Our environment looks a lot different than it did a few years, decades, and centuries ago. It’s constantly changing, too, with the introduction of new industries and products. While a constant battle wages on about what the best course of action to take is for the increasingly volatile environment, it is important to recognize that there are well over a dozen holidays up for celebration that allow us to take a moment and appreciate the amazing things the environment offers us.

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National Garden Month, , , ,
Jan 7 Friday
Old Rock Day
Feb 25 Friday
National Skip the Straw Day, ,
Mar 20 Saturday
Great British Spring Clean Day
Mar 21 Monday
International Day of Forests
Mar 23 Tuesday
National Ag Day, ,
Near Miss Day, ,
Apr 30 Friday
National Arbor Day
Jun 5 Saturday
National Prairie Day, ,
Jun 6 Sunday
National Gardening Exercise Day, ,
Jun 21 Monday
National Aboriginal Day, , , ,
Jul 31 Saturday
World Ranger Day, ,
Aug 11 Wednesday
Mountain Day, , ,
Sep 7 Tuesday
International Day of Clean Air,
Sep 19 Sunday
National Cleanup Day
Sep 22 Wednesday
National Elephant Appreciation Day
Sep 25 Saturday
National Public Lands Day
Sep 27 Monday
National Crush Day
Oct 13 Wednesday
​National Fossil Day
Oct 21 Thursday
International ShakeOut Day
Nov 1 Monday
World Vegan Day ,
Nov 15 Monday
National Recycling Day,
Nov 17 Wednesday
National Hiking Day
Nov 19 Friday
National Camp Day, , ,
Dec 19 Sunday
Look for an Evergreen Day ,
Jul 1-7
Clean Beaches Week, , , , ,