National Dog Day – August 26

National Dog Day is August 26, so it’s time to celebrate the pooch in your life or obsess over the neighbor’s puppy. You’d be surprised at our history with pups: dog’s evolution into man’s best friend dates back to as early as 27,000 to 40,000 years ago, when they split from wolves to become more lovable, domesticated creatures. No matter the timeline, the bond between humans and dogs has transcended time and culture and has become an integral part of humanity itself. One thing’s for certain, we’re so glad that people and pooches joined forces so long ago! So today, gaze upon the adorableness that will be flooding social media, share snaps of your favorite four-legged friends, because it’s time to celebrate man’s best (and oldest) friend!

National Dog Day - Survey Results


How to Celebrate National Dog Day

1. Take Your Pup to a "Yappy Hour"
Several dog-friendly restaurants and bakeries host an occasional "yappy hour", a social hour where you can enjoy a meal or some treats with your pooch. Clear your schedule, because this Saturday night is saved for a date with your pooch.

2. Treat Yourself (and Your Pup!) To Some Quality Puppy Love
Hugs and kisses and snuggles, oh my. Give your furry pup a nice belly rub, squeeze them tight, and let them slobber all they want today. Dogs help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression so puppy love is good for your health too!

3. DIY Extreme Doghouse Makeover
There's plenty of DIY dog house projects that can pupgrade your dog's quality of life. Check out some of these simple and easy ideas here:

4. Host a Dog Party That Kicks Arff!
Plan a get-together with a couple of your dog's favorite four-legged friends: a big play date at your local dog beach or a party at your local dog park. Get creative—include pet-friendly decorations, party favors, hats, and top it off with a dog-friendly dessert!

Why We Love National Dog Day

A. The Help Brighten Our Mood
Dogs are a natural mood elevators and there's been an overwhelming amount of research that they reduce stress levels. If you're burnt out from an insane day at the office or just having a bad day, dogs are always there greet you with joy when you return. Maybe there should be a mandatory “bring your dog to work” day!

B. They Teach Us Value Life Lessons
Dogs teach us that we should keeping sticking to things we love and that we should always sniff out a sticky situation. Just like a dog can find endless joy in playing fetch all day, they let us know that we shouldn't take life too seriously and that we should keep doing what we love over and over again. They also don't jump into any commitments without first sniffing out the situation, but once they realize it's okay they engage. Take notes from your furry friend, they are definitely onto something.

C. They Keep Us Socially Connected
Whether you're taking them for a walk around the block or running into friends at the dog beach, your dog's presence and the simple actions we do with them help us develop human-to-human friendships and social support. They help us be more social, approachable, and mingle with other dogs and dog lovers. Who knew your dog would make the perfect wingman?

D. Their Love is Unconditional
Even if you've reached your lowest low, have post-breakup blues, or just need a hug, your dog is always there to cheer you up when you're down. Their unconditional love can survive any relationship: 18 Reasons Having A Dog Is Better Than Having A Significant Other

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