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SatOct 12

National Vermont Day – October 12, 2024

National Vermont Day is celebrated on October 12 every year. The day honors the state’s rich culture through fun and educational activities. Vermont was one of the first states to legally abolish the practice of slavery and gain independence from European settlement. The state’s historical value is immeasurable and should be brought to the forefront. The day encourages us to learn some of the locals’ traditions in celebrating this day, from museum tours, and nature exploration to cooking delicious desserts with Vermont’s maple syrup. Fun and learning go hand in hand in celebrating this special holiday with your friends and family.

History of National Vermont Day

The history of National Vermont Day goes back to 1791 when it officially became the 14th state to join the United States. It also became the first state to join the union after the original 13 states. This was a pinnacle in the history of the Green Mountain State after it was subjected to British and French rule for many years.

After its admission to the union, Vermont has continuously made strides. It became one of the first states to officially ban slavery. On November 25, 1858, the Act to Secure Freedom To All Persons Within The State was signed three years before the American Civil War. Vermonters provided food and shelter to escaped slaves along the Underground Railroad. Vermonters are also known for their resilience. Despite being a newly formed state, they sent soldiers to participate in the Civil War and continuously stood a firm ground against slavery.

National Vermont Day gives a chance to Vermonters to not only celebrate the memorable day of their independence but also pass down the historical value of their state to the younger generation. Honoring the brave men and women who contributed to making Vermont the state it is today is paramount. The 21st-century-Vermont sits in the middle of a lush and scenic backdrop of mountains. While the state couldn’t be any more picturesque, the history behind this beauty is rich. National Vermont Day is the time of the year to honor that.

National Vermont Day timeline

Vermont’s Independence

On January 15, New Hampshire Grants declares the independence of the state of Vermont, which was initially called The Republic of New Connecticut.

The Birth of Vermont

On June 2, Dr. Thomas Young from the Sons of Liberty suggests the name ‘Vermont’ from the French ‘Les verts monts,’ which means ‘green mountains.’

Admission to the U.S.

On March 4, Vermont becomes the 14th state to join the U.S.

Banning Slavery

Vermont becomes one of the first states to officially and legally ban slavery on November 25.

National Vermont Day FAQs

Is it expensive to live in Vermont?

Vermont’s residential cost is approximately 11.5% cheaper than the national average.

How long does winter last in Vermont?

Winter usually starts in November and lasts through March.

Does Vermont have beaches?

While it is a land-locked state, Vermont has approximately 800 lake-side sandy beaches.

National Vermont Day Activities

  1. Explore the scenic views and lush mountains

    As the Green Mountain State, Vermont truly lives up to its name. Enjoy the alluring nature and picturesque views that the state has to offer. Camping, trekking, and hiking are popular activities during National Vermont Day if you want to be one with nature.

  2. Visit museums and historical sites

    If you’re up for a fun yet educational way to spend National Vermont Day, then museums and historical sites are must-visit spots. Learn more about the state’s history by visiting the Shelburne Museum, Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium, and Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home.

  3. Bake sweet treats with local maple syrup

    Vermont is famous for its local maple syrup. Roll up your sleeves, set up your baking equipment, and cook the most delicious treats for your friends and family to enjoy.

5 Interesting Facts About Vermont

  1. Vermont is home to many Hollywood movies

    Movies like “What Lies Beneath,” “Me, Myself, & Irene,” and “The Cider House Rules” were all filmed in Vermont.

  2. Human-cow ratio

    Vermont has one of the highest cattle populations in the U.S., with a 0.41 human to cow ratio.

  3. Second least populated state

    As of 2022, Vermont is the second least populated state in the U.S., just behind Wyoming.

  4. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream origin

    The famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream started at a gas station on Route 7, Shelburne, Vermont, in 1981.

  5. Billboard advertising

    Vermont is one of four states (besides Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine) in the U.S. that does not allow billboard advertising.

Why We Love National Vermont Day

  1. Vermont has pristine and alluring nature

    National Vermont Day gives the state a chance to boost its tourism industry. It’s time for Vermont to be acknowledged as one of the most scenic states in the U.S.

  2. Celebrating the excellent food industry

    Vermonters offer the best food you can serve on a holiday like this. From excellent cheeses, and delicious maple syrup to their very own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We promise that you, your friends, and your family will never run out of delectable selections.

  3. It passes down history to the new generation

    Historic preservation is important in education. National Vermont Day is the chance for children to learn about the state’s history and how Vermonters played a pivotal role in the American Civil War.

National Vermont Day dates

2024October 12Saturday
2025October 12Sunday
2026October 12Monday
2027October 12Tuesday
2028October 12Thursday

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