Niki Demartino

Niki DeMartino, born on May 5, 1995, started her career as a fashion YouTuber, creating content about makeup and styling. Her unique style and appearance have landed her millions of fashion-conscious fans worldwide. She started her first channel, “00RemakeGirls” with her sisters and friends, and it became a big success. Later, she teamed up with her twin to create the “Niki and Gabi” YouTube channel, which also became very popular. DeMar later went on her own to create a vlog so she could have total control of her content. We’ll help you celebrate this fabulous fashionista right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Nicola Teresa DeMartino


Niki DeMar

Birth date:

May 5, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Nicola's Social Media:


Niki DeMartino was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her father is Jeffrey DeMartino and her mother is Nelida Garcia DeMartino — her parents are dentists. As a child, DeMartino wanted to become a singer, so she learned to play the violin and piano and teamed up with her sister to sing at talent shows. Her career as a YouTuber started in 2011, long before YouTube content creation became a popular activity for people, and she and her sister were mocked. The channel she shares with her sister, “Niki and Gabi,” was created in 2012, and while she moved on to develop her independent channel, it has not been as successful as the jointly-owned one. The slow growth of her separate channel has made her unhappy, and has affected her self-esteem. She has battled mental health problems, but she keeps forging ahead relentlessly.

On a personal note, DeMartino is bisexual. She was accepted by her parents and family but being bisexual and a pioneer YouTuber in a conservative Pennsylvanian society was difficult. This situation was made even more difficult by her personality as a people-pleaser.

DeMartino has become a popular name not only in the YouTube fashion sphere but in music too. Her hipster style, humor, and voice differentiate her from her twin, Gabi, and she has made millions of fans fall in love with her. She teamed up with her sister to release their first single, ‘We Are Not Over,’ in 2014, and they went on to release many amazing songs. But DeMartino always craved her independence so that she could do things her way. So she branched out and released her first solo single, ‘Hold On,’ in 2016. She dropped her first album, “Nights alone,” in 2021.

Career timeline

She Starts Her Career as a YouTuber

She teams up with her sister and tries YouTube for the first time.

They Launch “Niki and Gabi”

After experiencing success with their first channel, she teams up with her twin to create a second channel.

The Duo Release a Single

She teams up with her sister to drop their debut single, ‘We are Not Over.’

She Goes Solo

After two decades of pleasing others, she drops her first album, “Nights Alone.”

Why We Love Niki Demartino

  1. DeMartino cares about the environment

    She once held a garage sale with her friends and donated the proceeds to 4Ocean, an organization that removes trash from oceans. She cares about our planet and marine life.

  2. She worked her way to the top

    She got to where she is today by being true to herself and staying committed. She consistently worked hard.

  3. She is winning against mental illness

    She has had struggles with her self-esteem and bipolar disorder. However, she is taking on life one battle at a time and has learned to love herself.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a fraternal twin

    While many people assume she’s an identical twin to Gabi, she isn't.

  2. She loves ice cream

    Although she tries to maintain a healthy diet, she indulges in ice cream whenever she can.

  3. She was bullied in high school

    Fame came with jealousy for the YouTuber, and she suffered bullying from jealous kids.

  4. She is independent

    She is not affiliated with any music label, and she finances her music career herself.

  5. She lost her best friend

    Kimmy, her best friend, lost the battle with cancer in 2019.

Niki Demartino FAQs

Is Niki older than Gabi?

They are twin sisters, and this makes them age mates. However, Niki is six minutes older than Gabi.

Who is Niki DeMartino’s best friend?

Danielle Pfeiffer is her best friend, and they have been friends since they were eighth graders.

Who is Niki DeMartino married to?

She is not dating anyone at the moment.

Niki Demartino’s birthday dates

2025May 5Monday
2026May 5Tuesday
2027May 5Wednesday
2028May 5Friday
2029May 5Saturday

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