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FriApr 19

National Amaretto Day – April 19, 2024

National Amaretto Day on April 19, is a super exciting holiday celebrating one of the world’s most beloved liqueurs — Amaretto! The rich classic Italian almond-flavored drink, which has proudly delighted countless taste buds for centuries, gets its name from the Italian word ‘amaro’-bitter, amaretto translated, “a little bitter.” Sometimes made from a blend of apricot kernels, bitter almonds, peach stones, or almonds, amaretto traces its origin to Saronno. The sweet almondy treat with a tinge of vanilla and slightly bitter aftertaste comes with a world of goodness, spicing foods and drinks with its unique flavor.

History of National Amaretto Day

An unforgettable, sophisticated fusion of the finest ingredients, amaretto provides the perfect spice for a lazy day. Enjoyed neat or used to spice up desserts, like ice cream, added to cake, cookies, pancake, fruits, or as sauce toppings, it, however, earns repute as a major ingredient for cocktails, namely the classic Amaretto Sour.

While Amaretto didn’t hit the United States until the 1960s (becoming hugely popular by the 1970s to even grab a seat as the second-most popular liquor in the 1980s in the United States), legend has its history interestingly carved out in the 16th century.

Although the certainty of amaretto’s true origin is somewhat shrouded in mystery, with two families laying claim to the popular liqueur. According to the more widely accepted legend, Amaretto traces its origin to Saronno, Italy. In 1525, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie contracted Bernardino Luini, a student of the famed painter, sculptor, architect, and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci, to paint a fresco — the Adoration of the Magi, including the Madonna of the Miracles. A beautiful widowed innkeeper served as his muse and the pair along the line had a thing and she decided to show her love by gifting Luini a special drink, a delicious treat made from apricot kernels soaked in brandy that would go down memory lane as the first-ever amaretto drink, handed down from generations. From Amaretto di Saronno Originale, shortened to Amaretto Disaronno, and Disaronno Originale in 2001 — although the company name has changed over the years, its distinct taste continues to win hearts over.

National Amaretto Day timeline

3,000 B.C.
Almonds’ Origin

Almonds, a major ingredient of the Amaretto, traces its history back thousands of years in the western parts of Asia and China, rumored to be among the world's first domesticated trees — bitter and acidic, unlike what we have today.

The Disaronno Amaretto Original is Created

The original version of the liqueur, somewhat bitter as compared with today's, is created by a young widow who poses for Bernardino Luini, an artist from Leonardo da Vinci's School of art.

The Cardinal of Milan is Gifted Cookies

In the second legend, a young Lazzaroni couple seek a worthy gift for the Cardinal of Milan who honors them with his presence in their home, and they come up with their famous amaretti cookies, also known as Amaretti Di Saronno.

The Commercial Production of Amaretto Begins

After a member of the Reina family discovers the long-lost recipe in the 1600s, they commercialize it.

Amaretto's Popularity Spreads

Many thanks to Disaronno's marketing campaign, the love for amaretto spreads across Europe and the U.S.

National Amaretto Day FAQs

What kind of alcohol is in amaretto?

It’s nutty, sweet, and almond-flavored.

Are 'liquor' and 'liqueur' the same?

There are both distilled spirits containing alcohol, but liquor doesn’t have a sweet taste and usually serves as a base for drinks, while liqueurs are sweet and are merely flavoring agents.

How did National Amaretto Day come about?

Although the records do not pinpoint exactly, National Amaretto Day is said to have originated in America where the liqueur began appearing for sale in the 1940s.

National Amaretto Day Activities

  1. Treat yourself to an amaretto

    Oh, so good! What better way to celebrate this delicious holiday than reveling in the unique taste of the world-famous Italian liqueur? Offering an array of exciting options from cocktails to baking, coffee, desserts, an amaretto treat will never bore you.

  2. Whip up your very own

    Don't fret; there's nothing to it! This homemade treat is absolutely delicious and easy to pull off. You could try out the classic amaretto sour cocktail: mix 1 1/2 ounces of amaretto, 3/4 fresh lemon juice, 1 ounce of simple syrup, 1 egg white in a cocktail shaker or blender, with ice, strain, garnished with cherries, and serve chilled.

  3. Celebrate with #NationalAmarettoDay

    It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the amaretto treat, which has delighted taste buds across the world, leaving us with sweet sweet memories. Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #NationalAmarettoDay and make the day count.

5 Super Awesome Facts About Amaretto

  1. Amaretto contradicts itself

    The name is derived from the Italian ‘amaro,’ which means “bitter, from the almond flavor,” although the liqueur is sweet.

  2. Amaretto weighs high on the calorie scale

    Said to be mostly carbohydrate with a hint of vitamins and minerals and consumed as an after-dinner treat, an ounce of amaretto has 110 calories, so you're advised to consume in moderation.

  3. Disaronno Originale Amaretto cost $30

    To enjoy one of the world's most preferred liquors with its distinct almond flavor, an average of $30 will do.

  4. The world's most expensive liquor

    Luxury and cheap are never synonymous, and the D'Amalfi Limoncello Supreme liquor valued at £27,000,000.00 is proof — the neck of the bottle features three single, thirteen-carat diamonds and the rarest of diamonds, 18.5 carats.

  5. It comes with loads of benefits

    Amaretto, when consumed in moderation, is said to help lower stress and anxiety as well as reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Why We Love National Amaretto Day

  1. It comes with a world of goodness

    Used to spice many meals with its strong flavor, including ice cream, brownies, coffee, cheesecake, and chocolate chips. The rich taste of almonds in amaretto, often employed as a cocktail mixer, helps to transform an otherwise bland meal into an instant winner

  2. It reminds us to take our health seriously

    Although high in calories, this bittersweet liquor is rumored to help lower the risk of stroke, as well as reduce anxiety. With its bitter taste, it sounds off a warning about too much sweetness and the accompanying headaches, often linked to obesity and heart disease, among other dangerous health issues.

  3. It's the perfect after-dinner treat

    National Amaretto Day presents the perfect opportunity to explore the wonders of this versatile liqueur that can be used in a variety of delights as well as gives a hint to the classic Italian dessert Tiramisu.

National Amaretto Day dates

2024April 19Friday
2025April 19Saturday
2026April 19Sunday
2027April 19Monday
2028April 19Wednesday

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