Dog Holidays

At National Today, we are big fans of dogs. BIG fans. All of the good boys and girls around the world deserve every opportunity to be celebrated, which is why we have nearly 50 opportunities to do so. Not only are dogs the purest, sweetest creatures around, they can also serve very important military and health-related duties that help humans every day. In other words, we don’t deserve dogs, but we’re going to delegate holidays in their honor, anyway!

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Jan 14 Tuesday
National Dress Up Your Pet Day, ,
Jan 23 Thursday
World Spay Day, , ,
Feb 3 Monday
Doggy Date Night, , ,
National Golden Retriever Day,
Feb 22 Saturday
National Walking the Dog Day, , ,
Feb 23 Sunday
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, ,
National Dog Biscuit Day, ,
Mar 3 Tuesday
National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, , ,
Mar 13 Friday
National K9 Veterans Day,
Mar 23 Monday
National Puppy Day,
Apr 10 Friday
National Hug Your Dog Day,
Apr 11 Saturday
National Pet Day, ,
Apr 21 Tuesday
National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day,
Apr 29 Wednesday
International Guide Dog Day, ,
Jun 20 Saturday
Ugliest Dog Day, , ,
Jun 26 Friday
National Take Your Dog to Work Day, , ,
Jul 31 Friday
National Mutt Day, , , ,
Aug 1 Saturday
DOGust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, ,
Aug 5 Wednesday
Work Like a Dog Day, ,
Aug 10 Monday
National Spoil Your Dog Day,
Aug 15 Saturday
International Homeless Animals Day, , , ,
Aug 26 Wednesday
National Dog Day, ,
Sep 13 Sunday
National Pet Memorial Day, ,
Sep 23 Wednesday
National Dogs in Politics Day, ,
Oct 1 Thursday
National Black Dog Day, ,
National Fire Pup Day, , ,
Oct 17 Saturday
National Fetch Day,
Oct 26 Monday
National Pit Bull Awareness Day,
Nov 1 Sunday
National Cook For Your Pets Day, , , ,
Dec 2 Wednesday
National Mutt Day,
National Train Your Dog Month,
Unchain a Dog Month, ,
Walk Your Dog Month, , ,
Dog Training Education Month, , ,
Pet Dental Health Month, ,
Responsible Pet Owners Month, ,
National Pet Month, , ,
May 1-7
National Pet Week, , , ,
Aug 2-8
International Assistance Dog Week
Animal Pain Awareness Month, , ,
Sep 20-26
​Deaf Dog Awareness Week, ,
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month