Social Wellness Month – July 2022

During Social Wellness Month in July, break out of your fixed routine and vow to meet new people. This is because social wellness is all about your capability to bond with others and build satisfying relationships. Why is this so important? Well, the fact is, the more people you meet, the more likely you are to develop new hobbies and embark on journeys you never even imagined you would be a part of. You will get to hear new jokes, experiment, go to new places, get involved in new activities, etc. Most importantly, social relationships have a lasting impact on physical health!

History of Social Wellness Month

Social Wellness Month was founded by Words of Wellness, a counseling group that understood the importance of socializing and building new bonds. But this group isn’t alone in realizing the impact of social wellness on a person’s health. In 1905, a study revealed the physical and psychological health benefits of social support. This discovery was made by Dr. Joseph Pratt who had gathered a group of tuberculosis patients to educate them regarding the disease. During these support group meetings, he saw how great an impact psychological support made on the health of those suffering from tuberculosis.

However, even before science stepped into the picture, during 3000–1500 B.C., the ancient Hindu Ayurvedic text emphasized the fulfillment of an individual’s needs that range from nutrition, hygiene, and exercise to social interaction. According to the text, a balance had to be maintained amongst all these factors to achieve harmony between body, mind, and spirit. These teachings were further complimented by American health expert Dunn H. Travis (1896–1975) who strongly believed that health was affected by environmental friendliness. This message was further reiterated by other scientists who revealed how social interactions with friends, family, and neighbors can influence our well-being. After many such studies, an emphasis was placed on searching for ways where one could be involved with a community and have several social interactions.

Are you motivated yet to network and meet new people? Well, you have the entire month to plan out different activities and events that will help you mingle. All you have to do is focus on the long-term benefits of social wellness.

Social Wellness Month timeline

For WHO?

The World Health Organization identifies how social well-being positively affects a person’s health.

The Introduction

The word ‘wellness’ is coined by American physician Halbert L. Dunn.

Think Well

Wellness and a positive attitude are promoted by sociologist Donald Ardell.

Model Matters

Corey L.M. Keyes introduces a five-component model of social well-being.

Social Wellness Month FAQs

What is Social Wellness Month?

The month, celebrated in July, revolves around the concept of self-love ad nurturing relationships.

What are examples of social wellness?

Social wellness includes taking breaks, keeping up with hobbies and interests, and exercising. 

Why is social wellness important?

Social wellness is necessary for anyone who wants to build healthy relationships and a strong social network.

How to Celebrate Social Wellness Month

  1. Plan a group activity

    Go sailing, running, bowling, or any other activity you like to do with friends. The point is to be surrounded by people and simply have a good time.

  2. Make a new friend

    To build a network, you must make a new friend. This may be tough for a few people but it really isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can easily interact with people at a gym, a coffee shop, a bookstore, etc.

  3. Volunteer

    Celebrate the month by volunteering at a children’s home, an old age home, or any other place where you will get a chance to interact with new people.

5 Fun Facts About Social Wellness

  1. No stress

    Those with a social network handle stress better.

  2. Americans feel lonely

    Around 20% of Americans feel isolated in their free time.

  3. Improving health

    Laughter, touching, and hugging can improve health.

  4. Being alone

    Lack of companionship can increase cholesterol levels.

  5. Love and warmth from people

    Love and warmth from people can increase immunoglobulin levels.

Why Social Wellness Month is Important

  1. It reiterates the importance of a social network

    Though a lot of people are introverts and prefer spending time alone, Social Wellness Month highlights why it is essential to build a social network.

  2. It highlights how essential relationships are

    Believe it or not, making new friends can teach you a lot and can also have a positive effect on your mind, body, and soul. Social Wellness Month highlights how relationships can benefit you and help you grow.

  3. It teaches how your network can be expanded

    Don’t know how to make new friends? Well, several activities are held during this month to teach people how to socialize and also create more opportunities for them to meet new people.

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