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TueJan 14

Poetry at Work Day – January 14, 2025

Poetry at Work Day is celebrated every second Tuesday in January, which is on January 11 this year. On this day, workers enjoy poetry as a means of relaxation and recreation while at work. Poems are a creative way to boost mental ability and improve efficiency at work. Poetry involves conveying messages and emotions in words, using structure, style, and rhyme.

History of Poetry at Work Day

The history of Poetry at Work Day is blurry; however, we appreciate this day, which allows us to use literature for relaxation at work. Poets are naturally creative, and this quality is in high demand by employers. Poetry at Work Day helps to improve creativity in workers, leading to better efficiency.

Poems are very old means of expression, utilizing figures of speech like metaphors, onomatopoeia, and prosodic elements like rhythm, meter, and sound. Poetry has been around for thousands of years, but epic poems, commonly referred to as the first instances of poetry, appears around the 20th century B.C. The Aristotle fragments brought about the introduction of poem genres: epic, comic, and tragic. Major genres were introduced later on; they include epic poetry, dramatic poetry, and lyric poetry. 

Poems are written in divided sections, mostly a stanza, which is a standard of 12 lines. Two lines are a couplet, four lines are a quatrain, and the sonnet, created in the 14th century, are 14-lined poems. Poetry has a major impact on businesses, as it helps us to simplify and ‘uncomplicate’ things. It also builds empathy and this goes a long way in building strong work relationships with others. It also improves creativity, which will result in better output at work. It helps us to maintain a psychological balance and relieves stress. Poetry keeps us calm, helping us feel good and light-headed while we carry out tasks at work. Poetry at work is celebrated in offices by posting a poem on a large board for everyone to read, organizing poetry slams, and encouraging workers to discuss or write a poem.

Poetry at Work Day timeline

2000 B.C.
An Ancient Love Poem

The oldest love poem, "The Istanbul Tablet," is written, and it's about a king and his goddess lover.

3 B.C.
Old and Survives

The oldest surviving poem, about Gilgamesh, a Babylonian King, originates from Sumer.

8th Century
An English Poem

"Beowulf," the first English poem, is written.

19th Century
The 19-Lined Poem

The use of Villanelles becomes a norm among poets.

Poetry at Work Day FAQs

When is World Poetry Day?

World Poetry Day is on March 21, celebrating all kinds of poetry all over the world.

What is Bad Poetry Day?

Bad Poetry Day is on August 18 every year, and it is dedicated to encouraging upcoming and learning poets. So, if you think you’re bad at poetry, there is a day to celebrate yourself and get inspired to write better.

How can I learn to write poems?

You can start by putting your feelings in words. As a starter, you do not have to follow the structure and rhyming. You can even start by writing Haiku poems, and advance by continuous writing.

Poetry at Work Day Activities

  1. Share your poem

    You can organize a slam poetry contest where you can read out your poem to others. You can also share it with the world by publishing it on social media, with the hashtag #PoetryAtWork.

  2. Write a poem

    Arrange your thoughts in words and stanzas. Ensure it follows a rhyme pattern.

  3. Read poems by others

    You can of course also celebrate by reading the poems of other persons and learning from them. We connect with the inner thoughts and feelings of the writer this way.

5 Amazing Facts About Poems

  1. The longest poem

    It is named "Mahabharata" and is 1.8 million words long.

  2. Rap 'n' rhymes

    If you are a fan of rap, or a rapper yourself, you must know that reading poetry helps you improve your skill.

  3. A poet as manager

    Businessman Sidney Harman was known to employ poets as managers.

  4. Shortest poem

    A genre of Japanese poem with only 17 syllables is the shortest type of poem.

  5. A mnemonic device

    Poems were a method of memorizing facts and laws, long before writing was introduced.

Why We Love Poetry at Work Day

  1. We unlock our creativity

    We refine our wordsmith art by writing poems and creatively arranging words to form a poem.

  2. We have fun

    We enjoy sharing our poems with others. It gets even better when there is a competition.

  3. We relax

    By writing down our thoughts, we de-stress and relax from burdens and emotions. Reading and writing poetry have calming effects that we can use at work.

Poetry at Work Day dates

2022January 11Tuesday
2023January 10Tuesday
2024January 9Tuesday
2025January 14Tuesday
2026January 13Tuesday

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