Data Licensing

About us

At National Today we celebrate all the special holidays and moments from around the world. More than 10,000 media outlets, 3,500 influencers, and 5 million monthly visitors look to us as the ‘source of truth’ about upcoming holidays and cultural moments.

With over 5,800 holidays on our calendar, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Integrating our holidays into employee engagement programs has been proven to give businesses regular focus points around which to engage and inspire a global workforce.

Whether staff are sharing a selfie with their dog on National Pet Day, celebrating different cultures during World Diversity Awareness Month, or bringing in a box of treats to share around on National Cookie Day, our calendar provides endless avenues for building a collective sense of team spirit.

What we offer

We provide full access to all National Today holiday data. That means as well as all the holidays and dates they’re observed, you’ll be able to integrate the history of the holiday, recommendations on how to celebrate, and its traditions.

We work closely with the relevant departments to ensure the integration is seamless and can also tailor the data to meet any business requirements.

What makes us different?

  • Our Library

    With over 5,800 holidays within our calendar, we’re confident that our holiday library has points of interest for all team members. We celebrate on a global scale, leaving no team member feeling uninspired.
  • Our Content

    Each holiday is served rich with content to help inform and entertain your employees. As a minimum, each holiday includes its purpose, its history, a timeline, how it should be celebrated, and frequently asked questions.
  • Our Service

    As a global business ourselves, we understand how important seamless integration into existing practices is, that’s why we provide a dedicated onboarding team to ensure you can activate your program as smoothly as possible.


What exactly do we get when licensing data from you?

You’ll be getting full access to all of National Today’s holiday data for 12 months, delivered by our onboarding and integration team.

Why should I license holiday data for my business?

Effective use and implementation of holidays into your employee engagement program entertains, inspires, and engages a global workforce. A happy workforce is a productive one and integrating holidays into your plan can help raise employee satisfaction.

How can I use holidays to motivate employees?

We’ve seen many use cases over the years. Many of our clients use the calendar for team-building activities and discussion, whereas others use it to guide internal social responsibility initiatives.

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