May 5th holidays

May 5th is the 125th day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the dissolving of the Confederate government in Georgia and the celebrating of the first Memorial Day in the U.S. Famous May 5th birthdays include Vincent Kartheiser, Henry Cavill, Adele, and Chris Brown. May 5th also marks Cinco de Mayo and National Hoagie Day.

We have 8 holidays listed for May 5.


Cinco de Mayo

It's Cinco De Mayo, which means: tacos, margaritas, fun and fiesta!


National Hoagie Day

Head to the deli for a hoagie. Or a sub. Or a grinder. Or a hero.


Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag)

Celebrate by learning about the Netherlands’ important WWII history.


National Astronaut Day

Do not go gentle into that good night as National Astronaut Day is at hand.


National Cartoonists Day

Read about this day's history, check out five famous cartoons, and much more, right here!


National Day of Prayer

Learn why America’s founding fathers play an important part.


National Day of Reason

This is a secular holiday, established as a response to the National Day of Prayer.


World Password Day

Still using your cat's name followed by an "&" for your 401(k) account password?