Mental Health

In the same way that we take our bodies to the doctor when we’re feeling sick, we should do the same for our minds — and that’s why we emphasize the importance of all 27 mental health holidays celebrated in a year. From showing love, friendship, and togetherness during National Hugging Day on January 21, to raising awareness about mental illness like World Alzheimer’s Month in September, we take mental health seriously and work to bring acknowledgment to all mental health holidays.

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National Mentoring Month,
National Caffeine Awareness Month, ,
National Month of Hope, ,
Sexual Assault Awareness Month,
Stress Awareness Month,
Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month, ,
Mental Health Awareness Month , ,
National Teen Self-Esteem Month,
Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, ,
National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, ,
National PTSD Awareness Month, ,
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, ,
Social Wellness Month, ,
National Suicide Prevention Month,
World Alzheimer's Month,
Health Literacy Month, ,
National Depression Education and Awareness Month
Jan 2 Sunday
Brew Monday, , ,
Jan 3 Monday
International Mind-Body Wellness Day
Jan 21 Friday
National Hugging Day, ,
Feb 6 Sunday
Time to Talk Day, ,
Mar 1 Tuesday
World Compliment Day, ,
Mar 3 Thursday
National I Want You to be Happy Day, ,
Mar 20 Sunday
International Day of Happiness,
Mar 30 Wednesday
World Bipolar Day,
Apr 2 Saturday
World Autism Awareness Day,
Apr 6 Wednesday
National Sorry Charlie Day, ,
Apr 14 Thursday
International Moment of Laughter Day, ,
May 6 Friday
International No Diet Day, ,
May 17 Tuesday
Pack Rat Day, ,
May 19 Thursday
National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day
May 27 Friday
National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day
May 31 Tuesday
National Smile Day, ,
Jun 1 Wednesday
National Say Something Nice Day, ,
Jun 18 Saturday
International Panic Day, ,
Jun 21 Tuesday
International Yoga Day, ,
Jun 29 Wednesday
Hug Holiday, , , ,
Jun 30 Thursday
Social Media Day, , , ,
Jul 3 Saturday
National Compliment Your Mirror Day, ,
Jul 7 Wednesday
Tell the Truth Day , ,
Jul 10 Saturday
National Kitten Day, , ,
Jul 11 Sunday
Cheer Up the Lonely Day, ,
Jul 12 Monday
National Simplicity Day,
Jul 30 Friday
International Day of Friendship, , , , ,
Jul 31 Saturday
National Mutt Day, , , ,
Aug 8 Sunday
Happiness Happens Day, ,
Aug 30 Monday
National Grief Awareness Day , ,
Sep 8 Wednesday
Pardon Day,
Sep 10 Friday
World Suicide Prevention Day,
Oct 2 Saturday
International Day of Non-Violence,
Oct 7 Thursday
National Depression Screening Day,
Oct 10 Sunday
World Mental Health Day,
Oct 27 Wednesday
​National Mentoring Day, , ,
Nov 3 Wednesday
National Stress Awareness Day, ,
Nov 13 Saturday
World Kindness Day, ,
Nov 17 Wednesday
National Unfriend Day,
Nov 20 Saturday
International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
Nov 25 Thursday
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women,
Dec 28 Tuesday
National Call a Friend Day,
Mar 14-20
Sleep Awareness Week,
May 10-16
National Mental Health Awareness Week,
Sep 5-11
Suicide Prevention Week, ,
Sep 12-18
National Assisted Living Week,