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SatApr 19

Refresh Your Goals Day – April 19, 2025

On April 19th, we celebrate Refresh Your Goals Day! This national holiday is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and focus on your personal goals. Refresh Your Goals Day reminds us to take action to renew and rejuvenate our health and wellness aspirations. 

Today, Albertsons/Safeway  —one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States— supports and empowers people in reaching and pursuing their health and wellness goals by celebrating the holiday with a healthy twist. Through Albertsons/Safeway Sincerely HealthTM platform, you can monitor your progress while participating in challenges that boost motivation and help keep you on track. Albertsons/Safeway is working with Apple Health to help Americans everywhere reach wellness. Through the platform, users can connect their Apple Watch or iPhone and receive additional points for reaching their personal goals every day. With this holiday, we invite everyone to celebrate and take advantage of this special day to recommit to your health + wellness aspirations. Together we can make a positive change towards a healthier future.

History of Refresh Your Goals Day

Did you know that setting goals has been a longstanding tradition dating back to the ancient Greeks, around 4,000 years ago? They believed setting goals was essential to achieving success and leading a fulfilling life. 

Setting goals has been a powerful tool through time and has helped us become better versions of ourselves. From ancient cultures to modern times, we have used our ambitions and aspirations to shape and drive our lives forward. One of the most famous examples is Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues, where he split his life into 13 different goals, from frugality to resolution. This timeless practice has been proven effective in reaching our objectives and finding fulfillment in life.

Albertsons + Safeway present Refresh Your Goals Day, a holiday that incentivises people to recommit to health and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, quit smoking, or generally live a healthier lifestyle, this day is an opportunity for us all to take time out of our busy lives and focus on our personal commitment to ourselves.

Refresh Your Goals Day timeline

Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues

Benjamin Franklin developed and committed himself to a personal improvement program that consisted of living 13 virtues (13 different goals, from frugality to resolution).

Late 1970’s
Health and Wellness Take Center Stage

People began to set goals to exercise regularly, eat healthier, quit smoking, and lose weight. The Surgeon General's health promotion and disease prevention report recommended regular physical activity and a healthy diet to prevent chronic diseases.

The Rise of Digital Tools

With the rise of digital tools and apps like fitness trackers and smartwatches, people can track their health and wellness progress.

Refresh Your Goals Day

The company launches the online platform Sincerely Health on 16 of its banner store applications. It is designed to track and reward consumers on their health journey by combining factors like nutrition, activity, mindfulness and sleep.

Refresh Your Goals Day FAQs

What is Sincerely Health ™ ?

Sincerely Health™ is a digital health and wellness platform that not only connects to digital activity trackers, but it also integrates multiple dimensions of wellness including physical activity, sleep, and mindfulness through a personalized health score based on seven dimensions of wellbeing. 

*Sincerely Health™ is available at the following grocery apps and websites: Albertsons, Albertsons Market, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, Acme, Tom Thumb, Randalls, United Supermarkets, United Express, Market Street, Amigos, Pavilions, Star Market and Carrs.

What are the goals in the Sincerely Health platform and how are they recommended?

Health goals fall into the four categories of Activity, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Sleep. Goals across those categories are recommended based on information about your wellbeing that you share on the platform over time.

What are the most common yearly goals?

The most common yearly goals include losing weight, getting in shape, quitting smoking, saving money, traveling more and learning a new skill. Health and wellness goals are at the top of the list for most people.

What are Sincerely Health’s seven dimensions of health?

Sincerely Health™ has seven dimensions of overall holistic health, they include healthy habits, activity, mindfulness, sleep, mental wellbeing, physical health, and nutrition. These dimensions of health help platform users personalize their health journey to reach their goals.

How to Celebrate Refresh Your Goals Day

  1. Track your goals!

    Use Sincerely Health to track your goals and get back on track. The free health and wellness platform is designed to help you eat better, move more and adopt healthy lifestyle habits - all while earning rewards along the way. 

  2. Take a Mindful Eating Challenge

    On Refresh Your Goals Day, challenge yourself to eat mindfully. This means paying attention to your food, savoring each bite, and noticing how your body feels as you eat. Choose foods that support heart health and weight loss, such as berries, nuts, and avocados, and eat them slowly and intentionally. You may be surprised by how much more satisfying and enjoyable your meals become.

  3. Start moving!

    You can begin an active lifestyle by tracking your steps throughout the day. Daily walks are one of the most effective ways to get enough physical activity daily. You can also set specific exercise days and check their completion at the end of the week.  Though achieving a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, Sincerely Health is here to help you track your process and motivate you. Though achieving a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, Sincerely HealthTM is here to help you track your process and motivate you.

5 Wellbeing Benefits By Sincerely Health

  1. Eat Better

    Learn about mindful eating and lifestyle diets and choose foods that support your needs.

  2. Live Better

    See how behavior and lifestyle choices can impact your health. Define your goals, track progress via connected devices, and gain actionable insights.

  3. Feel Better

    Manage prescriptions and refills, stay up to date on vaccines, and connect virtually with healthcare providers, all from the enhanced pharmacy experience.

  4. Track your goals

    Tracking your progress can help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your health goals. Using a journal, app, or fitness tracker to monitor your progress can help you achieve your goals.

  5. Get Rewarded

    Receive grocery coupons for actions like creating an account, linking your pharmacy account, and more. You can also earn Healthy Points for progressing through goals and completing other healthy activities, which can be redeemed for more grocery discounts.

Why We Love Refresh Your Goals Day

  1. Renewed Motivation

    Refresh Your Goals Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on our personal health and wellness goals, and rekindle our motivation to pursue them. By taking a moment to reset and realign our focus, we can approach our goals with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

  2. Be healthy, be happy!

    Healthy people are happier, more productive, and tend to experience a higher quality of life. According to The Positive Psychology Center, “striving for well-being will allow you to perform better at work, have better relationships, a stronger immune system, fewer sleep problems, lower levels of burnout, [and] better physical health.”

  3. You can inspire others to improve their health

    The more you take care of yourself, the more your friends and family will notice and will ask you for advice on health, nutrition, or what you do to stay active. They might even ask to join your journey! Taking care of your health can encourage those around you to do the same.

Refresh Your Goals Day dates

2025April 19Saturday
2026April 19Sunday
2027April 19Monday
2028April 19Wednesday
2029April 19Thursday

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