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National Shop For Travel Day
TueJan 14

National Shop For Travel Day – January 14, 2025

National Shop for Travel Day is celebrated annually every second Tuesday in January, on January 14 this year, and we’ve got our fun mode activated — exploring the world, checking for the choicest destination spots, and endless travel deals. Founded in 2018 by the Travel Technology Association, the day aims to celebrate the transformation of the travel experience through technology. With today’s much more technologically advanced world, everything is a lot easier, including travel, whether for pleasure or work — it requires just a thought and a click.

History of National Shop For Travel Day

The National Shop For Travel Day, birthed in 2018, celebrates “the joy of travel and the technology innovators who have transformed the way we all shop, compare, plan, and book our vacations.” It is the brainchild of the Travel Technology Association, which is a leader in the use of the travel technology world to give a good deal to consumers. This is a day for travel brands to promote the best travel deals and inspire travelers to search and book their next trip before the peak holiday season begins. It makes use of the fact that one key business/life principle is to put your holidays into your calendar at the start of the year since it motivates one with the working year.

How we choose to travel, our accommodations, and where we relax and have fun has become mobile and virtual. Advancements made by travel technology innovators and intermediaries give us the tools to guide us through the booking experience. Not only that, but they get us there, too. They connect us to the people who put us in the places we want to stay.

We can find the accommodation we’ve been wanting to visit and even tour it before we go. We can find ratings and accounts from other travelers and catch a glimpse of what our trip will be like long before it begins. There are many apps and tools that make it fun to explore the limitless possibilities for travel. National Shop for Travel Day celebrates these applications, which add to the joy of travel by making travel and holidays very accessible.

National Shop For Travel Day timeline

3000–2000 B.C
Ships and Boats for Travelling Distances

Watercraft such as rafts and boats have been used in what is known as “The Age of Sail” since the origins of man.

17th Century
The Rich Ride, the Poor Walk

Carriages and horses are used by the wealthy.

Trains Become the Rage

Steam trains are invented, and rail travel takes the world places.

Cars on the Scene

German engine designer Karl Benz builds the first true automobile powered by a gasoline engine

Planes Take Over

Air travel starts to win over passengers from the shipping lines.

National Day Created

National Shop for Travel Day is initiated to help would-be travelers with one-stop shopping.

National Shop For Travel Day FAQs

Why do we have so many shopping holidays?

We’re always looking for some reason to pick up our wallets, and shop. With over 13 shopping holidays to choose from, we have multiple good excuses to do so.

Which is the best travel agency in the world?

Since its inception in 1999, Travelstart is a pioneer in online travel.  They partnered with others in the industry, giving fantastic travel and flight deals.

What can a travel agent do for you?

Your travel agent can assist you with car hire, hotel bookings, foreign exchange, travel insurance, and they will also help you to plan day tours and other activities. Many offer complete online packages which they researched to make it easier for you.

How To Celebrate National Shop For Travel Day

  1. Plan ahead

    Know exactly where you want to head to, research on the most awesome getaway spots, timing suitability (so you don't deal with the crowd). Planning is made easy by all the information available to us.

  2. Take advantage of cheap travel deals

    January is a good time to get the best travel deals. With travel agencies advertising, you are spoiled for choice. Compare booking and reservation prices, take advantage and have a blast!

  3. Document on social media

    Using the hashtags #NationalShopForTravelDay and #ShopForTravelDay you can share your joy and your experiences. Keep the conversation going on social media, where you can exchange ideas and learn even more while encouraging others to relive their experiences.

5 Amazing Facts About National Shop For Travel Day You Don't Want To Miss

  1. Founders of the holiday

    The Travel Technology Association is operational in more than 195 countries and facilitates over $130 billion in gross travel bookings per year.

  2. First European voyage

    Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan set out from Spain in 1519 with five ships to find routes to better circumnavigate the planet.

  3. Longest cruise announced in 2018

    The Viking Ultimate World Cruise, departing and ending in London, is a 245-day (8 months) journey spanning 6 continents, 59 countries, and 113 ports.

  4. Ida Pfeiffer makes history touring the globe

    Austrian writer Ida Pfeiffer, who started traveling at age 50, was known as the first European woman to have toured the globe alone.

  5. World's most expensive places to visit?

    Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden are some of the more expensive countries to travel to and in.

Why We Love National Shop For Travel Day.

  1. Travel is stimulating

    Learning about new cultures and places is good for one mentally and emotionally. Travel itself, if planned well, is a relaxing, broadening, and revitalizing exercise.

  2. It helps the economy

    Travelling is one of the pillars of the economy. It provides jobs and livelihoods for a great sector of the world population and helps the economy of each country we travel to and in.

  3. It helps us appreciate technology better

    With the help of various apps right at our fingertips, we get to make informed choices as well as a glimpse into just how amazing our getaway trip will be. Technology has made our lives easier, better and more exciting too. We don't even have to be present in real-time to get started on our dream vacation.

National Shop For Travel Day dates

2023January 10Tuesday
2024January 9Tuesday
2025January 14Tuesday
2026January 13Tuesday
2027January 12Tuesday

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