National Day Topics


Do you love animals? So do we. There are some great holidays dedicated to our furry, scaly, feathery, and spiky friends.
94 Animal holidays

Arts & Entertainment

From pop culture to high art, the are heaps of great arts & entertainment holidays for you to celebrate throughout the year.
97 Arts & Entertainment holidays


Does your profession have its own national holiday? Check out all of the career-focussed celebrations here.
45 Career holidays


Cause-related holidays that take a stand are important to our society. Check out the full list of cause-related observations here.
112 Cause holidays


Culture encompasses so many facets of who we are: Language, heritage, traditions, and ways we celebrate. Check out all the holidays here.
61 Cultural holidays


Education is huge part of what makes us who we are. Check out the diverse range of education themed holidays here.
31 Education holidays


Environment holidays shine an lens on our beautiful planet the important movement to protect it.
26 Environmental holidays


We love them, we fight with them, we celebrate them — family holidays remind us exactly why blood is thicker than water.
24 Family holidays


Without fashion, we’d be wearing the same drab, functional pieces of clothing day in and day out— so we’re ecstatic to celebrate fashion holidays each year.
14 Fashion holidays


Congress has been in the holiday making game since 1870, when they created the idea of a federal holiday.
66 Federal holidays


It's important to celebrate holidays that garner awareness and help people better understand their personal and societal financial situations.
10 Financial holidays

Food & Beverage

The calendar is full of yummy holidays that no foodie or drink connoisseur will ever want to miss.
397 Food & Beverage holidays


While most holidays are fun, these holidays are particularly jovial celebrations with fun at the heart of them.
103 Fun holidays


Health holidays raise awareness about illnesses as well as drawing attention to the incredible work of health professionals
183 Health holidays


The world is a big place which means there are plenty of international holidays for us to observe and enjoy.
31 International holidays


Celebrating all relationships. Whether they are professional, platonic, romantic, or familial. Check out the full list here.
64 Relationship holidays


Check out the full list of religious observations that are celebrated throughout the year.
62 Religious holidays


These holidays have been celebrated for years and help us mark the opening and closing of each temperament period.
19 Seasonal holidays

Special Interest

Special interests allow us to consider things we really enjoy, this includes all sorts of hobbies, events, happenings, toys, and trinkets.
188 Special Interest holidays


Whether you love to get down and dirty or sit back and enjoy the madness on TV, these sports holidays offer something for everyone.
17 Sports holidays