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MonApr 7

Make the First Move Day – April 7, 2025

Making the First Move Day is observed every year in the United States on April 7. This day arose from an initiative to combat the bullying pandemic. Bullying is still a prevalent issue that many students face today. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about bullying and its consequences, as well as to honor its victims. As an all-inclusive holiday, it honors and remembers the victims and survivors of bullying.

History of Make the First Move Day

Bullying can occur in many places, such as schools, workplaces, and other communal places. The earliest forms of anti-bullying awareness and anti-bullying movements in the U.S. can be traced back to the early to mid-90s. Back then, several U.S. states began considering anti-bullying legislation as this issue became increasingly significant and recurrent.

Georgia was the first state to pass anti-bullying legislation in 1999. From then on, all U.S. states and several other countries around the world have passed anti-bullying laws. In addition, many anti-bullying programs have been organized and implemented with the goal of eliminating bullying and creating bullying recovery treatments. These programs are set to counter the consequences of several bullying-related issues.

The idea behind Making the First Move Day is that bullying victims are often hesitant to speak about their experiences and seek professional help. As such, accompanying bullying victims is the first and, probably, most important step in their recovery. As such, anti-bullying programs will experience significant development.

In 2018, Greshun de Bouse, an entrepreneur and anti-bullying activist, founded First Move Life Coaching, a company specializing in bullying prevention programs and recovery coaching. This company later founded the first observance of Making the First Move Day in the same year. Encouraging bullying victims to voice their experiences is one of the main goals of this annual observance. As such, it can be a major step in developing anti-bullying movements and similar initiatives.

Make the First Move Day timeline

The First Systematic Study on Bullying

Dan Olweus, a Norwegian psychologist, publishes his book “Aggression in Schools,” which is considered the first scientific study on the effects of bullying.

The First Legislation in the U.S.

Georgia becomes the first U.S. state to establish a legal framework for bullying.

California vs. Cyberbullying

California becomes the first to pass a law addressing cyberbullying in particular.

The First Celebration

On April 7, the first Making The First Move Day observance is founded by First Move Life Coaching by Greshun De Bouse

Make the First Move Day FAQs

What is an anti-bullying pledge?

It is a show of support for bullying victims. This is a message that demonstrates solidarity with anti-bullying initiatives.

Who started the anti-bullying movement?

This movement was initiated as the signature program, Love Our Children USA. This program was founded in 1999 by Ross Ellis.

What are the mental consequences of cyberbullying?

The effects of cyberbullying can vary. They generally include social anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, as well as poor academic performance, and in some cases, even social isolation.

How to Observe Make the First Move Day

  1. Help raise awareness about bullying

    This special observance is all about communal gathering and support. The most important thing to do is to help raise awareness about bullying. There are usually many initiatives, talks, and collaborative efforts organized for this day. Make sure to check out the one organized in your city.

  2. Read about the issue

    There is so much literature published on the issue of bullying and its effects. From published research papers and studies to books and autobiographies, learning about the several forms of bullying is the first step in raising awareness.

  3. Celebrate with victims

    In order to help improve the situation for many bullying survivors, celebrating with them on their special day would not only be an engaging and rewarding experience, but also a significant gesture to help the victims of bullying.

5 Interesting Facts About Bullying

  1. The most common type of bullying

    Verbal abuse is the most widely occurring form of bullying.

  2. Bullying is a widespread epidemic

    Bullying is a common issue in the U.S. and other countries, affecting many schoolchildren, with one in five students being bullied in the U.S.

  3. Teens skip school due to bullying

    Many teens face bullying in schools; as a result, school becomes a hostile environment that they try to avoid, with 160,000 teens skipping school in the U.S.

  4. Bullying and social anxiety, and depression

    There is a direct correlation between many psychological ills and experiences of bullying.

  5. More bullying for people with physical disabilities

    Kids with special health needs are three times more likely to be bullied.

Why Make the First Move Day is Important

  1. Bullying is still a pressing issue

    Despite the numerous initiatives taken during the last few decades, bullying is still a significant issue requiring urgent attention. As it can happen in many places, this issue is still somewhat elusive.

  2. This day addresses the effects of bullying on mental health

    According to numerous studies, exposure to bullying can have lasting effects on mental health to varying degrees. Considering its effects, bullying is a traumatic experience.

  3. It promotes building a safe school environment

    Bullying is practiced mainly in schools, often rendering them hostile environments for schoolchildren. This is almost always damaging to the learning experience and education of most students. This day sheds light on the practices and initiatives necessary for making schools a safe place for children and teens.

Make the First Move Day dates

2025April 7Monday
2026April 7Tuesday
2027April 7Wednesday
2028April 7Friday
2029April 7Saturday

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