Other Holidays

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Jan 1 Saturday
Solemnity of Mary, ,
Jan 8 Saturday
Earth's Rotation Day
Elvis Presley’s Birthday,
Jan 26 Wednesday
National Peanut Brittle Day, , ,
Feb 4 Friday
National Thank a Mail Carrier Day
Feb 6 Sunday
Bob Marley's Birthday,
Feb 20 Sunday
Rihanna’s Birthday, ,
Mar 2 Wednesday
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, ,
Mar 3 Thursday
National Anthem Day
Mar 9 Wednesday
National Get Over It Day
Mar 27 Sunday
National Joe Day,
Quentin Tarantino's Birthday, ,
Mar 28 Monday
Lady Gaga's Birthday,
Apr 6 Wednesday
National Walking Day
Apr 11 Monday
National Eight Track Tape Day,
Apr 13 Wednesday
National Scrabble Day,
Apr 24 Sunday
World Pinhole Photography Day, ,
Apr 25 Monday
National DNA Day
Apr 26 Tuesday
National Dissertation Day, , ,
May 19 Thursday
National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day
May 24 Tuesday
Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
Jun 2 Thursday
National Leave the Office Early Day,
Jun 4 Saturday
International Tabletop Day
Jun 19 Sunday
World Juggling Day, ,
Jul 11 Sunday
National Mojito Day,
Jul 12 Monday
National Different Colored Eyes Day
Jul 16 Friday
Guru Purnima
Aug 3 Tuesday
National White Wine Day
Aug 4 Wednesday
Barack Obama’s Birthday, ,
Aug 13 Friday
National Blame Someone Else Day
Aug 15 Sunday
Chant at the Moon Day
Feast of the Assumption, ,
Aug 24 Tuesday
Kobe Bryant Day, ,
Sep 3 Friday
National Lazy Mom’s Day,
Sep 4 Saturday
Beyoncé’s Birthday,
Sep 7 Tuesday
Brazil Independence Day,
Sep 12 Sunday
National Chocolate Milkshake Day,
Sep 13 Monday
National Pet Memorial Day, ,
Sep 23 Thursday
Redhead Appreciation Day
Sep 26 Sunday
Hoshana Rabbah
Oct 3 Sunday
National Kevin Day
Oct 9 Saturday
Shemini Atzeret
Oct 17 Sunday
Eminem's Birthday, ,
Oct 26 Tuesday
Austrian National Day , ,
Oct 27 Wednesday
Navy Day,
Nov 5 Friday
National Love Your Red Hair Day,
Nov 6 Saturday
National Team Manager Day, ,
Nov 9 Tuesday
National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day,
Nov 13 Saturday
National Hug a Musician Day,
Nov 18 Thursday
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, , , ,
Minnie Mouse's Birthday,
Nov 20 Saturday
National Pay Back Your Parents Day,
Nov 26 Friday
World Lewis Day,
Dec 4 Saturday
Jay-Z’s Birthday, ,
Dec 13 Monday
Taylor Swift’s Birthday,
Dec 14 Tuesday
Green Monday
Dec 15 Wednesday
International Tea Day,