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FriApr 19

National Dog Parent Appreciation Day – April 19, 2024

National Dog Parent Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on April 19. This day is dedicated to all the incredible, hard-working dog parents who look after their pups with great care and responsibility. While being a dog parent is one of the greatest joys in the world, it is also a time-consuming and detail-oriented task that is no easy feat. We must use this day to appreciate those who fulfill the responsibilities and challenges of being a dog parent and give beautiful, wholesome lives to the pups of the world.

History of National Dog Parent Appreciation Day

While it is challenging to pinpoint the exact period that dogs came into existence, it is safe to say that they have been around for centuries. Dogs are believed to be descendants of ancient wolves and continue to have a resemblance with modern-day wolves.

The domestication of dogs, however, did not come into place right at the beginning of their existence. Canine domestication began between 27,000 and 40,000 years ago, as feral wolves are thought to have been drawn to human settlements to scavenge for leftover food. They began to travel alongside nomads over time, and a sort of natural selection for domestication emerged. According to studies, China, the Middle East, and Europe were among the first regions to domesticate modern-day dogs.

Since then, dogs have carved out a unique place for themselves in society and our hearts. They serve as emotional support, protectors, and even family members for us. They require care and attention in exchange for all the love and joy they bring into our lives, and this is where the dog parents come into the picture.

From rigid food restrictions and schedules to uncontrollable and often unpredictable bathroom habits, dogs need their human parents to remain disciplined and healthy. Ensuring your dog is groomed regularly and doesn’t eat anything that they are not supposed to can be tedious and requires significant time and effort from the dog’s parents. This can be even more challenging for the parents who work and have to spend substantial time away from home. Being a dog parent is a lot of responsibility and requires sufficient time, energy, and resources. National Dog Parent Appreciation Day is a day to remind these parents that their love and energy are appreciated by all and that they deserve all the puppy snuggles in the world for their hard work.

National Dog Parent Appreciation Day timeline

27,000 — 40,000 Years Ago
Dogs Become Friends

Canine domestication takes place.

Post-World War II
Dogs Become Pets

Pet dogs become increasingly common with suburbanization.

Dogs Give Emotional Support

The Americans With Disabilities Act recognizes dogs as service animals.

National Dog Parent Appreciation Day

Dr. Marty Goldstein declares April 19 as National Dog Parent Appreciation Day.

National Dog Parent Appreciation Day FAQs

Is there a day for dog moms?

Yes, the second Saturday of May every year is observed as National Dog Mom Day in the United States of America.

Do dogs get a day to be appreciated?

While our furry friends must be showered with appreciation every day, August 26 is celebrated as National Dog Appreciation Day.

Do dogs love their owners?

Yes, according to experts, dogs can love humans and each other. Dogs are also protective towards their owners and miss them in their absence.

National Dog Parent Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Appreciate dog parents

    Whether you are a dog parent yourself or know someone who is, take this day to let them know they are valued and appreciated. It can be personalized, however big or small of a greeting you want — it’s the thought that counts!

  2. Spend the day with your dog children

    As a dog parent, there is nothing quite like seeing your four-legged child happy and healthy. Use this day to spend some quality time with your furry kid and immerse yourself in the joy of being a nurturing dog parent.

  3. Share your story

    Share your National Dog Parent Appreciation Day content or dog parenting anecdotes on social media. Use the hashtag #ProudDogParents to join the national celebration.

5 Interesting Facts About Our Pup Pals

  1. They have an exceptional sense of smell

    Dogs can smell 40 times better than human beings.

  2. They are super athletic

    Dogs can be better swimmers than humans at times.

  3. They are quick

    Some dogs are capable of outrunning cheetahs.

  4. They make a choice

    Dogs have a dominant left or right paw, just like humans.

  5. They have amazing hearing

    Dogs can hear frequencies that are substantially higher and lower than what humans can hear.

Why We Love National Dog Parent Appreciation Day

  1. Dog parents are caring

    It is nothing short of magnificent to devote one's time to the love and care of furry pals. Dog parents look after their pet’s needs by becoming in tune with their mannerisms and behaviors and detecting what is needed. They put genuine care into the bringing up of their dogs, and that deserves recognition.

  2. Dog parents work hard

    Dog parenting is rarely appreciated for the effort that it entails. It is a job that has no days off and requires the parents to work tirelessly day after day to provide their dogs with healthy and happy lives full of joy.

  3. Dog parents are responsible

    There are quite a few things that dogs can’t eat and habits that need to be followed diligently. From regular walks to daily brushing and cleaning, if dogs aren’t looked after properly, they can have serious health issues. Dog parents ensure that their dogs are clean, healthy, and well-fed to live to their fullest potential.

National Dog Parent Appreciation Day dates

2024April 19Friday
2025April 19Saturday
2026April 19Sunday
2027April 19Monday
2028April 19Wednesday

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