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FriApr 25

National Telephone Day – April 25, 2025

Take a moment on National Telephone Day this April 25, to recall comedian Gary Gulman’s classic riff:

“To me, the phone is a seldom-used app on my phone.”

We have come a long way. If you ask most people who invented the phone, they would likely respond not with “Alexander Graham Bell,” but with “Steve Jobs.”

Well, Apple’s 2007 iPhone release did change mobile technology forever. A camera, iPod, computer, and phone — all in one handheld device? Sounds quaint now, but tell that to the folks who lined up for days trying the buy one.

Gary’s right. The “phone” part of your phone seems like an afterthought. Disagree?

You can always text us.

National Telephone Day timeline

Kiss Me Through the Phone

Robert Hooke, a British physicist, invents the ‘tin can telephone,’ also known as the ‘lovers’ phone.’

Telephone Invented

Inventor Elisha Gray files a patent for the telephone within hours of Alexander Graham Bell, but Bell's patent gets approved first.

Phone Home

The first regular phone line is constructed between Somerville and Boston.

Calling Goes Transcontinental

Bell, located in New York, calls Thomas Watson in San Francisco, probably to argue about who was paying cheaper rent (history cannot confirm).

National Telephone Day Activities

  1. Try to really call someone

    Go ahead. Shock your friends with an actual phone call on National Telephone Day. They'll likely think you have something very serious to say.

  2. Get nostalgic

    Ask your grandparents about the energy needed to "dial" a phone — and why they dreaded numbers with lots of zeroes.

  3. Upgrade

    Still carrying around that iPhone 5? You're saving money, but consider your reputation.

Why We Love National Telephone Day

  1. Smart phones changed everything

    For starters, they turned traditional landline phones into museum pieces. An entire generation has grown up without phones that plug into walls. Even early cell phones now seem obsolete. Is it time to find a new name for National Telephone Day?

  2. Anything, anytime, anywhere

    Want to order a juicer at 3am? How 'bout a plane ticket to Prague? There's not much you can't access anymore. If it's legal, you can probably make it happen with your phone.

  3. Emergencies

    The dawn of instant communication has no doubt saved lives. Your phones can potentially bail you out of many emergencies.

National Telephone Day dates

2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday
2027April 25Sunday
2028April 25Tuesday
2029April 25Wednesday

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