Let’s hear it for federal holidays! Why? Because you most likely have the day off because of them, especially if you work in a federal building such as the post office or the library. Federal holidays come straight from the top — only Congress can designate one. In fact, Congress has been in the holiday making game since 1870, when they created the idea of a federal holiday to standardize existing holiday practices “in every State of the Union.” And now years later, we’re able to celebrate over 36 federal holidays throughout the year.

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Military Appreciation Month
Jan 15 Friday
Martin Luther King's Birthday,
Jan 18 Monday
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Jan 27 Wednesday
International Holocaust Remembrance Day, , ,
Feb 1 Monday
National Freedom Day
Feb 12 Friday
Abraham Lincoln's Birthday,
Feb 15 Monday
Presidents Day
Mar 1 Monday
St. David's Day
Apr 9 Friday
National Winston Churchill Day
Apr 23 Friday
St. George's Day,
May 1 Saturday
May Day, , ,
May 22 Saturday
Harvey Milk Day, ,
National Maritime Day, ,
May 31 Monday
Memorial Day, , ,
Jun 14 Monday
Army Birthday,
Flag Day, ,
Jun 25 Friday
International Day of the Seafarer, ,
Jul 1 Thursday
Canada Day,
Jul 4 Sunday
Independence Day, , , ,
Jul 9 Friday
Nunavut Day, , ,
Jul 18 Sunday
Nelson Mandela International Day, ,
Aug 2 Monday
Civic Holiday, , ,
Natal Day, , ,
New Brunswick Day, , ,
Aug 4 Wednesday
U.S. Coast Guard Birthday,
Aug 16 Monday
National Airborne Day
Sep 2 Thursday
VJ Day,
Sep 6 Monday
Labor Day , , , ,
Sep 17 Friday
Constitution Day
Oct 9 Saturday
World Post Day,
Oct 11 Monday
Columbus Day,
Oct 13 Wednesday
Navy Birthday,
Oct 24 Sunday
United Nations Day
Nov 2 Tuesday
Recreation Day
Nov 10 Wednesday
Marine Corps Birthday,
Nov 11 Thursday
Remembrance Day,
Veterans Day,
Nov 25 Thursday
Thanksgiving, , , ,
Nov 26 Friday
National Law Day
Dec 5 Sunday
Flag Day of India
Dec 7 Tuesday
National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance,
Dec 13 Monday
U.S. National Guard Birthday,
Dec 15 Wednesday
Bill of Rights Day,
Dec 16 Thursday
Day of Reconciliation
Dec 22 Wednesday
Forefathers’ Day, ,
Dec 28 Tuesday
Pledge of Allegiance Day, ,