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SatApr 27

Save the Frogs Day – April 27, 2024

Save the Frogs Day is an annual campaign to help raise awareness about the plight of frog species worldwide. This year, it takes place on April 27. It also encourages appreciation and a celebration of the amphibians’ role in keeping nature in balance. Frogs are in danger of being wiped out, so it is up to us to make sure that they continue to roam the Earth happily. Let’s use this day and spread much-needed awareness about this endangered species.

History of Save the Frogs Day

Save the Frogs Day was founded in 2009 by Dr. Kerry Kriger of the SAVE THE FROGS! organization. This holiday was created to promote education and conservation efforts for the little amphibians. Frogs have been a part of the Earth’s ecosystem since the Triassic period and are found all over the world. Not only do they play an important role in keeping the global ecosystem in check, but they are an unmistakable part of the atmosphere, as their croaks add to the ambiance of nature and in some areas, signal the beginning of springtime.

The little amphibians, of which there are over 5,000 species, are fans of insects such as mosquitos, as they gobble them up voraciously to help keep their numbers at bay, which also helps ensure the health and comfort of human life. However, like many animal species on this Earth, frogs are also endangered. According to Dr. Kriger, the main threats frogs face today are habitat destruction, disease, pollution, pesticides, and climate change, all of which threaten to accelerate their extinction worldwide. Up to 914 frog species are currently endangered, while up to 200 species have already been declared extinct since the 1970s.

Also, few regulations exist that prevent the transport of infected frogs, which can cause problems for unfamiliar environments and for those who use them as pets or food. During the holiday, the folks at SAVE THE FROGS!, as well as scientists in 58 countries, hold presentations and seminars at local schools, groups, and community centers to raise awareness of frog conservation, highlighting the threats they face and presenting ways on how to contribute to their conservation. Thus, Save the Frogs Day works to raise awareness about the dangers that frogs face in their own homes and highlight the consequences of a world without them.

Save the Frogs Day timeline

370 million Years Ago
Froggy Ancestors Walk the Earth

The prehistoric predecessor to the frog, the ‘Ichthyostega,’ lives on Earth as the "first four-legged fish."

One Froggy Year

The two most famous frogs in pop culture, Kermit the Frog and Michigan J. Frog, both make their debuts.

A Huge Leaper

The world's largest frog, the Goliath frog, is discovered in Western Africa.

Frogs in Space

NASA sends two bullfrogs to space for the Orbiting Frog Otolith mission, which aims to study weightlessness.

The First Save The Frogs Day

The SAVE THE FROGS! organization holds the first Save the Frogs Day.

Save the Frogs Day FAQs

What is the difference between frogs and toads?

Despite looking similar, both species are different. The main difference is that toads can live on dry land for longer periods than frogs. Because of their makeup and the need for their moist skin, frogs typically require wet environments.

How can I ensure that the frogs in my area live well?

If you often hear croaking around your home in the evening, frogs may have made your backyard their home. You can help them live a healthy life by creating a shallow pool for them to inhabit, creating small hiding places near the bushes with small rocks, logs, or brush, and also making sure that the water quality in your garden remains clean.

How do frogs protect themselves from predators and other dangers?

Frogs have several defense mechanisms to keep them away from predators. Some of them include puffing up their bodies and biting or urinating on them. Some species have skin that helps them hide from predators, and many are born with poisonous skin. However, the one thing they aren’t born with is a defense against habitat destruction. That’s where we come in to assist.

How to Observe Save the Frogs Day

  1. Spread the word

    As many people as possible need to know about the dangers that frogs are facing. You can help by posting on your social media pages about Save the Frogs Day or sharing useful information on the matter.

  2. Observe frogs in your area

    Identify the frogs that live in your surrounding environments and observe how they live. That way, you might be able to understand what they need and see the possible dangers that they face in their habitats, and use your findings to spread that information to relevant parties.

  3. Hop to a seminar near you

    If a Save the Frogs Day event is happening in your local area, take part and learn more about the little critters and how you can help prevent them from becoming endangered. Make sure to have your family or friends tag along so that more people become aware. Also, boast about the event on social media and encourage others to join.

5 Fascinating Facts About Our Little Hoppy Friends

  1. New species are still discovered today

    New species of frogs continue to be discovered to this day, with one of the most recent being the 'Hyalinobatrachium mashpi' discovered in Ecuador in 2022.

  2. The leader in exports

    Indonesia is the largest exporter of frog meat in the world, exporting more than 5,000 tons to various countries each year.

  3. Quenching the thirst

    Frogs drink water by absorbing it through their skin, as moisture is an essential part of their livelihood.

  4. They're almost everywhere

    The only continent where frogs aren't found is Antarctica.

  5. Impeccable vision

    A frog's eyes are found at the top of their heads and allow them to see frontwards, sideways, and partially backward, making them very alert beings.

Why Save the Frogs Day is Important

  1. It raises awareness about froggy issues

    Many people might not be aware of amphibian endangerment, or the consequences of having little to no frogs in the environment, as their plight is not as visible as other species. Save the Frogs Day helps increase awareness of the issue and highlights what humans can do about it.

  2. Frogs are important bioindicators

    Because frogs can live in confined regions in almost any type of environment, their abundance serves as an indicator of how livable an area is. Their sensitivity to pollution due to their moist skin can give telltale signs of environmental conditions that can help humans navigate and settle in certain areas. Hence, they are known as 'bioindicators'.

  3. Their sounds color the environment

    One of the most soothing sounds you can find outdoors, particularly at dusk or at nighttime, is the harmonious croaking of frogs. Their songs display nature coming to life, and without them, such atmospheres would never be the same.

Save the Frogs Day dates

2022April 30Saturday
2023April 28Friday
2024April 28Sunday
2025April 26Saturday
2026April 25Saturday

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