Food Holidays

If you’re looking for an excuse to cheat on your diet, we have just the thing. National Today has 187 food holidays, ranging from National Pie Day (Jan. 23) to National Fried Chicken Day (Jul. 6), and every sweet, savory, and saliva-inducing treat in between.

Jan. 4National Spaghetti DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 5National Whipped Cream DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 6National Bean DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 11National Milk DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 14National Hot Pastrami Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 16National Fig Newton DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 19National Popcorn DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 20National Cheese Lover's DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 22National Blonde Brownie DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 23National Pie DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 24National Peanut Butter DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 27National Chocolate Cake DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 30National Croissant DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 4National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 6National Frozen Yogurt DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 7National Fettuccine Alfredo DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 9National Bagel DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 9National Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 12National Plum Pudding DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 13National Tortellini DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 16National Almond DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 20National Muffin DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 21National Sticky Bun DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 23National Chili DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 24National Tortilla Chip DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 25National Clam Chowder DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 26National Pistachio DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 27National Pancake DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 28National Chocolate Souffle DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 1National Peanut Butter Lover's DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 6National Frozen Food DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 6National Oreo Cookie DayBrand, FoodU.S.
Mar. 7National Cereal DayFood, Health, Pop CultureU.S.
Mar. 9National Meatball DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 10National Pack Your Lunch DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Mar. 14National Potato Chip DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 16National Artichoke DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 17National Corn Dog DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 19National Poultry DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 21National French Bread DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 24National Cheesesteak DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 25International Waffle DayFoodWorld
Mar. 26National Spinach DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 27National Spanish Paella DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 2National Peanut Butter and Jelly DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 5National Burrito DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 5National Deep Dish Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 8National Empanada DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 12National Grilled Cheese Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 13National Make Lunch Count DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Apr. 17National Cheeseball DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 19National Garlic DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 22National Jelly Bean DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 24National Pigs in a Blanket DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 26National Pretzel DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 27National Prime Rib DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 29National Shrimp Scampi DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 30National Raisin DayFoodU.S.
May 5National Hoagie DayFoodU.S.
May 10National Shrimp DayFoodU.S.
May 11National Eat What You Want DayFoodU.S.
May 13International Hummus DayFoodU.S.
May 13National Apple Pie DayFoodU.S.
May 13National Fruit Cocktail DayFoodU.S.
May 14National Buttermilk Biscuit DayFoodU.S.
May 15National Chocolate Chip DayFoodU.S.
May 17National Walnut DayFoodU.S.
May 18National Pizza Party DayFoodU.S.
May 19National Devil's Food Cake DayFoodU.S.
May 23National Taffy DayFoodU.S.
May 28National Brisket DayFoodU.S.
May 28National Hamburger DayFoodU.S.
May 31National Macaroon DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 1National Olive DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 2National Donut DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 3National Egg DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 4National Cheese DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 7National Chocolate Ice Cream DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 11National Corn on the Cob DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 16National Fudge DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 17National Eat Your Vegetables DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 18International Sushi DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 22National Onion Ring DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 26National Chocolate Pudding DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 28National Tapioca DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 6National Fried Chicken DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 7National Strawberry Sundae DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 9National Sugar Cookie DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 12National Eat Your Jello DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 13National French Fry DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 14National Mac and Cheese DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 16National Corn Fritter DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 16National Ice Cream DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 18National Caviar DayFoodWorld
Jul. 19National Hot Dog DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 20National Lollipop DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 21National Junk Food DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 24National Drive-Thru DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 25National Hot Fudge Sundae DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 26National Chili Dog DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 28National Milk Chocolate DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 29National Chicken Wing DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 29National Lasagna DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 30National Cheesecake DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 2National Ice Cream Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 3National Watermelon DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 4National Chocolate Chip Cookie DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 4National Mustard DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 18National Fajita DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 19National Potato DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 20National Lemonade DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 23National Sponge Cake DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 24National Waffle DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 25National Banana Split DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 29National Lemon Juice DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 31National Trail Mix DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 2World Coconut DayFoodWorld
Sep. 5National Cheese Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 13National Peanut DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 15National Linguine DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 16National Guacamole DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 18National Cheeseburger DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 20National Pepperoni Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 22National Ice Cream Cone DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 24National Cherries Jubilee DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 25National Cooking DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Sep. 25National Lobster DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 26National Pancake DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 1International Coffee DayFoodWorld
Oct. 1National Homemade Cookies DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 1World Vegetarian DayFoodWorld
Oct. 4National Crunchy Taco DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 4National Taco DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 6National Noodle DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 8National Pierogi DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 11National Sausage Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 14National Dessert DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 17National Pasta DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 18National Chocolate Cupcake DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 21International Day of the NachoFoodWorld
Oct. 22National Nut DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 23National Boston Cream Pie DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 24National Bologna DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 25National Greasy Foods DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 25World Pasta DayFoodWorld
Oct. 26National Pumpkin DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 28National Chocolate DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 1National Men Make Dinner DayFood, RelationshipsU.S.
Nov. 1National Vinegar DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 3National Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 4National Candy DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 6National Nachos DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 10National Vanilla Cupcake DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 11National Sundae DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 14National Pickle DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 21National Stuffing DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 26National Cake DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 28National French Toast DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 29National Lemon Cream Pie DayFoodU.K.
Dec. 4National Cookie DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 6National Gazpacho DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 8National Brownie DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 9National Pastry DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 12National Gingerbread House DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Dec. 13National Ice Cream DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 15National Cupcake DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 16National Chocolate Covered Anything DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 17National Maple Syrup DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 19National Hard Candy DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 22National Cookie Exchange DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Dec. 27National Fruitcake DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 30National Bacon DayFoodU.S.
JanuaryNational Hot Tea MonthFoodU.S.
JanuaryNational Soup MonthFoodU.S.
FebruaryGreat American Pie MonthFoodU.S.
FebruaryNational Bake For Family Fun MonthFamily, FoodU.S.
FebruaryNational Cherry MonthFoodU.S.
FebruaryNational Grapefruit MonthFoodU.S.
FebruaryNational Hot Breakfast MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Flour MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Frozen Food MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Noodle MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Nutrition MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Peanut MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Sauce MonthFoodU.S.
JuneNational Candy MonthFoodU.S.
JulyNational Ice Cream MonthFoodU.S.
NovemberNational Split Pea Soup WeekFoodU.S.

Where did food holidays come from?

With 187 days in question, the short answer is food holidays come from all over the place.

The aforementioned National Pie Day was created in 1986 by the American Pie Council — a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving America's pie-making traditions— and has taken place every year since. National Men Make Dinner Day (Nov. 1st) was started by Canadian radio host Sandy Sharkey, with an important message about gender roles in mind. And no prizes for guessing the force behind National Oreo Cookie Day (March 6th).

Though culinary holidays come from a mixture of organizations, influencers, and brands, they offer a common message — food unites. Food holidays are an excuse for folks from all cultures and walks of life to bond over a shared palette, and enjoy each other's company.

So throw on your apron, pre-heat your oven, and join us in celebrating the role food plays in good living.

Submit your favorite food holidays

Is there a food holiday you don't see represented in our list? Please shoot over your proposed holiday to our curators, at our holiday submission page. We do ask you to share a little bit of information about the holiday before we accept the tip. Has the holiday received previous coverage? Is it shared on social media? If your holiday makes the grade, we'd love to hear from you!

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