National Secondhand Wardrobe Day – August 25, 2019

Sun Aug 25

How many times have you bought an item of clothing, only to wear it once or twice and throw it away after years of collecting dust in the back of the closet? Sadly, the answer is too many times. Thankfully, there’s a movement taking place in America that could help save us from our wasteful selves: National Secondhand Wardrobe Day on August 25. Buying clothes second hand and donating your used clothing creates a positive cycle that is crucial for cutting back our waste. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma surrounding secondhand clothing stores, or thrift shops, but it’s time to bring this to light and talk about why it’s so flawed. Secondhand shopping saves you money, has a positive impact on the environment, and if done correctly, can certainly lead to a closet of some cool new duds. So on August 25, head to your favorite thrift store and get some new (old) threads!

National Secondhand Wardrobe Day Activities

  1. Convince a non-believer

    Sometimes all it takes is one trip to the thrift store for someone to realize what they’ve been missing out on all their life. Try convincing a friend who’s never been to tag along with you as you make your way to the local secondhand shop. Chances are, they’ll start shopping there too, and so the positive cycle grows.

  2. Try a new style

    Shopping for a secondhand wardrobe means you can peruse through styles that traverse decades and trends. If you’re looking to break from your typical fashion mold, head out and see what eclectic wear you can find. If it floats, keep it around. If you don’t like it, just donate it again. Someone out there is bound to take it eventually.

  3. Clear out your closet

    Secondhand stores run on donated clothing, so one of the most important things you can do to keep this cycle moving is perform a closet cleanse. Spend the day emptying your drawers and hangers and finding those gift sweaters, event T-shirts, and fashion faux pas you never wear, and haul them to the local thrift store. You’ll feel lighter and cleaner, and what was once your trash could be another person’s fashion treasure

Why We Love National Secondhand Wardrobe Day

  1. It’s like a treasure hunt

    You never know exactly what you’ll find on any given trip to the thrift store, and that’s part of the excitement. You may find that designer shirt for a fraction of the price at any retail store, or you could walk away empty-handed. The low cost also makes it easy to commit to a style you’d like to try out, but may be unsure of.

  2. It’s great for children’s clothes

    Shopping for children’s clothes at thrift stores is a no brainer. Considering they’ll grow out of those shoes, pants, and shirts in eight months anyways, paying extra for the same clothes seems senseless. Also, you can bring your kids along and let them roam. They’ll love the treasure hunt aspect as well.

  3. It gives back to the community

    Many thrift stores and second-hand clothing chains provide jobs and are an integral part in the community. Goodwill, one of the nation’s largest second-hand stores, is a non-profit that employs nearly 69,000 people across the country, whose wages are built on the sale of donated clothing.

National Secondhand Wardrobe Day dates
2019August 25Sunday
2020August 25Tuesday
2021August 25Wednesday
2022August 25Thursday
2023August 25Friday