Civic Holidays

While many civic holidays are particular to a town or a greater region and aren’t typically celebrated at a large scale, it’s important to recognize how meaningful these celebrations or occasions are to the communities they represent. With nearly 30 opportunities to grow awareness and draw recognition with more being added all the time, be sure to let us know about local or municipal civic holidays that are celebrated in your area.

Some of these holidays honor people in essential roles, like nurses, teachers, and the Armed Forces, while others shed light on particular groups that came before us, like National Aboriginal Day. What’s defined as a civic holiday is not always crystal clear, but those closest to them know just how important these days are.

Red Nose Day, , ,
May Day, , ,
National Teacher Day, ,
National Nurses Day,
National Armed Forces Day, , , ,
Harvey Milk Day, , ,
National Maritime Day, ,
Queensland Day, ,
Flag Day, ,
National Aboriginal Day, , , ,
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, , ,
International Day of the Seafarer, , ,
Independence Day, , , ,
New Brunswick Day, , ,
Indian Independence Day, , , ,
Ninoy Aquino Day, ,
Women’s Equality Day, ,
International Day of Charity, ,
Labor Day , , , ,
Patriot Day, , ,
​National Voter Registration Day
National Public Lands Day
National Crush Day
National Neighbor Day
​National First Responders Day, ,
​National Immigrants Day
Daylight Saving Day
National Philanthropy Day,
Keep America Beautiful Month, ,
​Global Diversity Awareness Month, , ,
​Italian-American Heritage Month,