There are as many national days in April as there are flowers, and we're excited to celebrate them all with you! At National Today, we love celebrating 94 April holidays.
April Fools' Day,
National Walking Day,
National Burrito Day, ,
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
World Autism Awareness Day,
National Find a Rainbow Day, ,
World Party Day, , ,
National Hug a Newsperson Day,
Qingming Festival, , ,
National Deep Dish Pizza Day,
National Siamese Cat Day,
National Student-Athlete Day, , ,
New Beer's Eve, ,
National Beer Day,
National No Housework Day,
World Health Day,
National Empanada Day, , , ,
Passover, , , ,
Maundy Thursday,
National Unicorn Day
National Winston Churchill Day,
Good Friday,
Day of Silence, ,
National Hug Your Dog Day,
National Siblings Day
National Eight Track Tape Day, ,
National Pet Day, , ,
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day,
National Make Lunch Count Day
National Scrabble Day,
National Ex-Spouse Day
National Gardening Day
RAINN Day, ,
National Laundry Day,
Tax Day,
National High Five Day
National Librarian Day, ,
Selena Day, , ,
Wear Pajamas to Work Day, ,
International Bat Appreciation Day,
National Cheese Ball Day,
Husband Appreciation Day
National Haiku Poetry Day,
National Lineman Appreciation Day,
National Velociraptor Awareness Day, ,
National Garlic Day
Chinese Language Day,
National Look-Alike Day
National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day,
National Kindergarten Day,
Tiradentes Day,
Administrative Professionals Day, ,
Earth Day,
National Jelly Bean Day,
National Picnic Day, , ,
St. George's Day,
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, ,
World Book Day, ,
National Arbor Day,
National Pigs in a Blanket Day, ,
Anzac Day,
National DNA Day, ,
​National Drug Take Back Day
National Hairstylist Appreciation Day,
National Hug a Plumber Day,
National Telephone Day
World Malaria Day, ,
National Pretzel Day,
National Prime Rib Day,
National Superhero Day
International Dance Day,
International Guide Dog Day, ,
National Shrimp Scampi Day,
International Jazz Day, ,
National Bubble Tea Day,
Honesty Day,
National Raisin Day,
Distracted Driving Awareness Month,
Keep America Beautiful Month, ,
Move More Month,
Couple Appreciation Month,
National Decorating Month,
National Garden Month, , , ,
National Humor Month
National Internship Awareness Month, ,
National Pecan Month
National Pet Month, , , ,
National Soft Pretzel Month
National Soy Foods Month,
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, ,
Scottish-American Heritage Month,
Sexual Assault Awareness Month, ,
Stress Awareness Month, ,
National Library Week,