We have relationships of all sorts in our life: Professional, platonic, romantic, and familial, to name just a few, but all are worthy of celebration however largely impactful they are in our every day lives. You don’t often think about how much you appreciate the coworker that you engage in small talk with around the coffee machine in the mornings, or that friend you only see once in a blue moon. We also aren’t so quick to say “I love you” or “thank you” to those closest to us. Hopefully, these holidays (and there are well over 50 of them!) will allow us an opportunity to thank the people in our lives, whoever they are, and whatever capacity they may hold in our lives.

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Couple Appreciation Month,
Jan 6 Thursday
National Cuddle Up Day
Jan 11 Tuesday
National Girl Hug Boy Day,
Jan 21 Friday
National Hugging Day, ,
Jan 24 Monday
National Compliment Day
Jan 25 Tuesday
St. Dwynwen's Day,
Jan 26 Wednesday
National Spouses Day
Feb 5 Saturday
National Shower with a Friend Day
Feb 6 Sunday
Time to Talk Day, ,
Feb 7 Monday
National Send a Card to a Friend Day,
Feb 11 Friday
National Make a Friend Day
Feb 12 Saturday
National Freedom to Marry Day, ,
Feb 13 Sunday
Galentine's Day, ,
Feb 14 Monday
Valentine's Day, ,
Feb 15 Tuesday
Singles Awareness Day,
Mar 1 Tuesday
World Compliment Day, ,
Mar 3 Thursday
National I Want You to be Happy Day, ,
Mar 20 Sunday
National Proposal Day,
Mar 21 Monday
Harmony Day, ,
Apr 10 Saturday
National Siblings Day
Apr 14 Wednesday
National Ex-Spouse Day
Apr 17 Saturday
Husband Appreciation Day
Apr 25 Sunday
Kiss and Make Up Day
Apr 30 Friday
Honesty Day,
May 2 Sunday
National Brothers and Sisters Day,
May 9 Sunday
Mother's Day, ,
May 15 Saturday
International Day of Families,
May 24 Monday
National Brother's Day,
Jun 1 Tuesday
Global Day of Parents,
National Say Something Nice Day, ,
Jun 8 Tuesday
National Best Friends Day,
Jun 12 Saturday
National Loving Day,
Jun 22 Tuesday
National Kissing Day, ,
Jul 3 Saturday
National Compliment Your Mirror Day, ,
Jul 6 Tuesday
International Kissing Day, , ,
Jul 7 Wednesday
Tell the Truth Day , ,
Jul 11 Sunday
Cheer Up the Lonely Day, ,
Jul 23 Friday
National Gorgeous Grandma Day, ,
Jul 24 Saturday
National Cousins Day, ,
Jul 26 Monday
National Aunt and Uncle Day, ,
Jul 30 Friday
International Day of Friendship, , , , ,
Aug 1 Sunday
National Friendship Day,
National Girlfriend Day,
National Sisters Day
Aug 11 Wednesday
National Son and Daughter Day,
Aug 18 Wednesday
National Couple's Day,
Sep 8 Wednesday
Pardon Day,
Sep 12 Sunday
Grandparents Day
Sep 15 Wednesday
International Dot Day
Sep 18 Saturday
National First Love Day
Sep 19 Sunday
Wife Appreciation Day, ,
Sep 22 Wednesday
National Singles Day
Sep 26 Sunday
Family Health & Fitness Day USA, ,
National Family Day
Sep 28 Tuesday
National Neighbor Day
Sep 30 Thursday
​National Love People Day
Oct 3 Sunday
National Boyfriend Day,
Oct 11 Monday
National Coming Out Day
Oct 17 Sunday
National Pay Back a Friend Day
Oct 19 Tuesday
National New Friends Day, ,
Oct 25 Monday
​National I Care About You Day, ,
Oct 30 Saturday
National Text Your Ex Day
Nov 17 Wednesday
National Unfriend Day,
Nov 20 Saturday
National Pay Back Your Parents Day,
Dec 28 Tuesday
National Call a Friend Day,