National Cell Phone Courtesy Month – July 2022

This National Cell Phone Courtesy Month in July, take a step back and try to distance yourself from your cellphones. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what this month is all about — to create awareness regarding the habits we have formed since this technological innovation took over our lives. It’s possible to say that nowadays a man’s best friend is the cellphone, and there are certain rules we must conform to if we want to create a more mindful society. This year, celebrate National Cell Phone Courtesy Month and find out all that you can about how a cell phone should be used in public.

History of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Since cell phones have become such an essential part of our lives, we find it next to impossible to detach ourselves from this device. This means, we are looking at our cell phone screens while on a date, while eating, during meetings and gatherings, and sometimes even in the toilet. While this behavior feels normal, the fact is, people around us will often judge us for our lack of cell phone etiquette. For instance, using a mobile phone during an employment interview could even cost someone the job. Keeping these factors in mind, Jacqueline Whitmore, a manners expert from Palm Beach, Florida, created National Cell Phone Courtesy Month in 2002.

This move was taken seriously since Jacqueline is an international etiquette expert who also founded the Protocol School of Palm Beach in 1998. Some of the issues brought forward by her included the amount of time a cellphone is used every day, if the device is used while driving or at social gatherings, and sending text messages when angry. It is an analysis of the simple habits that actually determine our addiction to our cell phones, and to what extent mobile phone etiquette is being surpassed.

According to a study published in 2015, 77% of all adults in the U.S. believe it is okay for people to use their cell phones while walking down the street, whereas 75% support the use of phones on public transit. Now you know why people seated next to you on a train continue to have loud private conversations without even thinking if they are being a bother?

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month timeline

Cell Talk

AT&T engineers develop cells for mobile phone base stations.

Going Mobile

Motorola mass produces the first mobile phone.

The Flip

The first Motorola flip phone is launched.

The Cool Phone

The first iPhone is launched.

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month FAQs

Is the mobile phone the same as a cell phone?

Yes. The term mobile phone was given since the technology doesn’t require a connection of wires to function. A cell phone is a mobile phone that operates by utilizing radio cells.

What makes a cell phone a smartphone?

A cell phone that has the ability to run various software and browse the internet is a smart phone. 

What are the two types of cell phones?

The two different technologies in cell phones are CDMA and GSM. 

How to Celebrate National Cell phone Courtesy Month

  1. The first iPhone is launched.

    Pick a specific time where you are willing to completely cut yourself off from your cell phone. This could be for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks!

  2. Read up on cell phone etiquette

    Though we assume we have all the manners in the world, are we really following the correct cell phone usage etiquette? Read up more on this topic to find out about the mistakes you might be making.

  3. Spread the message

    Not everyone knows about this month or why learning cell phone etiquette is so important. Use this opportunity to speak about the issue as much as you can on social media.

5 Fun Facts About Cell Phones

  1. Mobile radiation

    Mobile radiation has been linked to infertility, headaches, insomnia, and tumors.

  2. One of the best-selling mobile phones

    The Nokia 1100 sold 250 million units.

  3. Throwing mobile phones for sport

    Finland actually has a mobile-phone-throwing championship.

  4. The most expensive cell phone

    The most expensive cell phone made by Apple costs $15.3 million and has 26-carat black diamonds.

  5. The addiction to cell phones

    The addiction to cell phones is known as NOMOPHOBIA or NO MObile PHone PhoBIA and over 200,000 million people suffer from it.

Why National Cell phone Courtesy Month is Important

  1. It teaches cell phone usage etiquette

    During the month, numerous webinars and events are held to talk about how cell phones are supposed to be used in public spaces, private gatherings, and offices.

  2. It serves as a reminder of how things were before cell phones

    The month reminds everyone of the time when we weren’t glued to our cell phone screens all the time. Nor did we limit our conversations to messages.

  3. It encourages people to take a break from cell phones

    This month actually helps people take a break from their cell phones and teaches them to be more present. Consider it a cell phone detox.

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month dates

2022July 1Friday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 1Monday
2025July 1Tuesday
2026July 1Wednesday

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