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SunJul 7

National Koi Day – July 7, 2024

National Koi Day is celebrated on July 7 every year. It’s a special day of the year that is dedicated to the Japanese Koi fish. This holiday is held to fully devote attention and time to appreciate the beauty of Koi fish, an outlandish species associated with many important and meaningful stories and traditions, which have long been celebrated by its native people.

Anyone can join the celebration. It is a day of celebration for people who love fish and Japanese culture, scientists, researchers, or even just the curious ones.

History of National Koi Day

Koi, or more precisely Nishikigoi, is a colorful variety of Amur carp, which is bred in open water from koi or water gardens for decorative purposes. There are many varieties of ornamental koi, which originated from the breeding that began in Niigata, Japan, in the early 19th century. The Japanese recognize several species with differing colors, patterns, and scales. Some basic colors are white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, brown, and cream. Gosanke is the most popular category of koi.

Carp are a large group of fish that can be found in Central Europe and Asia. Different types of carp were first domesticated in East Asia and were used as food. Carp are cold-water fish, and their ability to survive and adapt to many climatic and aquatic conditions has allowed domesticated species to breed in many new locations, including Japan. Natural mutations in the color of these carp have occurred in all populations. In the texts of the Jin Dynasty, carp of different colors are mentioned. It was first bred for color mutation in China more than a thousand years ago, where selective breeding of colored varieties led to the development of goldfish.

Amur carp is a representative of a complex of species of the carp family native to East Asia. Amur carp was previously identified as a subspecies of common carp but has recently been considered a separate species called Cyprinus rubrofuscus. Since the fifth century B.C., Chinese people have been eating Amur carp.

National Koi Day timeline

720 A.D.
The Oldest Mention of Colored Carp

It is mentioned in the book by Japanese historian Nihon Shoki, “Chronicles of Japan.”

Ornamental Amur Carp

Systematic breeding begins in Ojiya and Yamakoshi in the Niigata Prefecture in Japan.

The Growing Interest in Koi

The reason for this growing interest is the annual exhibition in Tokyo, which exhibits koi Niigata.

National Koi Day

It is founded by Koi Market Aquatic Gardens.

National Koi Day FAQs

Where is National Koi Day celebrated?

National Koi Day is celebrated in the United States.

Do Koi have any symbolic meaning?

Koi has an important symbolic meaning in China and Japan. Traditional history tells of the persistence and determination of the koi fish, which swam against the current for a hundred years and jumped out of the water before finally turning into a dragon.

What does koi symbolize in Japan?

In Japanese culture, koi symbolize many good qualities like strength, courage, and patience.

National Koi Day Activities

  1. Learn about Koi

    National Koi Day is designed to raise awareness of koi fish. You can celebrate this day by taking the time to learn about koi and its connection to Japanese culture.

  2. Visit the National Koi Show

    The main purpose of the koi show is to promote koi education, from hobbies to the latest information on keeping and improving koi. It’s a good idea to celebrate National Koi Day by looking at different types of koi fish and how they compare in color and size.

  3. Buy your first koi

    The best way to get to know a fish better is to take care of it. So, grab some money and run to Koi Market. Your Koi is already waiting for you!

5 Facts About Carp That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. There are three main types of carp

    It is a common carp, mirror carp, and leather carp.

  2. They are easy to identify

    The carp usually has two whiskers on each side of the mouth, a toothless mouth, and a larger upper lip than the lower.

  3. Carp are bottom feeders

    They feed themselves, looking for food at the bottom of the lake.

  4. They live in muddy waters

    Carp usually prefer warmer water with muddy beds.

  5. Carp are an invasive species

    They have this status because their presence reduces the quality of water.

Why We Love National Koi Day

  1. It has a long history

    Interest in koi can be traced back to 1914. National Koi Day celebrates the popularity that this fish species has gained through the years.

  2. We love koi

    These are amazing fish that often remind us of our favorite cartoon. The spirit of something fabulous and unreal emanates from them. This is the perfect day to celebrate our love for them.

  3. A day for awareness

    Most people have not even heard of a fish like a koi. There is no better day to share knowledge about koi than National Koi Day.

National Koi Day dates

2024July 7Sunday
2025July 7Monday
2026July 7Tuesday
2027July 7Wednesday
2028July 7Friday

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