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National Nico Day – April 7, 2024

National Nico Day takes place on April 7 each year. This holiday was established to celebrate all the Nicos around the world, so if you are one, please take an honorary seat, and if you know one, make sure you show them lots of love today. The name Nico is mostly of Dutch, German, Italian, and Portuguese origin. It is typically a short form for Nicholas, Nicolas, Nicola, Nicole, or its Italian versions like Domenico and Nicodemus. This name grew in popularity through Saint Nicholas, the inspiration behind our now popular Santa Claus tradition.

History of National Nico Day

You should know at least one Nico or have run into them more than once if you’re of Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, or Spanish descent because these areas are where the name originated. Asides from being a given name in itself, Nico is also recognized as a short form of several other monikers such as Nicholas, Nicolas, Domenico, and Nicodemus and is unisex. It may also surprise you to discover that this subtle name holds such a profound meaning, which can be tied to its Greek roots.

Nico was first shortened from the name Nicholas, the anglicized version of the Greek name Nikolaos. This Greek name derives from two terms — ‘nikē,’ meaning ‘victory,’ and ‘Laos, meaning “the people” — giving the name Nico its meaning as “victory of the people.” The English spelling Nicholas was established in the Reformation era as the more official spelling.

It gained massive popularity in the Middle Ages with the rise of St. Nicholas of Lycia. The saint was prevalent in the Turkish and Greek regions as the patron saint of children and sailors. He was also famous for his generous yet secretive gift-giving amongst the people, inspiring our now popular tradition of Santa Claus.

We guess you can call him a trendsetter because centuries later, Nicholas and its derivatives like Nico are now amongst the most widespread names, especially for baby boys, in most German, Italian, and Spanish-speaking countries. Other variations of the name include Niko, Nick, and Nic.

National Nico Day timeline

300 B.C. to 400 B.C.
A Role Model

The children’s and sailors' saint, St. Nicholas, is born.

1100 A.D.
The Chi of it All

The name Nicholas is first used instead of its Greek origin, Nikolas.

The Velvet Underground

A famous singer, Christa Päffgen, goes by her stage name Nico and sings with the Velvet Underground.

Across the Pond

Nico is added to American male naming charts.

National Nico Day FAQs

What is the personality of a Nico?

The name Nico shares some generic characteristics with other appellations. These personality qualities are generally not unique and frequently match Nicos’ overall analysis. It is noted that Nico is adaptive and daring. They tend to thrive in unexpectedly exciting settings and have a flair for travel because they are natural risk-takers. Additionally, they appear to have rebellious, brave spirits and a positive outlook on life.

How popular is the name Nico?

In terms of popularity, Nico ranked 4,060th for girls and 259th for boys. There were 35 newborn girls called Nico in 2021 compared to 1,351 baby boys. In 2021, Nico will be the name of one in 1,377 baby boys and one in 50,842 baby girls.

Who is the most famous Nico?

The German singer-songwriter Christa Päffgen is the most well-known Nico in history and the person who would most likely appear on your web search for Nico. This starlet, better known by her stage name Nico, became prominent in the 1960s while performing with the Velvet Underground. She also worked as a model and actor, landing parts in films like Andy Warhol’s “Chelsea Girls” and others.

National Nico Day Activities

  1. Reach out to a Nico

    You are losing out if you don't know a Nico, but it's okay because social media makes it possible to meet a Nico from anywhere in the world. Search for Nicos on any social media platform of your choice, find a profile that stands out to you, reach out to wish them a happy National Nico Day, and maybe become a potential pen pal.

  2. Send a shout-out

    Today is a day to celebrate all the Nicos. Whether or not you directly know one, you may still give them a shout-out today. Use the hashtag #NationalNicoDay to share any interesting Nico-related information on your social media channels.

  3. Discover more Nicos

    There have been numerous famous Nicos throughout history. From athletes to musicians and even presidents, the list is almost endless. Do some research online to discover Nicos who have impacted history, and read up on their stories.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Nico

  1. Steven Segal played a monumental role

    Segal played a martial artist called Nico in his first feature film, “Above The Law,” which increased the popularity of the name in America.

  2. It’s not a chart-topper

    Although the name has grown massively popular, Nico is still not amongst the top 100 names in America.

  3. There’s a preference

    Regardless of its unisex nature, approximately 90% of people named Nico are boys.

  4. It was a popular song

    ‘Nico’ by The Cult was one of the most popular songs of its time.

  5. It’s also presidential

    The current president of Cyprus is Nicos Anastasiades, going by Nico for short.

Why We Love National Nico Day

  1. It’s a day of appreciation

    This holiday is all about honoring and appreciating Nicos worldwide, which means that anyone with the name Nico gets to feel a little bit more special on this peculiar holiday. Everyone should feel appreciated as much as they get, and this day provides that on a platter.

  2. It’s about Nicos

    If you’re anything like us, learning fun facts about a name is not exactly the first way you think to spend your pastime. National Nico Day allows us to discover the information we may ever need to know about the name Nico.

  3. It’s a named holiday

    The quality of this holiday is that it is a name appreciation one. It and many other likely holidays give individuals with names a reason to be celebrated and gives the rest of us hope of getting our special name holidays.

National Nico Day dates

2024April 7Sunday
2025April 7Monday
2026April 7Tuesday
2027April 7Wednesday
2028April 7Friday

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