National Farmers Day – October 12, 2019

Sat Oct 12

The profession of farming began around 12,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock as hunter/gatherers settled down and started to plan their own food. In short, farming is one of the oldest jobs around. So lets take a moment this October 12 on National Farmers Day to give some love to all the farmers that work tirelessly to grow our food.

National Farmers Day Activities

  1. Go to a farmers market

    Support your locals by shopping at the local Farmer's Market. Keep in mind that by shopping with small businesses, you are helping that entrepreneur pay for his or her daughter's dance recitals, family vacations, or helping their business expand. You are helping their dream stay alive by avoiding the corporate giants by supporting the little guys.

  2. Plant a garden — start your own mini-farm

    It's National Farmer's Day people! What better way to celebrate than becoming your own Farmer? Plant your own garden for a change! Think of your favorite fruits and veggies. How awesome would it be if they were growing in your backyard?! According to one of the top Kansas City PR Firms, only 2% of Americans grow their own food.

  3. Earn your stripes

    Throw out the sun block, you won't be needing that today. Instead, apply sun tanning lotion and baby oil if you're up for the challenge, then put on your favorite short sleeve shirt. Enjoy the sunny day outdoors and learn the true meaning of a Farmer's Tan.

Why We Love National Farmers Day

  1. Farmers perform one of the world's oldest jobs

    Farming developed independently all over the globe, whether is was farming rice, wheat, bananas, shrimp, almonds, farmers are working tirelessly all over the globe to feed the world.

  2. We owe them our food

    It is hard to imagine a world without having access to fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, there is a group of professionals that dedicate themselves to growing the perfect produce. Farmer's play a vital role in our society by providing us with the luxury of purchasing fruit and vegetables at any given time.

  3. Farmers are dedicated, hard workers

    Deciding to be a farmer is a decision that not many take lightly. Creating a farm requires investment, tons of hard work, equipment, time and a passion for growing food.

National Farmers Day dates
2019October 13Sunday
2020October 13Tuesday
2021October 13Wednesday
2022October 13Thursday
2023October 13Friday