The results are in: we love animal holidays! And with 78 different animal holidays in the year, there’s plenty of love to go around. Whether we’re celebrating our cute and fluffy (and sometimes hairless) dogs, cats, reptiles, and hedgehogs that we spoil at home or the raccoons, squirrels, bisons, and insects that we admire from afar, all animals deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we’ve got a few days, weeks, and months set aside specifically to show our furry, scaly, feathery, and spiky friends some extra love.

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Jan 2 Thursday
Happy Mew Year for Cats Day,
Jan 5 Sunday
National Bird Day,
Jan 14 Tuesday
National Dress Up Your Pet Day, ,
Jan 20 Monday
National Penguin Day
Jan 21 Tuesday
National Squirrel Appreciation Day,
Jan 22 Wednesday
National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, ,
Jan 23 Thursday
World Spay Day, , ,
Feb 2 Sunday
National Hedgehog Day
Feb 3 Monday
Doggy Date Night, , ,
National Golden Retriever Day,
Feb 20 Thursday
National Love Your Pet Day,
Feb 22 Saturday
National Walking the Dog Day, , ,
Feb 23 Sunday
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, ,
National Dog Biscuit Day, ,
Mar 3 Tuesday
National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, , ,
Mar 13 Friday
National K9 Veterans Day,
Mar 16 Monday
National Panda Day,
Mar 23 Monday
National Puppy Day,
Mar 28 Saturday
Respect Your Cat Day
Apr 6 Monday
National Siamese Cat Day,
Apr 10 Friday
National Hug Your Dog Day,
Apr 11 Saturday
National Pet Day, ,
Apr 21 Tuesday
National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day,
Apr 29 Wednesday
International Guide Dog Day, ,
Jun 4 Thursday
National Hug Your Cat Day, ,
Jun 20 Saturday
Ugliest Dog Day, , ,
Jun 22 Monday
National Take Your Cat to Work Day, ,
Jun 26 Friday
National Take Your Dog to Work Day, , ,
Jul 10 Friday
National Kitten Day, , ,
Jul 14 Tuesday
Cow Appreciation Day,
Jul 15 Wednesday
National Pet Fire Safety Day, ,
Jul 31 Friday
National Mutt Day, , , ,
Aug 1 Saturday
DOGust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, ,
Aug 5 Wednesday
Work Like a Dog Day, ,
Aug 8 Saturday
International Cat Day,
Aug 10 Monday
National Spoil Your Dog Day,
Aug 15 Saturday
International Homeless Animals Day, , , ,
Aug 17 Monday
National Black Cat Appreciation Day
Aug 22 Saturday
National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
Aug 26 Wednesday
National Dog Day, ,
Aug 30 Sunday
National Holistic Pet Day
Sep 4 Friday
​National Wildlife Day
Sep 17 Thursday
National Pet Bird Day , ,
Sep 19 Saturday
National Meow Like a Pirate Day
Sep 23 Wednesday
National Dogs in Politics Day, ,
Sep 26 Saturday
National Bunny Day
Sep 28 Monday
World Rabies Day
Oct 1 Thursday
National Black Dog Day, ,
National Fire Pup Day, , ,
Oct 4 Sunday
World Animal Day, ,
Oct 14 Wednesday
National Pet Obesity Day,
Oct 16 Friday
National Feral Cat Day
Global Cat Day,
Oct 17 Saturday
National Fetch Day,
Oct 20 Tuesday
International Sloth Day
Oct 21 Wednesday
National Reptile Awareness Day
National Reptile Day
Oct 26 Monday
National Pit Bull Awareness Day,
Oct 27 Tuesday
National Black Cat Day,
Oct 29 Thursday
National Cat Day,
Nov 1 Sunday
National Cook For Your Pets Day, , , ,
Nov 7 Saturday
National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day
National Bison Day
Dec 2 Wednesday
National Mutt Day,
Dec 9 Wednesday
National Llama Day
Dec 13 Sunday
National Horse Day, ,
National Train Your Dog Month,
Unchain a Dog Month, ,
Walk Your Dog Month, , ,
Dog Training Education Month, , ,
National Cat Health Month, ,
Pet Dental Health Month, ,
Responsible Pet Owners Month, ,
National Pet Month, , ,
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, ,
May 1-7
National Pet Week, , , ,
National Hug Your Cat Day, ,
Jul 18-26
National Moth Week,
Aug 2-8
International Assistance Dog Week
Animal Pain Awareness Month, , ,
Sep 20-26
​Deaf Dog Awareness Week, ,