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Tynwald Day – July 5, 2024

Tynwald Day is the national day of the Isle of Man and is observed on July 5, unless the date falls on a Saturday or Sunday. If it falls on a weekend, Tynwald day will be observed on the following Monday. The members of Tynwald, the Isle of Man’s legislature, proceed to Tynwald Hill after a religious ceremony. After these proceedings, the members will return to the Royal Chapel where a formal sitting of Tynwald takes place. This meeting dates back to the 10th Century and is known as the ‘Midsummer Court.’ The Promulgation of the Acts takes place on Tynwald Day and the promulgation is certified at the sitting of Tynwald at the village of St. John’s. A Petition for Redress may be presented by anyone who approaches Tynwald Hill. The petitions can be taken up by members and put to parliament.

History of Tynwald Day

Tynwald Day is a ceremony that has remained consistent and unchanged for over thousands of years and no other parliament has such an unbroken record. The annual outdoor sittings of Tynwald are said to date back to the eighth century A.D. when the Viking settlements were first established. Some claims date its origins back to 979 A.D., making it the world’s longest continuous parliament.

In 800 A.D., Norsemen arrived at Mann and ruled the Island for four-and-a-half centuries. In 1266 they ceded it to the King of Scotland. Their unique administrative system remains unchanged even though the Island’s ownership had changed. Tynwald hosted a year-long festival to celebrate its millennium in 1979. They built a replica of a Viking longship to honor the Norse voyages from Norway to the Isle of Man. Originally Tynwald Day was held on June 24, which is Midsummer’s Day and the feast day of John the Baptist. In 1753 they replaced the Julian Calendar with the Gregorian Calendar. This made a difference of 11 days, but they retained the Julian Calendar for determining Tynwald Day.

The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency and Her Majesty The Queen is acknowledged as Lord of Mann. King George VI was the first British Sovereign ever to preside at St. Johns, in July 1945. There is no representation of the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom and their laws do not automatically apply to the Isle of Man.

Tynwald Day timeline

9th Century
The Vikings Arrive in Mann

The Norsemen first arrive in Mann.

The Acquisition by Scotland

The Isle of Mann is ceded to the Kingdom of Scotland.

The Laws are Put Into Writing

Sir John Stanley II has the laws of the Isle of Man put into writing.

The British Crown Takes Over

The Island is revested in the British Crown.

Tynwald Celebrates its Millennium

Tynwald celebrates its millennium with a range of festivities.

The Manx National Week

The week of Tynwald Day is commemorated as part of Manx National Week.

Tynwald Day FAQs

What type of institution is the Tynwald in the Isle of Man?

The High Court of Tynwald is the legislature of the Isle of Man.

When was Tynwald founded?

It was said to be founded in the 9th century, but the earliest records date to the 13th Century.

How many members does Tynwald have?

35 members make up the High Court and they are composed of all of the members of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council.

How to Observe Tynwald Day

  1. Research the history of Tynwald Day

    Research the history and customs of Tynwald Day. Do not keep what you learn to yourself, go ahead and share this knowledge.

  2. Watch the livestream

    Watch the live stream of the procession on Tynwald Day. Make this viewing even more enjoyable by inviting friends and family over.

  3. Attend Tynwald Day

    Attend the festivities on the Isle of Man. There is so much to participate in you are bound to have lots of fun.

5 Facts About The Isle Of Man

  1. It plays host to the TT Races

    The Isle of Man hosts the biggest motorcycle race in the world.

  2. Manx is critically endangered

    The Isle of Man has its language called Manx Gaelic and it is critically endangered.

  3. It is a UNESCO Biosphere region

    The Isle of Man is a UNESCO Biosphere region and is the only nation in the world to have been awarded that title.

  4. Manx cats have no tails

    The Manx cat is a breed of cat that comes from the Isle of Man and is tailless.

  5. The Bee Gees are from the Isle of Man

    The popular pop group, the Bee Gees, are all natives of the Isle of Man.

Why Tynwald Day is Important

  1. It has a long interesting history

    Tynwald Day has been a custom for thousands of years. It is a unique way to govern and a history we can be proud of.

  2. The Isle of Man is an interesting country

    The Isle of Man is an interesting country to live in. This day opens up this country to the world and it is fun finding out more about it.

  3. The whole community is involved

    Anyone from the community can be involved and take part in Tynwald Day. We love that it brings people together in a common purpose.

Tynwald Day dates

2022July 5Tuesday
2023July 5Wednesday
2024July 5Friday
2025July 7Monday
2026July 6Monday

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