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Family Golf Month

Family Golf Month – July 2024

The Professional Golfers Association celebrates Family Golf Month every year in July. An idea that came out of a charity event in the form of National Golf Day, is now celebrated for a whole month. It encourages family and friends to try their hand at golf and have a good time.

History of Family Golf Month

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) founded Family Golf Month to make the sport accessible to families involving people of varying age groups, genders, and skill levels. While anyone can learn golfing all year round and take advantage of the various opportunities, there are some incredible experiences one should not miss out on during Family Golf Month. Throughout the month-long celebration, PGA and LPGA professionals offer reduced or no-cost activities for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

In this sport, people use clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a golf course in a minimal number of strokes. Instead of using a standardized playing field, it instead uses varying terrains. There is a progression of 18 holes, at least in professional golf. These holes contain a teeing ground and a putting green. There are two types of games played in golf, known as stroke play or match play. In the former, the individual plays by recording the lowest number of strokes, and the latter is the lowest score on the most individual holes in a complete round by an individual or a team. Most of the time, it is stroke play that is the preferred method and is adopted by all levels.

Since its inception, PGA has always endeavored to establish and elevate the standards of golf and to generate greater interest and participation in the sport. They have achieved this through world-class education, career services, marketing, and research programs.

Family Golf Month is an opportunity one must definitely capitalize on to have a fabulous time with family and friends and dive into the world of golf.

Family Golf Month timeline

Origin of Golf

The game of golf as we know it today starts being played in Scotland.

18-Hole Round

The 18-hole round is created at the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland.

First Golf Tournament

Now the world’s oldest tournament, The Open Championship or the British Open, is played for the first time at Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland.

PGA is Formed

The Professional Golfers Association is formed.

Family Golf Month FAQs

What is the golden rule of golf?

The game of golf has several rules. However, the golden rule is to play the ball where it lies. Additionally, you should not fiddle with anything growing or fixed at the risk of breaking it. 

Which country is famous for golf?

Considering golf originated in Scotland, it’s no surprise that the country is the most famous for the sport. It is even home to the most exclusive golf courses and is often regarded as the home of golf. 

What is a good score in golf?

An average score would be 90 strokes for every 18 holes played. A good score is rated at only up to 108 strokes and a bad stroke is anything equal to or above 120 strokes. 

How To Celebrate Family Golf Month

  1. Learn how to play golf

    Sign up for a family golf lesson at a nearby golf course. Many academies also offer special packages customized to suit the needs of families. Be regular in your classes and embark on the journey of becoming a pro golfer family!

  2. Mentor a new golf player

    Do you or your family already know how to play golf? Well, you can mentor or teach another family during Family Golf Month. It will even help you enhance your own skills in the process.

  3. Plan a golfing retreat

    You can do a lot more on a golf course than just play golf. A golf course offers beautiful nature and wildlife that you can soak in and enjoy. For your next family trip, go to a golf retreat.

5 Facts About Golf That You Should Know

  1. Longest-recorded drive

    The longest-recorded drive, measuring 515 yards, is credited to English-American pro golfer Michael Hoke Austin.

  2. Golf was banned

    There was a time the Scottish government banned golf as they believed it interfered with military training.

  3. Golf in space

    Golf has technically been played in space by Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. who used a six-iron to whack a golf ball on the moon!

  4. Longest Putt

    The longest putt is credited to Fergus Muir who holed a monster of 375 feet.

  5. Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods has won a staggering 82 PGA tournaments to date.

Why We Love Family Golf Month

  1. It promotes physical and mental fitness

    Golf promotes physical exercise, which can be really good for you if you have been looking for a fun way to start your fitness journey. Moreover, playing can also boost endorphins that can help to keep stress levels in check and bring about a sense of well-being, especially when you’re surrounded by greenery.

  2. It encourages healthy competition in the family

    Family Golf Month can promote a healthy competition in a family playing the sport together. It is a good time to get that competitive streak out and channel it into productive activity. It can even help you get closer to your family.

  3. It brings about family bonding

    Family Golf Month is centered around the whole idea of a family coming together to play the game. Furthermore, playing golf is not just about engaging in the sport, but also relaxing in the lap of greenery and bonding with your family.

Family Golf Month dates

2024July 1Monday
2025July 1Tuesday
2026July 1Wednesday
2027July 1Thursday
2028July 1Saturday
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