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Global holidays and content.





Jan. 12

National Youth DayCauseWorld

Jan. 25

National Irish Coffee DayFood & BeverageU.S., World

Jan. 27

International Holocaust Remembrance DayGovernmentWorld

Feb. 2

Candlemas DayReligiousWorld

Feb. 4

World Cancer DayCauseWorld

Feb. 5

World Nutella DayFood & BeverageWorld

Feb. 11

International Day of Women and Girls in ScienceCauseWorld

Feb. 13

World Radio DaySpecial InterestWorld

Feb. 14

Ash WednesdayReligiousWorld

Feb. 16

Chinese New YearInternationalWorld

Feb. 23

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation DayAnimalsWorld

Feb. 27

International Polar Bear DayCauseWorld

Mar. 3

World Wildlife DayCauseWorld

Mar. 15

Ides of MarchReligiousWorld

Mar. 17

St. Patrick's DayCultural, Food & BeverageWorld

Mar. 20

French Language DayCulturalWorld

Mar. 20

International Day of HappinessCauseWorld

Mar. 20

Spring EquinoxSeasonalWorld

Mar. 21

International Day of ForestsEnvironmental, InternationalWorld

Mar. 21

World Down Syndrome DayHealthWorld

Mar. 21

World Poetry DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Mar. 23

World Meteorological DaySpecial InterestWorld

Mar. 25

International Waffle DayFood & BeverageWorld

Mar. 31

World Backup DaySpecial InterestWorld

Apr. 3

World Party DaySpecial InterestWorld

Apr. 7

World Health DayHealthWorld

Apr. 15

National Laundry DayFamilyU.S., World

Apr. 18

National Haiku Poetry DayFunWorld

Apr. 18

National Velociraptor Awareness DayEducationWorld

Apr. 20

Chinese Language DayEducationWorld

Apr. 21


Apr. 22

Earth DayCauseWorld

Apr. 23

World Book DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Apr. 25

World Malaria DayHealthWorld

Apr. 29

International Dance DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Apr. 30

International Jazz DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

May 4

World Password DaySpecial InterestWorld

May 12

World Migratory Bird DayCauseWorld

May 13

Fair Trade DaySpecial InterestWorld

May 19


May 22

International Day for Biological DiversityCauseWorld

May 29


May 31

World No Tobacco DayHealthWorld

Jun. 1

Global Day of ParentsRelationshipsWorld

Jun. 3

World Bicycle DayHealthWorld

Jun. 5

World Environment DayCauseWorld

Jun. 6

Russian Language DayCulturalWorld

Jun. 8

World Oceans DayCauseWorld

Jun. 14


Jun. 14

World Blood Donor DayHealthWorld

Jun. 15

World Elder Abuse Awareness DayCauseWorld

Jun. 18

International Sushi DayFood & BeverageWorld

Jun. 19

International Box DaySpecial InterestWorld

Jun. 20

World Refugee DayCauseWorld

Jun. 21

International Yoga DaySpecial InterestWorld

Jun. 21

Summer SolsticeSpecial InterestWorld

Jun. 21

World Day of MusicFunWorld

Jun. 23

National Hydration DayHealthWorld

Jun. 24

Saint-Jean-Baptiste DayReligiousWorld

Jun. 25

Global Beatles DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Jun. 25

International Day of the SeafarerGovernmentWorld

Jun. 28

National Nude DayCauseU.S., World

Jun. 30

International Asteroid DaySpecial InterestWorld

Jul. 1

International Joke DaySpecial InterestWorld

Jul. 2

World UFO DayGovernmentWorld

Jul. 6

International Kissing DayRelationshipsWorld

Jul. 11

World Population DayCauseWorld

Jul. 17

World Emoji DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Jul. 18

Nelson Mandela International DayGovernment, InternationalWorld

Jul. 18

World Listening DaySpecial InterestWorld

Jul. 27

Asalha PujaReligiousWorld

Jul. 28

World Hepatitis DayHealthWorld

Jul. 30

International Day of FriendshipRelationshipsWorld

Jul. 31

Harry Potter's BirthdayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Aug. 6

Terry Fox DayCauseCanada, World

Aug. 8

Peace Festival in AugsburgReligiousWorld

Aug. 8

World Cat DayAnimalsWorld

Aug. 9

National Women's DayCauseWorld

Aug. 13

International Lefthanders DayFunWorld

Aug. 15


Aug. 19

International Homeless Animals DayCauseWorld

Aug. 19

World Humanitarian DayCauseWorld

Aug. 21

​Day of ArafahReligiousWorld

Aug. 21

Ninoy Aquino DayInternationalWorld

Aug. 22

World Plant Milk DayFood & BeverageWorld

Aug. 23

Cheap Flight DayFunWorld

Aug. 26

Raksha BandhanReligiousWorld

Aug. 27

National Heroes' Day holidayInternationalWorld

Sep. 2

World Coconut DayFood & BeverageWorld

Sep. 5

International Day of CharityCauseWorld

Sep. 8

German Language DayEducation, InternationalWorld

Sep. 8

International Literacy DayCauseWorld

Sep. 9

Day of the HomelandInternationalWorld

Sep. 9

European Heritage DaysEducation, InternationalWorld

Sep. 9

Rosh HashanahWorld

Sep. 10

World Suicide Prevention DayHealthWorld

Sep. 11

Islamic New YearReligiousWorld

Sep. 12

Ganesh ChaturthiReligiousWorld

Sep. 15

International Day of DemocracyCauseWorld

Sep. 16

Wife Appreciation DayRelationshipsWorld

Sep. 18

Yom KippurReligiousWorld

Sep. 19

National Meow Like a Pirate DayAnimalsWorld

Sep. 19

International Talk Like a Pirate DaySpecial InterestWorld

Sep. 20


Sep. 20

German World Children's DayFamilyWorld

Sep. 21

International Day of PeaceCauseWorld

Sep. 22

First Day of FallSeasonalWorld

Sep. 22

National Bunny DayAnimalsWorld

Sep. 22

National Hobbit Day Sci-FiU.S., World

Sep. 23


Sep. 24

Pitru PakshaReligiousWorld

Sep. 25

Heritage DayFunWorld

Sep. 27

World Tourism DaySpecial InterestWorld

Sep. 28

German Sandwich DayFood & BeverageWorld

Sep. 28

World Rabies DayAnimalsWorld

Sep. 29

World Heart DayHealthWorld

Sep. 30

International Podcast DaySpecial InterestWorld

Oct. 1

​International Day of Older PersonsCauseWorld

Oct. 1

International Coffee DayFood & BeverageWorld

Oct. 1

World Vegetarian DayFood & BeverageWorld

Oct. 2

International Day of Non-ViolenceCauseWorld

Oct. 3

Mean Girls DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Oct. 4

World Animal DayAnimalsWorld

Oct. 5

World Teachers Day EducationWorld

Oct. 6

World Cerebral Palsy DayCauseWorld

Oct. 8

Pchum BenReligiousWorld

Oct. 9

Mysore DasaraReligiousWorld

Oct. 9

World Post DayGovernmentWorld

Oct. 10


Oct. 10

World Mental Health DayHealthWorld

Oct. 11

World Obesity DayHealthWorld

Oct. 15

Global Handwashing DayHealthWorld

Oct. 15

World Maths DayCauseWorld

Oct. 18

International ShakeOut DayEnvironmentalWorld

Oct. 18


Oct. 20

World Osteoporosis DayHealthWorld

Oct. 21

International Day of the NachoFood & BeverageWorld

Oct. 24

United Nations DayGovernmentWorld

Oct. 26

National Breadstick Day Food & BeverageU.S., World

Nov. 1

International Stout DayFood & Beverage, InternationalWorld

Nov. 10

International Accounting DayCareerWorld

Nov. 11

National Metal DayArts & EntertainmentWorld

Nov. 11

National Pupusa DayFood & BeverageWorld

Nov. 14

World Diabetes DayHealthWorld

Nov. 16

International Day For ToleranceCauseWorld

Nov. 17

​World Prematurity DayHealthWorld

Nov. 17

International Survivors of Suicide DayCauseU.S., World

Nov. 19

International Men’s DayCauseWorld

Nov. 19

World Toilet DayCauseWorld

Nov. 20

Universal Children’s DayCauseWorld

Nov. 21

World Television DaySpecial InterestWorld

Nov. 25

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against WomenCauseWorld

Dec. 1

World AIDS DayHealthWorld

Dec. 2


Dec. 5

International Ninja DaySpecial InterestWorld

Dec. 7

International Civil Aviation DaySpecial InterestWorld

Dec. 11

International Mountain DayCauseWorld

Dec. 14

National Bouillabaisse DayFood & BeverageWorld

Dec. 18

Arabic Language DayCulturalWorld

Dec. 21

Winter SolsticeSeasonalWorld

Dec. 24

Christmas EveReligiousWorld

Dec. 25


Dec. 25

Jesus' BirthdayReligiousWorld

Dec. 26

Boxing DayCauseWorld

Dec. 31

New Year's EveGovernmentWorld


Thyroid Awareness MonthHealthWorld


Responsible Pet Owners MonthAnimalsU.S., World


Sexual Health MonthHealthWorld


World Alzheimer's MonthHealthWorld


National Eczema WeekHealthWorld


​Global Diversity Awareness MonthCauseWorld


World Menopause MonthHealthWorld


Bone and Joint Health National Action WeekHealthWorld


Durga PujaReligiousWorld


Respiratory Care WeekHealthCanada, U.S., World


World Antibiotic Awareness WeekHealthWorld


GERD Awareness WeekHealthWorld


Universal Human Rights MonthCauseWorld
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