World Health Day – April 7, 2020

Tue Apr 7

The World Health Organization (WHO) created World Health Day in 1950 as a way to focus the greatest minds in healthcare on the issue of global health.

Every April 7, WHO selects a theme with topics ranging from depression to climate change to malaria. Not only does World Health Day inspires us all to learn more about global health, but it plays an important role in setting the world health agenda for years to come. 

WHO is focusing on universal health coverage this year.

Even today, millions of people around the world still have no access to health care.

How to Observe World Health Day

  1. Organize a conversation in your community about the year's theme

    WHO offers free information toolkits for organizers. Take the challenge and lead a conversation in your community about a current healthcare issue.

  2. Read up on past year's themes

    With over 50 years of health days in the archives, it can be an interesting exercise to look at how far — or not — we have come in healthcare. You might learn something interesting and relevant even from older information.

  3. Schedule Your checkup

    Make sure that you're eating, sleeping, and exercising right — but also try to see a doctor at least once a year! 

Why World Health Day is Important

  1. World Health Day inspires action on a global scale

    World Health Day is one of WHO's eight official global health campaigns. The day sparks awareness activities and media reports.

  2. It's a chance to learn something new

    By choosing a different theme each year, World Health Day ensures that we are always learning! WHO picks each year's subject based on a current pressing health issue and dedicates the week to conferences and activities about the topic.

  3. It brings us together

    World Health Day can also be an important day to reflect on your own health. Conversation can help reduce stigma associated with illness and lead to more people seeking support and treatment.

World Health Day dates
2020April 7Tuesday
2021April 7Wednesday
2022April 7Thursday
2023April 7Friday
2024April 7Sunday