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U.S.-related holidays and content.

Jan. 2National Science Fiction DayPop CultureU.S.
Jan. 3JRR Tolkien DayPop CultureU.S.
Jan. 4National Spaghetti DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 4National Trivia DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 5National Bird DayPetsU.S.
Jan. 5National Whipped Cream DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 6National Bean DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 7National Bobblehead DayPop CultureU.S.
Jan. 8National Bubble Bath DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 9National Law Enforcement Appreciation DayCivicU.S.
Jan. 10National Cut Your Energy Costs DayU.S.
Jan. 10National Houseplant Appreciation DayActivities, EnvironmentalU.S.
Jan. 11National Milk DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 12Kiss a Ginger DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 13National Rubber Ducky DayActivities, Pop CultureU.S.
Jan. 13National Sticker DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 14National Dress Up Your Pet DayPetsU.S.
Jan. 14National Hot Pastrami Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 15Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCause, HistoricalU.S.
Jan. 15National Hat DayFashionU.S.
Jan. 16National Fig Newton DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 17National Hot Buttered Rum DayDrinkingU.S.
Jan. 18National Thesaurus DayEducationU.S.
Jan. 19National Popcorn DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 20National Cheese Lover's DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 21National Hugging DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 21National Squirrel Appreciation DayCauseU.S.
Jan. 22Celebration of Life DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 22National Blonde Brownie DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 23Community Manager Appreciation DayCareerU.S.
Jan. 23National Pie DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 24National Beer Can Appreciation DayDrinkingU.S.
Jan. 24National Peanut Butter DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 25National Opposite DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 26National Spouses DayFamily, RelationshipsU.S.
Jan. 27National Chocolate Cake DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 29National Puzzle DayActivitiesU.S.
Jan. 30National Croissant DayFoodU.S.
Jan. 31National Hot Chocolate DayDrinkingU.S.
Feb. 1National Freedom DayCauseU.S.
Feb. 2Groundhog DayActivitiesU.S.
Feb. 3Doggy Date NightPetsU.S.
Feb. 3National Wear Red DayHealthU.S.
Feb. 4National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 4Super Bowl SundaySportsU.S.
Feb. 5National Weatherperson's DayCareerU.S.
Feb. 6National Frozen Yogurt DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 7National Fettuccine Alfredo DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 7National Send a Card to a Friend DayActivitiesU.S.
Feb. 7National Signing DaySportsU.S.
Feb. 8National Boy Scout DayActivitiesU.S.
Feb. 9National Bagel DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 9National Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 10National Umbrella DayFashionU.S.
Feb. 11National Inventors' DayCareerU.S.
Feb. 12National Clean Out Your Computer DayTechnologyU.S.
Feb. 12National Plum Pudding DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 13Galentine's DayPop CultureU.S.
Feb. 13Mardis GrasHistoricalU.S.
Feb. 13National Tortellini DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 14Valentine's DayRelationshipsU.S.
Feb. 15Singles Awareness DayRelationshipsU.S.
Feb. 16National Almond DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 17Random Act of Kindness DayActivitiesU.S.
Feb. 18National Drink Wine DayDrinkingU.S.
Feb. 19Tug of War DayActivitiesU.S.
Feb. 20National Love Your Pet DayPetsU.S.
Feb. 20National Muffin DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 21National Sticky Bun DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 22National Margarita DayDrinkingU.S.
Feb. 22National Walking the Dog DayPetsU.S.
Feb. 23National Chili DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 24National Tortilla Chip DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 25National Clam Chowder DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 26National Pistachio DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 27National Pancake DayFoodU.S.
Feb. 28National Chocolate Souffle DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 1National Peanut Butter Lover's DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 2National Read Across America DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 4National Grammar DayActivities, EducationU.S.
Mar. 4National Hug a G.I. DayCauseU.S.
Mar. 6National Dentist's DayCareer, HealthU.S.
Mar. 6National Dress DayFashion, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 6National Frozen Food DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 6National Oreo Cookie DayBrand, FoodU.S.
Mar. 7National Be Heard DayCause, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 8National Day of UnpluggingCauseU.S.
Mar. 8National Proofreading DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 9National Barbie DayBrand, Pop Culture, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 9National Meatball DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 10National Landline Telephone DayPop CultureU.S.
Mar. 10National Pack Your Lunch DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Mar. 11National Promposal DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 12National Girl Scout DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 12National Napping DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 13National K9 Veterans DayCause, PetsU.S.
Mar. 14National Pi DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 14National Potato Chip DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 16National Artichoke DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 17National Corn Dog DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 18Awkward Moments DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 20National Proposal DayRelationshipsU.S.
Mar. 21National Common Courtesy DayCivicU.S.
Mar. 21National Fragrance DayFashionU.S.
Mar. 21National French Bread DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 21National Kick Butts DayHealthU.S.
Mar. 22National Goof Off DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 23National Puppy DayPetsU.S.
Mar. 24National Cheesesteak DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 26National Spinach DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 27National Spanish Paella DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 28Respect Your Cat DayPetsU.S.
Mar. 29Major League Baseball Opening DaySportsU.S.
Mar. 29National Mom and Pop Business Owners DayCareer, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 30National Doctors' DayCareer, HealthU.S.
Apr. 1April Fools' DayActivitiesU.S.
Apr. 2National Peanut Butter and Jelly DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 4National Hug a Newsperson DayCareerU.S.
Apr. 4National Walking DayActivities, HealthU.S.
Apr. 5National Burrito DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 5National Deep Dish Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 6National Siamese Cat DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 6National Student-Athlete DaySportsU.S.
Apr. 6New Beer's EveDrinkingU.S.
Apr. 7National Beer DayDrinkingU.S.
Apr. 8National Empanada DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 9National Winston Churchill DayHistoricalU.K., U.S.
Apr. 10National Hug Your Dog DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 10National Siblings DayFamilyU.S.
Apr. 11National Pet DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 12National Grilled Cheese Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 13National Make Lunch Count DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Apr. 14National Ex Spouse DayRelationshipsU.S.
Apr. 17National Cheeseball DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 17Tax DayFinancialU.S.
Apr. 19National Garlic DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 19National High Five DayActivitiesU.S.
Apr. 20National Look-Alike DayRelationshipsU.S.
Apr. 21Husband Appreciation DayFamilyU.S.
Apr. 21National Bulldogs are Beautiful DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 22National Jelly Bean DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 23National Picnic DayActivitiesU.S.
Apr. 24National Pigs in a Blanket DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 25National Telephone DayTechnologyU.S.
Apr. 26National Pretzel DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 27National Day of SilenceCauseU.S.
Apr. 27National Prime Rib DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 28Arbor DayEnvironmentalU.S.
Apr. 28National Superhero DayPop CultureU.S.
Apr. 29National Shrimp Scampi DayFoodU.S.
Apr. 30National Honesty DayActivitiesU.S.
Apr. 30National Raisin DayFoodU.S.
May 1May DayActivities, HistoricalU.S.
May 2National Brothers and Sisters DayFamilyU.S.
May 3National Paranormal DayActivitiesU.S.
May 5Cinco de MayoEthnicU.S.
May 5National Hoagie DayFoodU.S.
May 6International No Diet DayActivitiesU.S.
May 6National Nurses DayCareerU.S.
May 6National Tourist Appreciation DayActivitiesU.S.
May 7National Tourism DayActivitiesU.S.
May 8National Have a Coke DayBrandU.S.
May 8National Teacher's DayCareerU.S.
May 9National Moscato DayDrinkingU.S.
May 10National Clean Your Room DayEnvironmentalU.S.
May 10National Receptionists DayCareerU.S.
May 10National Shrimp DayFoodU.S.
May 11National Eat What You Want DayFoodU.S.
May 12National Limerick DayActivitiesU.S.
May 13Mother's DayFamilyU.S.
May 13National Apple Pie DayFoodU.S.
May 13National Fruit Cocktail DayFoodU.S.
May 14National Buttermilk Biscuit DayFoodU.S.
May 15National Chocolate Chip DayFoodU.S.
May 16National Mimosa DayDrinkingU.S.
May 17National Walnut DayFoodU.S.
May 18National No Dirty Dishes DayCauseU.S.
May 18National Pizza Party DayFoodU.S.
May 19National Devil's Food Cake DayFoodU.S.
May 19National Endangered Species DayEnvironmentalU.S.
May 20National Be a Millionaire DayCareerU.S.
May 21National Waiters and Waitresses DayCareerU.S.
May 22Harvey Milk DayHistoricalU.S.
May 22National Maritime DayCareerU.S.
May 23National Taffy DayFoodU.S.
May 24National Brother's DayFamilyU.S.
May 24National Scavenger Hunt DayActivitiesU.S.
May 25National Wine DayDrinkingU.S.
May 26National Paper Airplane DayActivitiesU.S.
May 27National Sunscreen DayCauseU.S.
May 28Memorial DayHistoricalU.S.
May 28National Brisket DayFoodU.S.
May 28National Hamburger DayFoodU.S.
May 29Learn About Composting DayEnvironmentalU.S.
May 30National Mint Julep DayDrinkingU.S.
May 31National Macaroon DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 1National Olive DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 2National Donut DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 3National Egg DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 4National Day of Civic HackingTechnologyU.S.
Jun. 4National Cheese DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 4National Hug Your Cat DayPetsU.S.
Jun. 5National Moonshine DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 6National Yo-Yo DayActivitiesU.S.
Jun. 7National Chocolate Ice Cream DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 8National Best Friends' DayRelationshipsU.S.
Jun. 9National Donald Duck DayPop CultureU.S.
Jun. 9National Rosé DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 10National Iced Tea DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 11National Corn on the Cob DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 12National Loving DayCauseU.S.
Jun. 13National Sewing Machine DayActivitiesU.S.
Jun. 14National Bourbon DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 16National Fudge DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 17Father's DayFamilyU.S.
Jun. 17National Eat Your Vegetables DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 18International Sushi DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 18National Go Fishing DaySportsU.S.
Jun. 19National Garfield the Cat DayPop CultureU.S.
Jun. 19National Martini DayDrinkingU.S.
Jun. 20National American Eagle DayEnvironmentalU.S.
Jun. 20Ugliest Dog DayPetsU.S.
Jun. 21National Selfie DayActivitiesU.S.
Jun. 22National Kissing DayActivitiesU.S.
Jun. 22National Onion Ring DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 22National Take Your Dog to Work DayPetsU.S.
Jun. 26National Chocolate Pudding DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 27National Sunglasses DayFashionU.S.
Jun. 28National Insurance Awareness DayFinancialU.S.
Jun. 28National Tapioca DayFoodU.S.
Jun. 29Hug HolidayActivitiesU.S.
Jun. 29National Camera DayTechnologyU.S.
Jul. 1International Joke DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 3National Stay Out of the Sun DayHealthU.S.
Jul. 4Independence DayActivities, CivicU.S.
Jul. 5National Bikini DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 6National Fried Chicken DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 7National Strawberry Sundae DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 8National Video Game DayTechnologyU.S.
Jul. 9National Sugar Cookie DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 10National Kitten DayPetsU.S.
Jul. 10National Piña Colada DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 11Amazon Prime DayShoppingU.S.
Jul. 11National Free Slurpee DayBrandU.S.
Jul. 12National Eat Your Jello DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 12National Simplicity DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 13National French Fry DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 14National Mac and Cheese DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 14Pandemonium DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 15National Give Something Away DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 15National Pet Fire Safety DayPetsU.S.
Jul. 16National Corn Fritter DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 16National Ice Cream DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 19National Daiquiri DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 19National Hot Dog DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 20National Lollipop DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 20National Moon DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 21National Junk Food DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 22National Hammock DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 22National Parents’ DayFamilyU.S.
Jul. 23National Gorgeous Grandma DayFamilyU.S.
Jul. 24National Cousins DayFamilyU.S.
Jul. 24National Drive-Thru DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 24National Tequila DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 25National Hot Fudge Sundae DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 26National Aunt and Uncle DayFamilyU.S.
Jul. 27National Chili Dog DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 27National Scotch DayDrinkingU.S.
Jul. 28National Milk Chocolate DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 29National Chicken Wing DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 29National Lasagna DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 29National Lipstick DayFashionU.S.
Jul. 30National Cheesecake DayFoodU.S.
Jul. 30National Dance DayActivitiesU.S.
Jul. 31National Mutt DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 1National Girlfriends DayRelationshipsU.S.
Aug. 1Spider-Man DayPop CultureU.S.
Aug. 2National Coloring Book DayActivitiesU.S.
Aug. 2National Ice Cream Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 3National Watermelon DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 4National Chocolate Chip Cookie DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 4National Mustard DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 5National Underwear DayFashionU.S.
Aug. 6National Sisters DayFamilyU.S.
Aug. 7National Friendship DayRelationshipsU.S.
Aug. 9National Book Lovers DayActivitiesU.S.
Aug. 10National Spoil Your Dog DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 11National Son and Daughter DayFamilyU.S.
Aug. 13National Bowling DaySportsU.S.
Aug. 14National Financial Awareness DayFinancialU.S.
Aug. 15National Relaxation DayActivitiesU.S.
Aug. 16National Rum DayDrinkingU.S.
Aug. 16National Tell A Joke DayActivitiesU.S.
Aug. 17National Black Cat Appreciation DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 18National Fajita DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 19National Potato DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 20National Lemonade DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 20National Radio DayTechnologyU.S.
Aug. 21National Senior Citizens DayCause, FamilyU.S.
Aug. 22National Tooth Fairy DayActivitiesU.S.
Aug. 23National Sponge Cake DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 24National Waffle DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 25National Banana Split DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 25National Secondhand Wardrobe DayShoppingU.S.
Aug. 26National Dog DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 27National Just Because DayU.S.
Aug. 28National Red Wine DayDrinkingU.S.
Aug. 29National Lemon Juice DayFoodU.S.
Aug. 30National Beach DayActivitiesU.S.
Aug. 30National Holistic Pet DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 31National Trail Mix DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 1American Chess DayActivities, SportsU.S.
Sep. 1College Colors DayActivitiesU.S.
Sep. 3National Skyscraper DayHistoricalU.S.
Sep. 4Labor DayHistoricalU.S.
Sep. 5National Cheese Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 5Telephone TuesdayShoppingU.S.
Sep. 6National Read a Book DayActivitiesU.S.
Sep. 7National Beer Lover's DayDrinkingU.S.
Sep. 10National Grandparents DayFamilyU.S.
Sep. 11National Day of Service and RemembranceCause, HistoricalU.S.
Sep. 11National Make Your Bed DayActivitiesU.S.
Sep. 12National Video Games DayTechnologyU.S.
Sep. 13National Peanut DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 14National Coloring DayActivitiesU.S.
Sep. 15National Linguine DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 16National Guacamole DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 17Batman DayPop CultureU.S.
Sep. 17Constitution DayHistoricalU.S.
Sep. 18National Cheeseburger DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 19National Meow Like a Pirate DayPetsU.S.
Sep. 20National Pepperoni Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 22Fall EquinoxMeteorologicalU.S.
Sep. 22National Ice Cream Cone DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 23National Dogs in Politics DayPetsU.S.
Sep. 24National Cherries Jubilee DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 25National Comic Book DayPop CultureU.S.
Sep. 25National Cooking DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Sep. 25National Lobster DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 26National Family DayFamilyU.S.
Sep. 26National Pancake DayFoodU.S.
Sep. 28National Drink Beer DayDrinkingU.S.
Sep. 29National Coffee DayDrinkingU.S.
Oct. 1National Homemade Cookies DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 3National Boyfriend DayRelationshipsU.S.
Oct. 4National Crunchy Taco DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 4National Taco DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 4National Vodka DayDrinkingU.S.
Oct. 5National Do Something Nice DayActivitiesU.S.
Oct. 6National Noodle DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 8Columbus DayHistoricalU.S.
Oct. 8National Pierogi DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 11National Pet Obesity DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 11National Sausage Pizza DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 12National Farmers DayCareerU.S.
Oct. 13National No Bra DayCause, HealthU.S.
Oct. 14National Dessert DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 16National Boss's DayCareerU.S.
Oct. 16National Feral Cat DayCause, PetsU.S.
Oct. 17National Clean Your Virtual Desktop DayTechnologyU.S.
Oct. 17National Pasta DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 18National Chocolate Cupcake DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 19National New Friends DayRelationshipsU.S.
Oct. 20Sweetest DayActivitiesU.S.
Oct. 21National Reptile Awareness DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 22National Nut DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 23National Boston Cream Pie DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 24National Bologna DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 25National Greasy Foods DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 26National Pumpkin DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 27National American Beer DayDrinkingU.S.
Oct. 27National Black Cat DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 28National Chocolate DayFoodU.S.
Oct. 28National Pit Bull Awareness DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 29National Cat DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 29National Internet DayTechnologyU.S.
Oct. 30National Checklist DayActivitiesU.S.
Oct. 31HalloweenActivitiesU.S.
Nov. 1National Author's DayCareerU.S.
Nov. 1National Cook For Your Pets DayPetsU.S.
Nov. 1National Men Make Dinner DayFood, RelationshipsU.S.
Nov. 1National Vinegar DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 3National Homemaker DayCareerU.S.
Nov. 3National Sandwich DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 4National Candy DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 5American Football DaySportsU.S.
Nov. 5Job Action DayCareerU.S.
Nov. 6National Nachos DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 8S.T.E.M. - S.T.E.A.M. DayCareer, EducationU.S.
Nov. 9Go to an Art Museum DayActivitiesU.S.
Nov. 10National Vanilla Cupcake DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 10Sesame Street DayPop CultureU.S.
Nov. 11National Sundae DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 11Veterans DayHistoricalU.S.
Nov. 12National Happy Hour DayDrinkingU.S.
Nov. 14National Pickle DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 15National Clean Out Your Fridge DayActivitiesU.S.
Nov. 17National Unfriend DayRelationships, TechnologyU.S.
Nov. 18Mickey Mouse DayBrand, Pop CultureU.S.
Nov. 20Future Teachers of America DayCareer, EducationU.S.
Nov. 20National Entrepreneur DayCareer, Education, HistoricalU.S.
Nov. 20National Entrepreneur's DayCareerU.S.
Nov. 21National Stuffing DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 21World Television DayTechnologyU.S.
Nov. 22Go For A Ride DayActivitiesU.S.
Nov. 22ThanksgivingHistoricalU.S.
Nov. 23Black FridayShoppingU.S.
Nov. 24Small Business SaturdayShoppingU.S.
Nov. 26Cyber MondayShoppingU.S.
Nov. 26National Cake DayFoodU.S.
Nov. 27Giving TuesdayShoppingU.S.
Nov. 30National Computer Security DayTechnologyU.S.
Dec. 1National Christmas Lights DayActivitiesU.S.
Dec. 2National Mutt DayPetsU.S.
Dec. 3National Disability DayCauseU.S.
Dec. 4National Cookie DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 5National Repeal DayDrinking, HistoricalU.S.
Dec. 6National Gazpacho DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 7National Letter Writing DayActivitiesU.S.
Dec. 7National Pearl Harbor Day of RemembranceHistoricalU.S.
Dec. 8National Brownie DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 9National Pastry DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 10National Lager DayDrinkingU.S.
Dec. 12National Gingerbread House DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Dec. 13National Ice Cream DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 14National Monkey DayEnvironmentalU.S.
Dec. 15National Cupcake DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 16National Chocolate Covered Anything DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 17National Maple Syrup DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 18Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf DayPop CultureU.S.
Dec. 19National Hard Candy DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 20National Sangria DayDrinkingU.S.
Dec. 21National Crossword Puzzle DayActivitiesU.S.
Dec. 22National Cookie Exchange DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Dec. 23FestivusActivities, Pop CultureU.S.
Dec. 26National Thank You Note DayActivitiesU.S.
Dec. 27National Fruitcake DayFoodU.S.
Dec. 28National Call a Friend DayRelationships, TechnologyU.S.
Dec. 29Still Need To Do DayActivitiesU.S.
Dec. 30National Bacon DayFoodU.S.
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