National Telephone Day – April 25, 2019

Thu Apr 25

Can you imagine a world without telephones? How would you get in touch with someone? Send a messenger or possibly a dove? Believe it or not, that is how people would communicate with each other. Thanks to Mr. Alexander Bell, we no longer have to contact people in that fashion. On April 25, we celebrate National Telephone Day.

National Telephone Day Activities

  1. Call a friend

    Take a few minutes out of your bust schedule and call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. Catch up with them. Hear what they have been up to or let them know what you have been up to. Tell them you care for them and arrange a time to hang out with them soon.

  2. Visit a museum

    Before FaceTime and the internet, there was a determined man named Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Thanks to him we have the ability to contact whoever we like at any given time Take today to learn about his a trial and tribulations by visiting a museum and learning about the history of the telephone.

  3. Buy a phone!

    How great would that be? If someone you know does not have a house line, then buy them a phone. Pay it forward by giving them the ability to contact others as well. We recommend purchasing something fun that reflects his or her personality. Show them you care by getting something that is thoughtful and represents their interests.

Why We Love National Telephone Day

  1. Staying in contact

    Having a telephone allows us to communicate with friends and colleagues by simply dialing their number. With a simple push of a few buttons you can contact whoever you like, wherever they are in the world. Granted, it may cost you a few dollars to pay if you’re calling long distance, but that one call could make someone’s day.

  2. Ordering food

    Seriously, this is a game changer. When you’re feeling a little sick, or maybe a little lazy (we aren’t judging), you can easily pick up the phone and dial whomever you like to deliver you food. The same goes for shopping, so pick up the phone and get what you need in your life

  3. Emergencies

    Thanks to telephones, we are able to contact others during the good times and unfortunately during the bad times. Telephones provide a sense of security because they allow us to reach our loved ones to see if they are alright. Maybe they were in a car accident, or in a natural disaster. Calling them to see how they are doing will give you peace of mind.

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