National Day Topics


Where would we be without the fluffy friends that show us an endless amount of love? We love to appreciate our pets all year with 77 pet holidays.

Arts & Entertainment

Our arts and entertainment holidays are the perfect antidote for a busy, stressful life. They are aimed to amuse, inspire, and entertain. International Jazz Day (Apr. 30), National Poetry Day (Oct. 4), World Book Day (April 23), Global Beatles Day (June 25), are just some of the holidays on our list of 66. And you don’t have to stop at one.


Whether you’re buying an artisan sandwich or going to the dentist, people provide us essential services every day. It’s difficult to remember to stop and appreciate them, which is why we’re so excited to celebrate our 29 career holidays!


At National Today, we believe it’s incredibly important to stand up for what you believe in and make the world a better place. We’re passionate about commemorating 101 cause holidays each year.


How we think, feel, what we find funny, objectionable – everything is a result of our culture. And cultural holidays can be a great way to express something personal or to connect with the whole community. Since we live in a multicultural world, National Today has a long list of 39 cultural holidays. 


We can all remember the teacher who changed our life. Teachers and mentors have lasting impacts on how we see and navigate the world, and that’s why we’re so excited to celebrate 8 education holidays each year.


Whether walking past a towering redwood or hanging on a relaxing beach, we all should take a moment to appreciate the environment. At National Today, we love celebrating our 13 environmental holidays.


There’s no one who knows us better than our families—whether that’s knowing when we need a care package with our favorite candy or exactly how to push our buttons. We love celebrating 13 family holidays at National Today!


In the wise words of Madonna, “strike a pose!” Without fashion, we’d be wearing the same drab, functional pieces of clothing day in and day out—so we’re ecstatic to celebrate 7 fashion holidays each year.


In the United States, federal holidays are holidays recognized by the government, upon which every non-essential federal office shuts down (even though the employees get paid). 

Federal holidays come straight from the top—only Congress can designate one. In fact, Congress has been in the holiday making game since 1870, when they created the idea of a federal holiday to standardize existing holiday practices “in every State of the Union.”

At PR Hacker, we love getting the day off work on 35 federal holidays!


Financial holidays may not sound like the liveliest of festivities, but who doesn’t love getting money, saving money, and spending money on the right things? That’s why we’re happy to celebrate 6 financial holidays every year!

Food & Beverage

If you’re looking for an excuse to cheat on your diet, we have just the thing. National Today has 319 food holidays, ranging from National Pie Day (Jan. 23) to National Fried Chicken Day (Jul. 6), and every sweet, savory, and saliva-inducing treat in between.


Here at National Today, we like our couch—but we love fun holidays that let us get active, go on adventures, or even just treat ourselves even more. We’re so excited to celebrate 53 fun holidays each year!


We should be giving thanks for our good health and helping others who aren’t as fortunate every day. That’s why we love celebrating 137 health holidays at National Today.


Home sweet home! You know there is no better place on earth. So, at National Today we celebrate your love for your home with our sweet little list of 4 home holidays. Celebrate — home is where the heart is. 


Some holidays are only celebrated in certain regions, or even certain towns — others are celebrated across the globe, bringing together different nations under a common cause. At National Today, we love celebrating 19 international holidays.


Significant others aren’t the only ones we’re grateful for all year round. From friends to family to spouses, we’re so excited to celebrate the love in our life with 53 holidays.


It’s important to take time each year to connect with your spirituality, no matter the religious beliefs you hold. That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate 30 religious holidays.


Star Wars Day, May 4. National Hobbit Day, September 22. National Comic Book Day, September 25. Are you the kind of person who keeps track of sci-fi events? Then you are going to love our 1 list of sci-fi holidays.


Have you looked at National Today’s impressive list 12 of seasonal holidays? With us celebrating in always in season.

Special Interest

Whatever floats your boat you’ll find it on National Today. Our exhaustive list 137 of special interest holidays covers many different hobbies, obsessions, activities, and trends.


Whether you love to get down and dirty or watch on TV, sports have been entertaining us and keeping us in shape since our earliest days of playing kickball in kindergarten. At National Today, we’re so lucky to be celebrating 9 holidays this year!


You probably don’t stop to appreciate technology—but without it, National Today couldn’t even exist! We’re so excited to celebrate technology year-round with 3 holidays.