knack for culinary creativity, and being able to function well in high-pressure settings.

What is the chef's dress code like?

Traditionally, chefs wear a Toque Blanche, a white double-breasted jacket, and an apron.

What is the difference between a cook and a chef?

Usually, a chef is defined as someone who is trained and works professionally, while a cook is defined as someone who prepares and cooks food. A chef is, then, a type of cook.

Culinarians Day Activities

  1. Send a thank-you note

    If you have a friend or family member that is a cook or chef, you can send a thank-you note. Or, if you often visit a restaurant, you can send your appreciation to them. You can include a thoughtful gift if possible.

  2. Cook for someone else

    If you have a person in your house that acts as the designated cook, you can make the day special by cooking for them instead. Give them a break and whip up their favorite meals throughout the day!

  3. Watch a cooking show

    There are so many good cooking shows on several different platforms that allow you to easily find great recipes. You can try these recipes out for yourself or just be content with watching the intricacies of preparing, plating, and serving delicious food.

5 Facts About Culinary Experts

  1. Experts in cuisine

    In addition to knowledge of food preparation, chefs are also knowledgeable in the science of food as well as the art of cooking and presenting it.

  2. Toque Blanche

    Chefs' hats are known as ‘toque blanches,’ and the folds in the hat are said to indicate a chef's level of training and experience, while the height of the toque represents a chef's position of authority in the kitchen.

  3. Institutions of learning

    As an apprentice under an experienced chef, they learn the art of cooking or can be formally trained at an institution.

  4. Kitchen brigade

    There is a hierarchy of chefs known as the kitchen brigade, with the chef de cuisine at the top followed by the sous-chef and the chef-de-partie, known as the line chefs, although titles may vary.

  5. Places of work

    Typically, chefs work in restaurants but can also be found in delicatessens as well as in other industries such as hotels and hospitals.

Why We Love Culinarians Day

  1. They enhance our eating experience

    Chefs make our eating out experience fun, but not only that — but they also cultivate an amazing variety. While chefs specialize in a particular cuisine, you will be sure to have a memorable dining experience.

  2. It widens our taste palate

    Going to restaurants allows us to experience food from different cultures and cuisines without having to travel to those countries ourselves. You can easily try French cuisine, Indian cuisine, and so much more directly from your house or at a nearby restaurant.

  3. They play a critical role

    Having a chef in the kitchen is essential to the success of the meal. A chef's responsibilities go far beyond simply supervising the work of others; they must also design menus, ensure that the food is presented beautifully, and even come up with original recipes for the special dishes that guests yearn for.

Culinarians Day dates

2024July 25Thursday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 25Saturday
2027July 25Sunday
2028July 25Tuesday

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