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Official Birthday of HM King Tupou – July 4, 2024

We celebrate the Official Birthday of His Majesty King Tupou VI on July 4 every year even though his real birthday is July 12. This day is marked as a public holiday in Tonga and if it falls on a Sunday, the citizens will get the following Monday off. The festivities begin on July 1 and last until July 4. First, a thanksgiving prayer is held at the palace, this is then followed by a Royal Luncheon on the palace grounds. Traditional entertainment such as lakalaka, mā’ulu’ulu, and group dances are performed. The military will host a parade and flag ceremony at the beginning and end of the royal function and this is often recorded and broadcast on radio and television. Entertainment also includes a brass band performance by the Royal Corps of Musicians and other popular performers will provide entertainment for the celebrations as well.

History of Official Birthday of HM King Tupou

The House of Tupou descended from three ancient Dynasties: Tu’i Tonga, Tu’i Ha’atakalaua, and Tu’i Kanokupolu, and is a continuation of the Tu’i Kanokupolu Dynasty. His Majesty King Tupou VI was born on July 12, 1959, although his countrymen celebrate on July 4. This date is significant because it was when he was crowned King. The ceremony took place in 2015 at the Centenary Church in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

King Tupou VI was the youngest of three boys. His father was King Tupou IV and his mother was Halaevalu Mataáho ‘Ahome’e. King Tupou VI’s father reigned as Tonga’s King from 1965 until he died in September of 2006. After King Tupou IV’s death, George Tupou V became king and served until he died in March of 2012. He had no children so King Tupou VI became the heir to Tonga’s Throne.

Tupou VI was crowned in 2015 on July 4 which is also the date of his late father’s birthday. He has spent many years observing this day publicly but there have been occasions where he has held private celebrations at the Villa Royal Residence with members of the extended Royal Family. Public celebrations of his birthday are held, however, and include several festive events.

Official Birthday of HM King Tupou timeline

Role of Monarch is Established

A constitutional monarchy is established in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Prime Minister

Before he became King Tupou VI, he is appointed Prime Minister, a position he holds until his father’s death in September 2006.

27 September 2006
Confirmed as Heir

He is confirmed as heir presumptive to the Throne of Tonga, as his brother, a bachelor, has no legitimate children.

King George V Dies

King George V dies of leukemia and Tupou VI ascends to the throne.

Official Birthday of HM King Tupou FAQs

Where does the royal family of Tonga live?

The Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Tonga is located northwest of the capital, Nukualofa.

Is Tonga a New Zealand territory?

Tonga is an independent constitutional monarchy and is the only Pacific country to have one. It is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, located near Fiji and Samoa.

What language do they speak in Tonga?

They speak English and Tongan.

How to Observe Official Birthday of HM King Tupou

  1. Attend an event that celebrates Tupou VI

    Many public events are held from July 1 until July 4. This gives you plenty of opportunities to celebrate his big day.

  2. Bake or buy a cake

    Birthdays equal cake so why not bake a cake in celebration? You can even decorate the cake in the national colors.

  3. Host your own Royal Luncheon

    Invite your friends and put together your Royal Luncheon in honor of King Tupou VI. Prepare traditional delicacies for your loved ones.

5 Interesting Facts About Tonga

  1. Fonuafo’ou is a disappearing island

    The island of Fonuafo’ou in Tonga is a submarine volcano that comes and goes across history.

  2. Breeding ground for humpback whales

    Humpback whales come to Tonga to breed, give birth, and raise their young before returning to the Antarctic.

  3. Tupou IV was the world’s heaviest monarch

    He holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s heaviest monarch at 462 pounds.

  4. Tonga shuts down on Sundays

    It is prohibited to do business, play sports, exercise, or do certain chores on a Sunday.

  5. There are numerical systems for different items

    Counting coconuts has different words for numbers than counting fish.

Why Official Birthday of HM King Tupou is Important

  1. Celebrating birthdays are fun

    Who doesn't like an excuse to celebrate a birthday? We love getting into the festive birthday mood.

  2. Tonga is an interesting place

    Tonga is a lesser-known country. We love learning more about the history and culture surrounding it.

  3. It celebrates a King

    Kings, queens, princesses, and princes are often depicted in fairy tales. It is exciting to learn about the last remaining real-life monarchies.

Official Birthday of HM King Tupou dates

2024July 4Thursday
2025July 4Friday
2026July 4Saturday
2027July 4Sunday
2028July 4Tuesday

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