Other Holidays

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Jan 8 Wednesday
Earth's Rotation Day
Elvis Presley’s Birthday,
Jan 26 Sunday
National Peanut Brittle Day, , ,
Feb 4 Tuesday
National Thank a Mail Carrier Day
Feb 6 Thursday
Bob Marley's Birthday,
Feb 20 Thursday
Rihanna’s Birthday, ,
Mar 2 Monday
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, ,
Mar 3 Tuesday
National Anthem Day
Mar 27 Friday
National Joe Day,
Quentin Tarantino's Birthday, ,
Mar 28 Saturday
Lady Gaga's Birthday,
Apr 1 Wednesday
National Walking Day,
Apr 11 Saturday
National Eight Track Tape Day,
Apr 13 Monday
National Scrabble Day,
Apr 25 Saturday
National DNA Day,
May 24 Sunday
Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
Jun 1 Monday
International Tabletop Day
Jun 2 Tuesday
National Leave the Office Early Day,
Jul 11 Saturday
National Mojito Day,
Jul 12 Sunday
National Different Colored Eyes Day
Aug 3 Monday
National White Wine Day
Aug 4 Tuesday
Barack Obama’s Birthday, ,
Aug 13 Thursday
National Blame Someone Else Day
Aug 15 Saturday
Chant at the Moon Day
Feast of the Assumption, ,
Aug 24 Monday
Kobe Bryant Day, , , ,
Sep 4 Friday
Beyoncé’s Birthday,
National Lazy Mom’s Day,
Sep 7 Monday
Brazil Independence Day, ,
Sep 12 Saturday
National Chocolate Milkshake Day,
Sep 13 Sunday
National Pet Memorial Day, ,
Sep 23 Wednesday
Redhead Appreciation Day
Sep 26 Saturday
Hoshana Rabbah
Oct 3 Saturday
National Kevin Day
Oct 9 Friday
Shemini Atzeret
Oct 17 Saturday
Eminem's Birthday, ,
Oct 27 Tuesday
Navy Day,
Nov 5 Thursday
National Love Your Red Hair Day,
Nov 6 Friday
National Team Manager Day, ,
Nov 9 Monday
National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day,
Nov 13 Friday
National Hug a Musician Day,
Nov 18 Wednesday
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, , , ,
Minnie Mouse's Birthday,
Nov 20 Friday
National Pay Back Your Parents Day,
Nov 26 Thursday
World Lewis Day,
Dec 4 Friday
Jay-Z’s Birthday, ,
Dec 7 Monday
Green Monday
Dec 13 Sunday
Taylor Swift’s Birthday,