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July26–August 2

Love Parks Week – July 26-August 2, 2024

Love Parks Week is celebrated from July 26 to 2 this year. The goal of Love Parks Week is to get as many people as possible, young and old, out into the great outdoors to take advantage of their local park. A park is an excellent place to get some fresh air and boost your mental health, and you’ll also be doing your part to preserve your local park’s resources for future generations by making regular use of them. So take a walk or walk your dog to your nearest park and appreciate its many benefits!

History of Love Parks Week

Throughout history, civilization has used the land for different purposes other than agricultural ones. In Egypt, they had gardens for their homes and temples, and hunting parks were also built by the Assyrians. The gardens built by the Greeks, on the other hand, served as a meeting and market location, safe from attacks by the city’s enemies. The Romans continued to build public gathering spaces, but the other three types of parks were incorporated into the imperial villa and its descendants. The park-making goals of Hadrian and Diocletian’s palace gardens were combined in the Roman era.

Parks were built for family enjoyment, exercise, hunting, the fine arts, and the celebration of the emperor’s godlike status, among other purposes. Because of this, Renaissance villas in Italy and Europe from the 15th to 17th centuries were based on these properties. North European park and garden designers paid homage to their Greek and Roman roots by incorporating statues from those cultures into their work.

Persia’s royal hunting preserves, which had been established over hundreds of square feet by the kings of Persia, evolved as riding trails and shelters were built into the landscape. Another sort of park developed from ancient Athens’ open-air public gathering spaces, where the functions of an exercise ground, a social concourse, and an athletes’ training ground were merged with features of a sculpture gallery and religious center.

Love Parks Week timeline

9th Century B.C.
Royal Hunting Parties

To partake in royal hunting parties, Ancient Assyria establishes parks.

1936 A.D.
Standing Committee on National Parks

The first meeting of the voluntary Standing Committee on National Parks is held on May 26 to make the case to the government for U.K. national parks.

National Parks and Access to the Countryside

The National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act govern the parks in the United Kingdom's English and Welsh provinces.

The National Parks Act

The National Parks Act governs Scotland's national parks.

Love Parks Week FAQs

What are national parks and what are they used for?

The government of a country designates a specific region as a national park for the protection of the natural environment. A national park can be established for recreational or historical objectives, as well as for scientific or historical goals.

What makes parks unique?

Parks help to provide locations for individuals of the community to come outside and be healthy, thereby encouraging them to live a better lifestyle.

What are the benefits of parks on one's health?

Research indicates that parks can reduce crime, promote psychological well-being, relieve stress, boost immunity, increase efficiency, and promote healing. The favorable impacts on people’s well-being, especially in densely populated environments, cannot be overstated.

Love Parks Week Activities

  1. Show love to your park

    You can show your appreciation for your local park. For example, if the trash bins are overflowing, you should take your trash home with you rather than depositing it in the trash cans on the premises. A more inclusive environment can be created when people lead by example, such as by respecting other visitors.

  2. Respect the workers

    Respect the workers in the park. Do as much as you can to respect the hard workers at the park by cleaning up after yourself, like picking up your trash or taking a bag for your dog’s poop if you are walking your dog.

  3. Keep the parks safe

    Start your initiatives or amplify the problems your local parks face. By bringing attention to the issues that parks are experiencing with the local councilors, meaningful changes can be implemented in the way parks are administered. Issues such as funding or climate change can be raised.

5 Interesting Facts About Parks

  1. Satisfaction for the elderly

    Elderly people who have easy access to parks and can enjoy nature are more satisfied with their location than those who do not.

  2. Improves air quality

    Parks and green areas keep air quality, temperature, water, and flood control in check.

  3. Reduces stress

    Stress-related illnesses are less common in those who frequently visit urban open green spaces.

  4. Increases physical and mental fitness

    Increased levels of physical and mental fitness can be achieved through outdoor activities performed in parks, as well as by stimulating higher cognitive functions.

  5. A home for wildlife

    Parks make a wonderful home for birds and insects, as they are rich in trees, plants, and other essential components for wildlife.

Why We Love Love Parks Week

  1. It’s a location for exercise

    Parks improve the quality of life in a neighborhood by providing space for popular sports. To encourage physical activity, they offer hiking paths and other amenities. This is especially crucial for low-income households and others who cannot afford a gym membership or exercise programs.

  2. It’s a safe place for children

    Playing in parks helps children improve hand-eye coordination, which is important for their overall health and well-being, resulting in them being more stable both emotionally and mentally. Parks are also fantastic places for parents and children to get to know each other and establish new friendships.

  3. Parks unite the neighborhood

    There are numerous ways in which parks can unite a community, as you can meet new people and get to know them better. The park can be maintained and cleaned by a group of volunteers, or you can talk about how to keep the park safe while also having a good time with others, thus bringing people together and strengthening the community.

Love Parks Week dates

2022July 29Friday
2023July 28Friday
2024July 26Friday
2025July 25Friday
2026July 24Friday

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