January Holidays

It might be the doldrums of winter, but there is some hot and exciting stories behind some of the wackier January holidays. At National Today, we love celebrating 56 January holidays.





Jan. 1

New Year's DayFederal, FunWorld

Jan. 2

National Science Fiction DaySci-FiU.S.

Jan. 3

JRR Tolkien DaySci-FiU.S.

Jan. 4

National Spaghetti DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 4

National Trivia DayFunU.S.

Jan. 5

National Bird DayAnimalsU.S.

Jan. 5

National Whipped Cream DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 6

National Bean DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 6

Three Kings DayReligiousWorld

Jan. 7

National Bobblehead DayFunU.S.

Jan. 8

National Bubble Bath DayFunU.S.

Jan. 9

National Law Enforcement Appreciation DayCareerU.S.

Jan. 10

National Cut Your Energy Costs DayU.S.

Jan. 10

National Houseplant Appreciation DayEnvironmental, FunU.S.

Jan. 11

National Milk DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 12

Kiss a Ginger DayFunU.S.

Jan. 13

National Rubber Ducky DayFunU.S.

Jan. 13

National Sticker DayFunU.S.

Jan. 14

National Dress Up Your Pet DayAnimalsU.S.

Jan. 14

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 15

Martin Luther King, Jr. DayCause, FederalU.S.

Jan. 15

National Hat DayFashionU.S.

Jan. 16

National Fig Newton DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 17

National Hot Buttered Rum DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 18

National Thesaurus DayEducationU.S.

Jan. 19

National Popcorn DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 20

National Cheese Lover's DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 21

Museum Selfie DayEducationWorld

Jan. 21

National Hugging DayFunU.S.

Jan. 21

National Squirrel Appreciation DayCauseU.S.

Jan. 22

Celebration of Life DayFunU.S.

Jan. 22

National Blonde Brownie DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 23

Community Manager Appreciation DayCareerU.S.

Jan. 23

National Pie DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 23

World Spay DayAnimals, CauseWorld

Jan. 24

National Beer Can Appreciation DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 24

National Compliment DayRelationshipsU.S.

Jan. 24

National Peanut Butter DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 25

National Opposite DayFunU.S.

Jan. 26

National Spouses DayFamily, RelationshipsU.S.

Jan. 27

International Holocaust Remembrance DayInternationalWorld

Jan. 27

National Chocolate Cake DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 28

National Daisy DayEnvironmentalU.S.

Jan. 29

National Puzzle DayFunU.S.

Jan. 30

National Croissant DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jan. 31

National Hot Chocolate DayFood & BeverageU.S.


National Bath Safety MonthHealthU.S.


National Blood Donor MonthHealthU.S.


National Hot Tea MonthFood & BeverageU.S.


National Mentoring MonthCareerU.S.


National Oatmeal MonthFood & BeverageU.S.


National Slow Cooking MonthFood & BeverageU.S.


National Soup MonthFood & BeverageU.S.


National Train Your Dog MonthAnimalsU.S.


Unchain a Dog MonthAnimalsU.S.


Walk Your Dog MonthAnimalsU.S.

What is the significance of holidays in January?

Did you know that January is named after the Latin word for door? That's because January is seen as the "door" to the new year, and the start of new beginnings. Fittingly, it's named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings—and the national holidays in January embody this spirit of excitement.

What are some memorable January holiday moments?

There are two national days in January that celebrate beginnings: of course there's New Year's Day, but there's also Chinese New Year (January 28).

The holidays in January are all about chocolate—get ready to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day (January 27) and National Hot Chocolate Day (January 31). Americans eat 18% of the world's chocolate, and you're going to contribute to that this month.

It's one of the most important national days in January, if not the whole year—let's celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14)! The holiday was started in 2009 to support the pet fashion community, and that's a cause we can all get behind.

Thankful for your spouse or your children? With Celebration of Life Day (January 22) and National Spouses Day (January 26), there are January holidays to celebrate the whole family!

Are we missing your favorite January holiday?

Are we missing your favorite January holiday? Head to our holiday submission page and let us know! Make sure you've compiled a bit of information about your holiday before you submit. Is it celebrated widely? Does it have a track record of media coverage? Let us know about any January holidays we should add!

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